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The U.S. wireless carrier AT&T this morning introduced its data-hungry subscribers to some powerful new tiers.

Going beyond AT&T’s existing options topping out at twenty gigs, the new options are now available to add thirty, forty or fifty gigabytes of cellular data to your shared plan of choice. Beware, however – these come at high prices.

The $30GB a month tier will set you back an unsettling $300 a month, with the 40GB and 50GB tiers commanding an alarming $400 a month and a whopping $500 a month, respectively. These prices include unlimited calling and texting. Should you need only data, AT&T will happily sell you data-only tiers for your tablet and laptop, with the top 50GB plan running $335 a month…

According to a media release, the new Mobile Share data options still require additional fees for the devices you add to your monthly agreement:

  • Basic and quick messaging phones – $30 per month per device
  • Laptops, LaptopConnect cards, and netbooks – $20 per month per device
  • Tablets and gaming devices – $10 per month per device

The top-of-the-line offering is nice, if you don’t mind burning an astounding $6,000 to enjoy fifty gigabytes of monthly cellular data over the course of twelve months.

ATT data tiers (30, 40, 50 GB)

These new data tiers are also available to AT&T’s business customers, effective March 22, who can add up to ten devices for plans up to 20GB, fifteen devices for the 30GB tier, twenty devices for the 40GB one and twenty-five devices for 50GB plans.

Data buckets for business customers range from 4GB to 50GB tiers priced from $30 to $335 a month, respectively. Here’s what AT&T’s share data options look like with today’ additions.

ATT (new mobile share data plans)

Business customers who need data to go even further than that can pick from AT&T’s new Business Pooled Nation for Data plans, with buckets ranging from 300MB to 10GB and monthly prices from $20 to $80 for eligible devices.

Non-business subscribers are limited to adding up to ten devices regardless of their chose tier. AT&T isn’t forcing current subscribers to switch to the new plans, but those who wish can do so without a contract extension, which is nice.

I think very few people will opt for these new plans.

Honestly, how much cellular data do you really need each month?

  • I am sure some dumbos will jump into this rip off plans soon!

  • If I ever see AT&T on the street somewhere, I am going to punch them right in the face.

    • trumpet444

      Yeah, except that they aren’t forcing you to sign up for these plans

  • Boss

    what a rip off I get unlimited call text and date from t-mobile only £26 a month

    • ap3604

      Wow you get unlimited dates? Sign me up!

  • i get unlimited everything from sprint for 80 it might not be lightning fast but hey im not paying n arm and a leg

    • ap3604

      Unlimited data at Sprints 0.1 mbps 3G speed isn’t really unlimited data =P

      Wait till Sprint has ubiquitous LTE and then we could finally talk…

    • I still have unlimited data with AT&T and do not plan on giving it for a long long time.

    • uptil I looked at the bank draft for $4804, I did not believe that my neighbours mother woz actually bringing in money in their spare time on-line.. there sisters roommate has been doing this 4 only about 21 months and recently repayed the dept on their apartment and purchased a brand new Land Rover Range Rover. we looked here………. BIT40.ℂom

  • ap3604

    I’m trying to imagine a potential customer that would actually pay this amount o_O

  • Leo

    I’m on Sprint and my iPhone 5 runs LTE speeds of 28 mbps Down / 17 Mbps Up. and i pay 67.90 since i have 3 lines activated.. the LTE on my iphone 5 is faster than my usual Wifi at home..

    • You must be living in a big city, oh and is your data unlimited?

  • What the hell?

  • L T

    On my grandfathered ATT unlimited plan, I have been averaging 20-25GB of data per month on my Iphone 5 LTE. $30/month is a steal! Loving it! These new tier plans are just outrageous!

    • murph

      How can you get that after being throttled?

      • I do 7-10GB a month and don’t get throttled anymore (about 6 months ago, I did starting around 5GB). either at&t knew it wasn’t going to deter me or they upped their threshold.

      • It seems, at least for me, that AT&T only throttles if you use a big chunk of data in a small period of time. I used 40GB the first month I got my iPhone 5, and I was only slowed down after using a lot of data in one sitting.

      • o_0

        40GB….there are some months that’s all I do on my landline.

    • Todd Young

      Yeah, but I found AT&Ts unlimited plan pretty useless, once they started throttling customers for going beyond 3GB on HSPA and 5GB on LTE. Was getting to be so useless, that I switched with the rest of the family to their Shared data plan.

  • lol is this type of robbery legal?

  • jordans798

    I think for me these plan would work out better than what I get with verizon right now given the same employee discount I get with Verizon.

    Verizon Share Data Plan with 10GB and 8 People with a 26% employee discount.
    Current Verizon Plan
    8 people X $40 = $320
    10 GB plan at $100 – ($100 X .26) = $74
    $320 + $74 = ~$400 / 8 = $50 + tax of about ~$2 = $52/person with text, talk, data

    NEW ATT plan of 30 GB, 8 People, and 26% discount.
    8 People X $30 = $240
    30 GB plan at $300 – ($300 X .26) = $222
    $240 + $ $222 = $462 / 8 = $58 + tax of ~$3 = $61/person with text, talk, data.

    Price increase of $9 per person, a ~17% increase
    GB increase of 20 total, a 200% increase in data capacity

    Now if verizon were to bring out the same plans, I wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of switching.

    Come on verizon, give us these plans and drop the base fee to $30 per line

  • $500 a month for a phone plan? Is this some kind of a joke?

    • Kurt

      Plus 30 and then taxes. (why can’t taxes just be included in stated prices of goods & services?)

  • crazy_moo

    Are they really that fucking insane to charge that?

  • AT&T, please step away from the bong.