AT&T launches 30/40/50GB shared data tiers

AT&T Chicago store (interior 001)

The U.S. wireless carrier AT&T this morning introduced its data-hungry subscribers to some powerful new tiers.

Going beyond AT&T’s existing options topping out at twenty gigs, the new options are now available to add thirty, forty or fifty gigabytes of cellular data to your shared plan of choice. Beware, however – these come at high prices.

The $30GB a month tier will set you back an unsettling $300 a month, with the 40GB and 50GB tiers commanding an alarming $400 a month and a whopping $500 a month, respectively. These prices include unlimited calling and texting. Should you need only data, AT&T will happily sell you data-only tiers for your tablet and laptop, with the top 50GB plan running $335 a month…

According to a media release, the new Mobile Share data options still require additional fees for the devices you add to your monthly agreement:

  • Basic and quick messaging phones – $30 per month per device
  • Laptops, LaptopConnect cards, and netbooks – $20 per month per device
  • Tablets and gaming devices – $10 per month per device

The top-of-the-line offering is nice, if you don’t mind burning an astounding $6,000 to enjoy fifty gigabytes of monthly cellular data over the course of twelve months.

ATT data tiers (30, 40, 50 GB)

These new data tiers are also available to AT&T’s business customers, effective March 22, who can add up to ten devices for plans up to 20GB, fifteen devices for the 30GB tier, twenty devices for the 40GB one and twenty-five devices for 50GB plans.

Data buckets for business customers range from 4GB to 50GB tiers priced from $30 to $335 a month, respectively. Here’s what AT&T’s share data options look like with today’ additions.

ATT (new mobile share data plans)

Business customers who need data to go even further than that can pick from AT&T’s new Business Pooled Nation for Data plans, with buckets ranging from 300MB to 10GB and monthly prices from $20 to $80 for eligible devices.

Non-business subscribers are limited to adding up to ten devices regardless of their chose tier. AT&T isn’t forcing current subscribers to switch to the new plans, but those who wish can do so without a contract extension, which is nice.

I think very few people will opt for these new plans.

Honestly, how much cellular data do you really need each month?