Last night, we brought you Joshua Tucker’s video preview of Crescent — a new jailbreak tweak designed by tucker, and developed by Evan Coleman — which allows you to enable or disable Do Not Disturb via voice commands. We’re happy to tell you that Crescent is now available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and, as expected, it’s totally free. If you have a Siri capable device running iOS 6, then you’ll want to try Crescent if you use iOS’ Do Not Disturb feature often.

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think about Crescent in the comment section below.

  • Too much effort.

    • Jeff


      • Why can’t we just say “Do Not Disturb me” rather than “Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb”

      • We are looking to improve the keywords Crescent uses so things like this can be done. It’s much more difficult considering the number of languages we support.

  • Can i schedule it?

    • Not at the moment. We’re looking to this for the future. Translations + integration will take a bit so we wanted to get this out there and improve on what we have first.

  • Don’t see the point in this tweak

  • Problems with the Spanish version… wich word should I use, “Activar” o “Habilitar”?

  • This is really pointless.
    It’s definitely better to use Flusterless or NCSettings.

    • It offers a unique solution and requires less steps + time in many cases :).

      • It’s is definitely unique and nice work, but when enabling Do Not Disturb I don’t want to have to open Siri, tell her to enable it and then wait for her to process, I prefer just using Flusterless for that.

      • Sentry

        I think the use case for it can definitely be considered niche, especially amongst the jailbreak market, but the use case still exists.

        I could see someone who sleeps with headphones in for example telling Siri to enable DND before going to bed without ever having to pick up the phone from the bedside table, etc.

        Like I said though, the JB user base probably uses a variety of other solutions instead, but either way a feature like this (albeit little) will definitely hit future iOS versions. :p

      • Indeed. There are a ton of use cases which make this practical for most people, especially amateur users. It encompasses all users of different experience levels.

      • It’s actually really fast, you’d be surprised. Plus I’ve never been one to have random toggles on my lock screen :).

      • Sentry

        It may not be for everyone but that doesn’t make it pointless. It’s neat, free, and supports a bunch of languages. What’s there to hate on. :p

        Haven’t used it yet (still on a 4) but if it isn’t in there already some more keywords could always be added as well (like ‘don’t disturb me’).

        But speaking of Flusterless, surprised Jeff hasn’t done a video for it yet. :p

      • Mohammed Sahib

        It is free, a free option, so no one should complain. Thank you for your time and effort.

      • People are entitled to their opinion, of course :).

    • Damian W

      I agree, I would not never use the tweak. Flusterless or Activator function is all you need to be there.

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  • Eikast

    It’s a nice feature to have but it’s not practical. Using a toggle with sbsettings is more practical and muck quicker (I actually use the DND toggle and I love it).

    Be sure to check out AutoResponder 2 if you use DND.

    • Depends on how you look at it :). Time isn’t the only factor in user experience.

  • I’m surprised there’s no article on the finally released Flex app. Thought you guys would be all over that as soon as it showed in Cydia haha

    • They did !

    • Jeff

      We did a walkthrough of this before it was even released.

    • There are more interesting/valuable/… apps/stuff in Cydia than this, but this staff seems doesn’t like/listen/read wot their “readers” say!

  • NepaliAsian

    What about PPSSPP? It is finally released in Cydia.

  • Leo

    Awsomeeee my fav tweak so far!!!

    • Damian W

      really? I guess you have not see many…

  • Albort

    Was looking for something like this but since installing myvibe, anything to turn on DnD seems kinda pointless, lol

  • Kyle Willis

    quicker knocking it off in settings ffs

  • AndyR

    No matter what other people say Joshua, you think outside the box. Remember that you can’t please everyone all the time! I will download an try your app since it seems like another useful way to use Siri functionality. Keep up the good work.

    • Haha thanks Andy – I appreciate feedback and criticism. Helps me grow and get better at what I do! Plus, what I release I believe is the best solution. I can be wrong and of course I want to learn from them, but I stand by my decisions :). As mentioned above, that doesn’t mean I’ll be stubborn and unwilling to listen to reason.

  • Nice tweak. The smarter Siri gets the better. I’d like to be able to ask it the status of Do not disturb; or whether its on or off. How about a reminder option every x minutes. “Just a reminder; do not disturb is off”….

    • The status bar icon tells you whether it’s on/off. Doesn’t seem like a valid feature.

      As for timing, that’s something we are looking into and had jotted down before. With translations and integrations, we wouldn’t want to do it all at once. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” they say :).

  • I love it, it will be real handy for me to use on my way to class. Much easier to do from my headphones without ever needing to look at my phone.

  • AndyDontCare

    Been asking myself why Siri can’t do this already for a while now. Nice work! Before I goto bed I usually tell Siri to set an alarm and to message my wife (I work nights), then I have to thumb to settings and turn on DND. Now I can just tell siri to do it.

  • Neil Popson

    This sure is getting a lot of coverage for such a simple tweak.

    Is this functionality not IDENTICAL to using AssistantExtensions (free) with the Do Not Disturb SBSettings toggle (free)? What am I missing here?

    • Simple is relative :). AssistantExtensions is not compatible with iOS 6, doesn’t support the number of languages, and we feel this performs much faster and has a better user experience.

      • Neil Popson

        Well, it is simple, relative to other tweaks that you have contributed on (thanks for those, by the way, I own a few).

        I’m not saying I think it’s bad – any tweak that solves a problem is worth a look, and worth putting in Cydia (especially for free). I’m just surprised it’s garnered this much attention (a few posts on iDB with an infamous Jeff video to boot).

        I mean, I love Siri for certain things (okay, two things: alarm clocks and reminders), but toggling settings isn’t one of them. If Do Not Disturb toggling was really important to me, I’d probably get RPetrich’s SBS toggle for it and set it to an Activator action (like a swipe of the status bar on the lock screen, or a volume button combination). That, in my opinion, is the fastest and most consistent way of getting it done. Too often I find Siri will just sit there thinking for god knows how long, or totally misunderstand what I’ve said. Then I get angry and then things get dangerous if I am driving 😛

        Anyway, thanks for responding and I’m not sure how you even found my question here (that’s why I asked again on Twitter).

        Looking forward to whatever you make in the future 🙂

        But I’ve been thinking. If you added something like “Do not disturb me for x amount of time.” – I could actually see myself using this, because that is functionality that a simple toggle cannot achieve. Or if you wanted to get really elaborate, “Do not disturb me until I am at home.” Basically making the toggle time or location based. Now that would be attention worthy!

      • We wanted to ensure that we made a good launch with languages and other things before we moved forward with potential additions. Amount of time and other features like that is absolutely on our list :).

  • Guys listen,, is there any tweak in cydia by which Siri can be automatically turn off it self whenever my iphone is not connected to the internet, during that time I want that old handy Voice Control features should be activate automatically (by any app in cydia) to make calls n more and when i again got internet then siri will again turn on itself. IS THERE ANY TWEAK LIKE THIS?? Plzz tell me, it will be helpful me. IS THERE ANY TWEAK OR SOMETHINGS LIKE THIS IN CYDIA..?..

  • Rodney Coleman

    It’s cool.. Great work