Crescent is an upcoming jailbreak tweak from designer Joshua Tucker, and developer Evan Coleman. Its name stems from its ability to enable or disable Do Not Disturb using Siri. Crescent will support all of Siri’s 16 languages, and should be available on Cydia soon. What do you think about it?

  • You know what I think about this video? It’s horrible! This is what happens when I try to be Jeff Benjamin and I utterly fail :P. Looking forward to everyone seeing it in a million times better quality from Jeff soon. Thanks for your support!

    • NoName

      Vertical Video Syndrome? 😉

      • I don’t have a fancy camera to shoot with so I just picked up another device I had lying around haha. The reason why it’s vertical :P.

      • What about DisplayRecorder? Doesn’t it have a volume option?

      • Not sure can’t remember. Although I recall hearing or seeing this feature being added a while back but I had another phone lying around so I chose that :).

    • PathKiller29

      Lmao! Perhaps you should have stuck with display recorder and just stick the video into a iPhone frame, with your voice over.

      • I could have very well done that. I thought about it, but this was simply to get people aware haha :P. I love what I do and know I’m not very good at video editing currently. However, there are people like Jeff who are great at it and love doing it, so I give it up to them!

      • PathKiller29

        Well aside from the picture of the video, I enjoyed it 😛

    • Joshua, could you make a tweak that will add days of week to DnD Scheduler…I would love to be able to set my quiet hours on weekends to last longer than on working days… 🙂

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  • Leo

    In digging this!

  • Leo


  • wonderboydave

    pretty unique. too bad though, I only have a iphone 4 and I dont want to port siri over. I’ll just stick to flusterless.

  • I like this tweak a lot. Also, after talking to Tucker on Twitter, I am stoked for his future plans. I love how creative and practical the JB community can be. 😀

  • Please can someone make/tell me about a app with the recent call list.. Let me explain if i call my brother for instance and call someone else then call my brother again it shows two calls for my brother so if someone can make or show me a app that can show the persons name once and if i go into it it will show what times because i find it annoying having to delete two calls to the same person i think it would be much simpler for everyone else to use the app im willing to pay for it too. Call me lazy or whatever but isnt jailbreaking about simplicity?

    • Call log pro? Not sure, there’s a few call log apps out there…

  • Guest


    • Indeed! One tweak for something you can do with “one click”. Ridiculous post, like some others, lately.

      • I’m not here to sway your opinion – you’re definitely entitled to that :). Wanted to correct you on your math though.

        Lock Screen: 3-25 clicks or steps (could be easily way more depending on the simple versus long password, where it takes you when you unlock, etc. Even with tweaks like Stride or if you have no lock screen at all)

        Home Screen: 2-25 clicks or steps (could easily be more depending on where you are (in an app), whether the use the switcher, how many pages back or forward you are from the on the the SpringBoard, etc.)

        Siri: 2 clicks or steps (if you count speaking as a step).

        And if you include going back to what you were doing, tack another two clicks or steps or more onto Lock Screen and Home Screen. Since Siri launches from anywhere, add one :).

      • Gucciipad

        Agree. All it takes is one click. To launch Siri. I’m def waiting for this tweak. Nice job

      • Guest

        Even though Siri requires less steps it takes more time in total… Also there are Tweaks like NCSettings and Flusterless.

      • Time isn’t the only factor in user experience however :).

      • Castor

        Ridiculous or useless as whatever you call it, but definitely useful if you’re using headphones and don’t want to take out the phone of the pocket and avoid the 3-5 clicks.

  • Brilliant tweak!! I’ve always wondered why apple didn’t do this from the off.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Mohammad Ridwan


  • Am I the only one who feel stupid talking to his phone?