iPad mini 2 rear shell (WeiPhone 001)

If a new report from a fairly accurate source is to be believed, Apple could be gearing up to launch next-generation iPads as early as next month, with both a fifth-generation 9.7-inch model and a second-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini apparently being considered for April, and each rocking Apple’s high-resolution Retina display.

As for the iPhone 5S – a seventh-generation iPhone and a specs upgrade over the current iPhone 5 – Apple is looking to release this phone in late-summer, approximately around August…

That’s at least what Rene Ritchie of iMore has learned from his sources. The Retina upgrade for the iPad mini 2 might not be a done deal as Apple ostensibly won’t force Retina until the device meets its standards performance and cost-wise:

Apple is not going to release iPads that costs more or don’t get as good battery life as the current models. So, if the next iPad mini does end up getting slated for April, it could be a spec bump, or have something other than Retina as a differentiator.

You will recall that adding a Retina display to the iPad 3 led to problems with overheating and sub-par performance in games and graphics-intensive apps so Apple would be clever to launch a Retina iPad mini only when it’s truly ready.

“Retina for the iPad mini, however, still doesn’t sound imminent,” Rene agrees.

Perhaps, and I’m only guessing here, Apple plans to release both iPad mini 2 with Retina display alongside an improved iPad mini with a non-Retina display?

The iPad 5 – based on the leaked sleeves and cases, back shell, chassis and other hints – is likely to adopt an iPad mini-like design with a thinner display assembly, featuring a slimmer appearance with narrower side bezels.

The iPhone 5S, Rene writes, will be mostly a specs upgrade.

Indeed, previous rumors and analysts’ estimates point to the iPhone 5S being a mid-cycle upgrade akin to the iPhone 4S versus iPhone 4. This means the iPhone 5S should retain the current two-tone design while featuring an enhanced CPU/GPU combo (likely a faster A7 chip) and a better camera (we’re hearing a 13-megapixel CMOS with dual LED-flesh).

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo this morning wrote in a note to clients that he believed the improved flash system (which iLounge previously reported on) could use a white or yellow flash based on lighting conditions. He also speculated Apple might add a fingerprint sensor under the Home button.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White is adamant that Apple will provide the iPhone 5S in a bunch of colors. Furthermore, a report out of Asia yesterday has indicated that the so-called budget iPhone could also feature anodized colorized aluminum back.

  • ap3604

    2013 iPhone – processor and camera bump


    2013 iPad – processor bump and design change

    Big woop

    What I really want are some ****ing jailbreak tweaks built into standard iOS! Increase the software capabilities the way Android manufacturers are trying to do instead of sitting on your a** hoping that app developers cover the huge holes missing in iOS.

    • Kurt

      I really want to buy the iPad 5. I have the ipad 1, but besides retina and having a white device I haven’t cared to upgrade. I wish we could get some features. Split screen would make me happy, a stylus that is as good as samsungs would be awesome! At the very least give us ‘swipeselect’

      • max

        join the “keep dreaming club”. The only upgrade you will see is a faster chip and more retina display with over 200 ios features…wink…wink!!!

      • Kurt


      • Liam Mulcahy

        Apple has included more features in iOS like FaceTime over 4G/LTE that were only Available via jailbreak

      • Same here i’m rocking my 1st gen ipad and the 1st gen ipod touch. I started jailbreaking since 1.1.3 and i must say my 1st gen ipod’s battery life last almost twice as long as the current ipod touch.. I just hope the 2nd gen ipad mini can be jailbroken or atleast include some new features/colors. Other than that i’m sticking with my devices i have.. I’m sticking with the mentality “If it ain’t broke, why buy a new one?”

      • Kurt

        I agree. I kept telling my wife that I will upgrade when the ipad gets retina. But it did and it looks and more or less acts the same way as the original so I say, nah. Then I decided to wait for the 4th gen, but that didnt offer any real features so I again said I’ll wait. I’m not 100% I’ll upgrade but I do plan on it. I have been jailbreaking since 1.1.1? or was the first jailbreak 1.1.4? I forget…I’m just looking forward to having a white iPad. Black iDevices are very old looking/ugly to me now.

      • a smit

        shallow & banal

      • Kurt

        Me wanting features and change is the opposite of shallow. Are you stupid or are you stupid?

      • Liam Mulcahy

        Spending $500 (at least) for a a different color…wow

      • Kurt

        Can you read? Retina and changing to a white device is not enough for me to upgrade. I’ll teach you phonics if you need.

      • Dan

        I’m not ready to update my iPad yet, but when I do, I’m thinking about getting the Galaxy tab personally

      • Kurt

        Galaxy tab is far superior besides the screen and apps. Other than that. The galaxy tab gets beyond a simple app launcher as is the case with the iPad. But there are 300,000 apps for the iPad. So I’m still leaning towards it until more 10.1 apps are writing for Android.

    • Litchy

      iOS is a different topic. Why do people keep mixing that up? Now that Jony Ive is working on iOS, maybe iOS 7 will indeed be a game changer. Maybe not.. nobody knows… but refreshing the hardware has nothing to do with jailbreak tweaks 😀

      • Jannik

        Still, this is what Apple should concentrate on. iOS is boring, if you don’t apply a jailbreak, It need many more features, more freedom in individualising the phone. Samsung can update to hexacore processors but Apple should drastically improve iOS and make it more attractive than Android. Jailbreaking gets harder, longer waiting times. And through all the missing features in iOS you realize how long you are waiting for a jailbreak.

        People who always need the latest iPhone don’t understand the difference really. I’m using 3GS, still a good and fast enough device. I will probably only upgrade, when it will no longer be supported. But I definetly will not spend that much on the latest model.

      • Kurt

        He is the least creative person in Apple. His designs NEVER change. Every year, the same crap.

    • It REALLY funny because APPLE big selling point for there Computers was that they are a Designers Dream Machine. use Adobe products more effeciently with less errors, edit movies, create all these graphical things. then they release an iPhone and iPad and you cant edit a damn thing. That is truly the biggest conundrum EVER! i think their lawyers and designers should remove their heads from their ass and GET WITH THE PROGRAM! over 13 million devices Jailbroken. WAKE UP! maybe within a year some sort of legal case will pass through the supreme court, making it federally illegal to impede the advancement of technology based on “locks” of UI and Source Codes. would be a nice thing for all of us who really want to create something beautiful(more easily) for a beautiful device.

  • Boss

    If it don’t come with a newly designed iOS I might have to get a diffident phone as a upgrade getting bored of the same thing for the past 7 years no wonder so many people jailbreak their iPhone/iPad

    • Jonathan Ive wants to remove everything forstall did and redesign iOS probably with aluminum

      • Liam Mulcahy

        I hope so

      • No, he said he would move away from skuemorphism, which would be the opposite of aluminium.

        An example of skuemorphism is making the notes app look like a notepad, or making the calendar look like a physical one.

        Ive wants to move in the other direction, like Windows 8 has.

      • exactly ivy is not a UI artist..lol he is a a celebrity but not in UI design who the hell put him in charge of UI??

      • I think ill just stick with Jailbreaking and theming my iOS by hand myself. These phone designers create such cliche designs, and they lack any ability to even change the entire OS from white to black. even that as a simple option would be nice..

    • 笑傲江湖

      换其它手机用,怎么可能? 你用习惯了苹果。那么你换其它手机了,你也会换回成用苹果手机。

    • Guest

      Nobody fucking cares about what you have or want to do.

  • dual LED-flesh … ewww

  • The iPhone 5S is gonna come in August or September, iPads like a Month later. LIKE EVERY YEAR.

  • Chuck Norris

    Apple must read this: Add the following tweaks please. IntelliscreenX – so we don’t have to pay 10 bucks + 5 for an upgrade
    Camera Tweak – pretty handy
    A better multitasking like Aero or Auxo
    Springtomize 2 – just for the layouts like 4×2
    And my favorite – Winterboard.

    I swear they’d increase in profit and it’d be worth updating.

    • felixtaf

      “so we don’t have to pay 10 bucks + 5 for an upgrade” – This is not right….

  • felixtaf

    Apple must stop this “S” business next to the device…. Or release “S” and the original version at the same time with price variation…. Makes us wait for an year for a processor upgrade! Seeing this from 3GS… Devices are getting faster… But speed alone is not enuf for many consumers out here!

    • Kurt

      more features. I appreciate apple letting us have the feature of opening apps and closing them. Really, thank you very much, but can’t we have just a little more?

      • felixtaf

        To me… I cant spend 650$ for a device each time… Yet own an iPhone 4S and iPad 3 (and a Razr Maxx too). I will always upgrade the device jus before the next product release. So will buy an iPhone 5 jus before 5S release. Thats wat I have been doing since iPhone 3g. You can get it cheaper. My (cheap) tactics… lol

      • everything i do is based on when the JB is coming out… so no JB = no new device

      • felixtaf

        Good Choice… Unlike some people who buy a device and dont wait for the Jailbreak and talk trash about the Jailbreak Devs in blogs n youtube…

      • felixtaf

        Yes… Definitely appreciate some nice features in iOS 7. Not me alone , all the iOS users will love some nice features in their device… I dnt like Apple implementing jailbreak tweaks in iOS (Coz, I love Jailbreaking)

  • felixtaf

    Infact, Apple releases a new device every 2 years! F*** this “S” upgrade!

    • Kurt


    • Well_Said

      ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • Liam Mulcahy

      No a S upgrade is a new device!

  • ClaudieX X

    I dont know one think… I have the excelent iphone 4 and ALL THE APPS AND GAMES WORKS PERFECT so… why 4s ? why 5? Siri? Come on… why 4 or 8 processors when all the programs run on 1 and PERFECT not good… PERFECT. Android Users please let iOS users answer this…. You people have another problem… Dont care how many processors U have… apps and games works ALMOST grate… Never Perfect… The word ALMOST is the word for Android Users.

    • iphone5 is the best

    • Malay Mody

      Lost you at the excellent iPhone 4…

      • lol yeah the 4 was great when the 3GS became out dates but today the 4 is slow and old as hell…lolo you could call the 4S great..

      • ClaudieX X

        Slow in what situation??

      • ClaudieX X

        What games are you playing NOW with your cuadcore android phone?? Now search it on the appstore, look the models that are compatible for that game… Mmm… Oh wait… iPhone 4 is there… (Without talking about iOS games looking better that android) so what are you doing that i cant with my iPhone 4??

      • Malay Mody

        Hmmmmm first off I don’t own a quad core android POS. second, I can use Siri, take 8 mp photos, 1080p videos, use a dual core processor instead of a single core slowing my system down. Oh and my phone will have compatibility updates for longer than your 4. On top of that my phone doesn’t lag every time I try to text and play a game at the same time while jailbroken. I wonder how many of those things the 4 can do

      • ClaudieX X

        I can use siri Too without paying more… jailbreak things,,, you know. Just grab an iPhone 5 open an app and compare it with an iPhone 4 with Speed intensifier and …. Ups whats happening… iPhone 4 opening faster than the newer phone???? I text every time while playing the new Modern Combat 4 and never slow down a little bit… I dont know what U are talking about… I have 3D maps too… about the megapixels of a photo just go and learn what makes a photo better than another photo. Megapixels talks about size… not quality. For more details… 5 megapixels give you 16 x 24 print size at 120dpi. Come on… is a f*cking poster !!! is not enough for U?.
        So learn to use your device and you gonna earn extra money.

      • Malay Mody

        First off, how are you earning extra money? Second, are you comparing a jailbroken 4 to a stock 5? Next, the 4 barely runs MC4 so idk what you’re talking about

      • ClaudieX X

        1st) Earn money by improving what you already have. 2nd) Yes i’m comparing jailbroken 4 with stock 5. 3rd) Just buy the iphone 4, install the new speed intensifier that comes with iOverclock and you’ll understand what Im talking about. Even if you install the slimmer apps U gonna compensate the screen size between 5 and 4 a little

      • Malay Mody

        I’m fairly sure you don’t get paid to jailbreak your 4. Also comparing a stock 5 to a jailbroken 4 is the most skewed comparison possible. I’m sorry you’re just butthurt that you can’t have a better phone so you have to convince yourself that a 2 year old iPhone 4 is better than a brand new 5. Installing tweaks to “enhance your speed” are all artificial, which should be common sense. It just speeds up animations to make it seem like your phone is fast.

    • >apps and games works ALMOST grate
      >works ALMOST grate
      >ALMOST grate

      The iPhone is a phone, not a cheese grater.

      • ClaudieX X

        Sorry… the word is GREAT !! not GRATE…

  • “dual flesh” made me laugh, that’s the best mistake i have seen in a while.

    • Jerry

      Dual flesh light? LOL

  • Still keeping my fingers crossed for a Retina display iPad mini 2

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Me too

    • it has to have retina .. that damn ipod touch 4G has a better screen than the mini as it is already..

  • smtp25

    Cool, so we can buy the new new new iPad and get shafted when they upgrade it a few months later

    Do you buy now or wait for issue fixes in rev 2

  • Well_Said

    How arrogant of Apple? taking it’s loyal customers for granted by releasing new products with minor improvement.

  • Well_Said

    iPad mini without retina display? ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I agree a iPad mini 2 without retina display is stupid

      • apple is not that dumb and greed….are they? OMG

    • HAHAHHHAHAHA if apple is dumb enough to do that then I will really have to reconsider how much i have for them as a company

  • Bob

    Sold my iPad 3rd gen 32gb on eBay today, Waiting on the iPad 5, might possibly get the iPad mini if it has a retina display, but I don’t want it to get fatter if it gets retina!

    • Umm I think you sold off a little early man. These are still just rumours.

      • Bob

        I was going to sell it anyways. The iPad 3 is too heavy, gets hot and I want a performance boost.

      • Get the 4 its a pure beast…

      • Bob

        No point, might aswell wait for the iPad 5. The iPad 4 was basically just an S version of the iPad 3.

      • Bob

        You was right haha!

    • i soldf my ipad 3 and got the ipad4 cause i refuse to use any IOS device with out a jailbreak and the ipad 5 will not see a jailbreak for a while..

  • 笑傲江湖


    • phatmanjr.

      ^^ = True or False? *sigh*

      • 笑傲江湖

        晕! - -!

    • felixtaf

      Plz tell us what this mean? I/We dont even know if this is Chinese, Korean or Japanese….

  • I just read an article here on iDB that said an analyst was “doubling down” on his predictions that the iPhone 5S would be out in July. What’s up with August again? Really?

  • iOS7,i want you change more

  • i jsut want the iphone 6! i cant wait for that 4.8 inch screen with all the awesome JB stuff i have. plus all touch, no more stupid home button! Ive had the home button set as a gesture on the status bar for at least 6 months now and cant turn back! i am truly excited to be able to surf the web on a bigger screen and i am SOOO happy they have brought back the rounded aluminum case to the iPhone. I love my 3gs for the smooth case alone! i seriously thought from day one that having a glass phone was possibly the most idiotic idea EVER! hahah owell. my ipad 4 is gonna be fast enough for the next few years, not too worried about an ipad 5 because the extra size on the 4 doesnt bother me one bit! Retina iPhone 6 and Retina iPad Mini this xmas for me!

  • Am I the only one seeing (we’re hearing a 13-megapixel CMOS with dual LED-FLESH).