Slimmer, lighter iPad 5 with narrower side bezels coming in fall?

iPad (two-up, iPad, iPad mini, hand)

Apple’s next full-size tablet, the iPad 5, will borrow some design elements of the smaller 7.9-inch iPad mini, one analyst forecasts Wednesday. Among the most noticeable changes: the iPad will be both thinner and lighter than the iPad 4, released in October 2012.

Additionally, the Apple watcher expects the tablet maker to unveil an enhanced iPad mini with Retina display matching the resolution of the full-size tablet.

Unlike most observers, this particular analyst thinks that the new 9.7-inch iPad may appear late this year rather than during the current quarter…

In a note to investors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities, said the upcoming iPad 5, a fifth revision to the original 9.7-inch iPad tablet, will be “significantly lighter and slimmer” than previous versions.

The new full-size tablet also will include a narrower screen border, requiring a refined multitouch software to prevent accidental screen touches occurring from your thumb resting on the side bezels when scrolling or interacting with the device using the other hand.

Remember, the 7.9-inch iPad mini was first to introduce iOS multi-touch enhancements to solve the user experience problems stemming from the skinnier side bezels.

Going against most predictions that Apple will unveil its updated full-size iPad in March, Kuo expects a third-quarter announcement, reports AppleInsider.

While his prediction would break Apple’s usual twice-a-year upgrade schedule, the analyst has correctly forecast past product release dates. In 2012, he forecast the iPad 4 would be unveiled before the end of the year, timing that departed from Apple’s expected launch date. However, the company did announce its latest full-size iPad in October.

One product the analyst isn’t expecting this year is an Apple-branded HDTV.

Although a number of Wall Street observers believe the company may introduce a TV this year, Kuo forecasts the Apple TV box will be updated during this quarter, with an Apple TV appearing no sooner than 2014.