New iPad 5 case matches up with rumored mini design

MiniSuit, an accessory manufacturer, has sent out photos tonight of a new case for the upcoming fifth-gen iPad. It says it created the case based on specifications received from, what it believes to be, a reliable source.

Looking at the cover, it certainly seems to match up with what our expectations are thus far for Apple’s next tablet. The company is reportedly redesigning the slate this year, with traits pulled from the iPad mini…

As noted by MacRumors, case manufacturers often obtain case specs ahead of product releases to get a jump on manufacturing. Sometimes it pays off, as we’ve seen evidenced several times, and some times it doesn’t.

At any rate, MiniSuit seems to think they have a winner here. And as aforementioned, it lines up nicely with previous leaks and reports. Back in January, we saw photos of an alleged iPad 5 shell that looks like it would fit perfectly in the above case—right down to the mic opening on the back.

In fact, most of the intel we’ve heard regarding the next-generation tablet so far seems to jibe. It’s believed that Apple has slimmed it down significantly, and given it thinner, iPad-mini like bezels and chamfered edges.

The one thing, however, that the rumor mill cannot agree on is a release date. Though most of the reports point to an October/fall launch, we’ve heard dates as early as March. And get this, MiniSuit is saying it’s June.