Get More out of Auxo Top

It’s no secret that the Auxo jailbreak tweak is one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks of all time. It’s a tweak that adds a full snapshot preview of your running apps in the app switcher. It also includes handy toggles and redesigned music controls.

Now the question stands to be asked: how do you go about getting the most out of Auxo? Inside I’ll share some handy tips that show you how to become an Auxo pro.

Video walkthrough

First and foremost, if you don’t already have Auxo installed on your iPhone — do the following:

Now that you’re totally up to speed as to how Auxo works and why it’s so useful, you can learn how to get more out of it by following these 6 simple steps:

Enable Toggles Page First

Auxo has the ability to reverse the order of the music controls and toggles. By placing the toggles first, you have quicker access to crucial toggles like brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other often used settings. You can access this in Settings > Auxo > Configuration.

Auxo Toggles Page First

Adjust the Visible Toggles order

This one is kind of obvious; make sure you rearrange the toggles in the order of importance. For example, chances are that you’ll never be needing the VPN toggle, so put it last on the list, or better yet, make it hidden by placing it under the Hidden Toggles section.

Auxo Visible Toggles

Keep 5 toggles per row disabled

Having more than 5 toggles in your app switcher feels a bit disorganized and cluttered if you ask me. Keep the 5 Toggles Per Row option disabled for a cleaner look. Following this rule also makes the theme mentioned in the next step look a lot better in action.

Auxo 5 Toggles Per Row

Install the Auxo NCLike WinterBoard theme

The stock Auxo toggles aren’t nearly as attractive as the Auxo NCLike theme, which is available for free on Cydia. If you’ve ever used NCSettings, another handy jailbreak tweak, then you know what to expect from the Auxo NCLike theme. Once installed, make sure you have only the blue theme enabled for the absolute best look.

Auxo NCLike Theme

Install Auxo NCLike WinterBoard theme using our direct Cydia download link (free)

Install Music Controls Pro

Since we reversed the order of the music controls and toggles, the music controls have been placed on the back burner. Make up for that decision by installing the excellent Music Controls Pro. This tweak places awesome music controls right at the top of your screen when the app switcher is invoked. This is great, because it takes advantage of screen real estate that previously wasn’t being used. It’s also much better than the stock music controls found on iOS. It’s a win-win scenario.

Auxo Music Controls Pro

Install Music Controls Pro 6.0+  using our direct Cydia download link ($3.99)

Install Zephyr

No other jailbreak tweak compliments Auxo like Zephyr; it’s almost as if these two popular jailbreak tweaks were created for each other. With Zephyr installed, you can really start to liberate yourself from having to rely on the iPhone’s physical Home button. Zephyr allows you to easily invoke the app switcher, and switch between apps with multi-touch gestures. Couple that with Auxo’s swipe gestures for removing apps from the app switcher, and you have a perfect pair of jailbreak tweaks.

Auxo Zephyr

Read our walkthrough of Zephyr, and then install Zephyr using our direct Cydia download link ($4.99)

So that’s it folks — 6 easy ways to get more out of Auxo. I’m sure you probably have a trick or two to share up your sleeve as well. Why not leave a comment and share your favorite tip or trick that shows how to get more out of Auxo?

  • Done




    Berhaps, No.

  • I really don’t understand all the love for Auxo (and Zephyer to lesser extent) With NCSettings and activtor, who needs it?
    I think all you jailbreakers are bored and desperate for something new.

    • Zephyr is vastly more responsive than trying to achieve the same with Activator

      • In my experience, Activator is way faster than Zephyr, and it’s free 🙂

      • Activator actions work for me to reveal the switcher and close programs. I’ve got ‘Slide In from screen bottom-left’ to Activate Switcher and ‘Slide in from screen top-left’ for the Home Button to close an app. I have Auxo installed and love the thumbnails and the way it manages background apps but don’t find myself using the toggles with NCSettings in my NC. If you want, you can set an Activator action to bring up the Auxo Toggles which might be even quicker than setting the toggles to the first page before the music controls. I’ve also got the LastApp tweak installed and it’s configured for ‘Slide in from screen bottom-right’ for a quick toggle between the last 2 active apps. Does the left-right app switching gesture in Zephyr play nice with the gestures becoming popular in a lot of apps like Sparrow, Mailbox, Reeder, etc? I love Reeder and can see this causing problems with some of this program’s gestures, requiring multiple attempts to switch to a different app. I just can’t justify $4.99 when Activator actions seem to work for me.

      • soundmanbrad

        There is an option to turn on the grabber, which fixes these types of issues. You can also turn on the option of using two fingers instead of one to switch and you can turn the tweak off for certain apps. I really like Zephyr.

    • you don’t need to understand it bro.

    • JamesR624

      It’s pretty much all of them in denial that android phones are now vastly superior than even jail broken iPhones. They’re desperate to make their phones as powerful as them, and they know they can’t due to the nature of iOS. However, they’ve sunk so much money into apple’s ecosystem that switching would financially be a bad idea.

      They simply don’t want to accept the fact that the iPhone is becoming boring and irrelevant. I saw this with the Blackberry community when the iPhone starting becoming #1. Now something else is becoming #1. It’s the cycle of companies and technology. Just the Apple fans are taking it harder because Apple’s popularity was a lot more expensive than crazes before it.

      • 2008crna

        You know what, your right…to an extent. Hardware spec wise, Android phones are superior but what good is a high tech phone that locks up requiring regular reboots, is unable to open files sometimes but doesnt other times, has poor UI because of manufacturer bloatware, is dependant on a manufacturer to upgrade the OS (not everyone is able to run the latest bubblegum-candy-bizarre named OS)And it has a new phone released every 6 months with no backend hardware support. Basically you are left high and dry within a year of release. If Google could control the entire aspect of the OS release and unify it across hardware, and if they could eliminate piracy then Google play could have some of the latest released apps as well. But until that happens I will take my jailbroken iPhone because a broken Android mess with no feature support past a year is not a “deal” in my book.

      • 2008crna


      • MSiqueira

        You know how pathetic you sound, don’t you?

      • regkilla

        stupid fandroid

    • bloodshed

      i really don’t understand people like you, who’s dumb enough to say activator offers the same functionality and smoothness, when launching the app switcher, as zephyr..just STOP!..if you haven’t tried zephyr for yourself, then don’t judge..but if you have already and you don’t see a difference..then sadly to say sir, you’ve got a problem..a serious one.

      • sambuzzlight

        exactly i didn’t even bother with zephyr for a long time but since everbody was freaking out, i used it once and now i have stopped using my home button

    • I think everyone has their preferences.I not going to said any of the tweaks you mentioned is bad or not worthy.In fact they are really handy tweak
      I think people installed and use Auxo because it bring a really nice switcher concept to reality,together with the toggles.

    • 2008crna

      Zephyr is a great tweak because it saves the over use of a home button. Having to trade in your iPhone for a warranty replacement is no fun when the current iOS version is not jailbreakable. I dont use the app switch gesture as much but I use zephyr to close my apps and bring up the app switcher instead of using my home button.

    • Oh people like a tweak you don’t? Tell me more about how everyone has to agree with you.

  • Al

    Waiting patiently for a iPad release…

    • I’m tired waiting for it…

    • an*

    • Sentry

      Thank you for being patient, if I got a quarter for every time someone asked when the iPad version is coming I’m pretty sure I would make more money than we would on the actual tweak. XD

  • sambuzzlight

    auxo has been one of the buggiest tweaks i have ever used. Even with constant updates it cannot manage to remain bug free as more and more problems develop in every damn update. I use acitvator, f.lux, zephyr and other small tweaks on an iphone 4 if you are wondering incompatibility with other tweaks.

    • I have the same problem. Auxo forces my iPhone to respring a few times a day. While I really like the way it looks and functions, it just isn’t reliable.

      • Eric Su

        same. i just started using zephyr only without auxo

      • weird I have Zephry and Auxo and i have no issues with either one. Both are official apps.

    • regkilla

      iPhone 4? LMAO

    • Xin Fu

      thanks for pointing that out, uninstalled Auxo and the constant crashing has stopped. was wondering which tweak was the cause.

  • Codvisp

    I also never understood the hype for Zephyer… Swipe from bottom did the Job for activating the switcher years ago on my iPhones….

  • i am waiting for the ipad release and not patiently..seroiusly i have been waiting for it for a while now..whens it gonna release?

  • iPad version please!

  • Am I the only one around here that doesn’t like Auxo? I don’t see the big deal about having full app previews in my switcher and having toggles hidden away in my switcher (we have SBSettings/NCSettings for that, folks).

    • same here. the only thing I like is the “swipe down to kill app” feature. There’s a reason Apple didn’t put app previews into the switcher, bec. having to proces what you’re look at is confusing, as opposed to seeing an icon which is quickly recognizable. I wish I pirated first to test, could have put that $2 towards another tweak.

      • RarestName

        CloseEnhancer by rud0lf77

      • YOU! You’re the best.

      • doesn’t work, crashed my phone on first swipe

      • Al

        Crashed on the iPad as well..

      • SwipeAway is good if you only want the swipe to remove feature although Auxos is 100 times smoother

      • Al

        I actually found this tweak called SwitcherMod, which has proved to be useful..

    • I love auxo, I think using the built in switcher with slide gestures is soooo much easier than having to pull down am entirely different screen. I respect people’s adoration for ncsettings but it’s not something that I think is that cool, in fact I’ve done everything in my power to remove notification center and spotlight in there entirety. I don’t need updates on current weather when I can look outside, and I think having toggles next to my bar with my running apps is cool. And frankly the cards are simply to look good and I love things that look cool! I’m hoping with time that auxo will become more memory friendly and become more of a permanent solution for iDevices. I even use the beta half working version on my iPad4 because I enjoy the cards that much! Can’t wait til march for the real deal!

  • Tricki68

    Music Controls Pro 6+ doesn’t seem to play nice with BiteSMS. When you go into BiteSMS to send or respond to a text, MCP seems to hide the top menu bar of SMS. Another words you won’t be able to go back to your text list you will be stuck inside that one message. Home button takes you out of SMS, but when you re-enter SMS you will be back at that same message you left.

    • For some reason music controls pro 6 doesnt get along with my car. When i plugged my iphone into the port it keeps going with an infinite loop (keeps repeating every other song). To listen a different song i have to skip forward like 5 times. As soon i uninstalled the tweak it worked perfect again

  • Bobby

    meh, i will use it again when it’s not such a memory hog. my 4s moves like a crapy android with auxo installed.

    • Same here :/ iPhone 4 user, so I’m experiencing Android 2x lags :/

      • regkilla

        you both need to upgrade to an iPhone 5.

      • Waiting for iPhone 5S 🙂 Hope for this Summer since my contract goes out by then :p

      • Why? The iPhone 4 is more than capable of handling a single jailbreak tweak. Heck, my iPhone 4 had to put up with my 150+ jailbreak tweaks and did so just fine.

      • I have an iPhone 4 with zephyr and auxo and I have no lag.

  • Still have memory leak issue with Auxo… while using with Zephyr…. I have uninstalled Auxo… too bad…

    • regkilla

      upgrade your aging iPhone to an iPhone 5.

  • Well ayecon for Auxo theme looks perfect for it too

  • Zephyr , auxo, activator are the best tweaks

  • I have both Zephry, Auxo and Activator. One tip I once came across that I now use everyday is to set “double press” home button in Activator to show the Volume Controls. This way, I swipe up (Zephyr) for task switching and double click for quick toggles. It works quite well. I do once in a while have a problem where I double click the home button and the task manager shows then closes but double clicking again then works. I’m not sure if that’s an Auxo, Activator or Zephry bug.

    • Damian W

      double clicking the half working home button take the joy away from using iPhone 😛

  • Jeff, I appreciate you giving so much love to the JB community & new releases. But, this post is just another example of how your posts are becoming blatant linkbait. There isn’t anythng in here that hasn’t already been addressed by your 12,000 other Auxo posts. Maybe branch out a little from your Auxo / Zephyr love triangle.

    • Sentry

      I don’t think he makes these for ‘linkbait’. Maybe he’s actually a human who’s just personally enjoying something and wants to share with people how he uses his tweaks?

      PS. 12,000 is a bit overboard. 😛

      • I’ll buy that. But, I also think this article is light & doesn’t live up to the headline. You’re right 12,000 is an exaggeration. it’s more like 11,000 😉

    • seyss

      you just have to skip the article while reading the main page… why is this so painful for some ppl?

      I read many blogs but iDB is growing faster than any other blog

      • I read it in my RSS reader, not in Safari. iDB is growing superfast, maybe too fast. Maybe they should focus on quality vs. quantity. Bec. I love Jeff’s work and this just isn’t worth his time. Constructive criticism ain’t bad. I’m no troll, it’s love, my friend.

    • Jeff

      I respect your opinion, but I don’t understand how anyone could label this as link bait? “Bait” is used for a lure or a trap. Link bait purposely lures people based on something they think it might be, i.e. a worm, but in all actuality it’s something completely different, i.e. a hook. This is probably one of the most overused terms on the Internet right now, and it’s a personal pet peeve of mine.

      If you’re just tired of Auxo, that’s one thing. Just skip the post. But to label this as link bait is simply over the top and untrue. There was literally nothing baiting about this post. The headline wasn’t misleading in anyway, and hence doesn’t classify as bait. If you clicked it, then you were probably genuinely interested in what was being said, or just wanted to complain about the coverage I’m giving Auxo. In your case, it happened to be the latter.

      Auxo is a popular tweak. Why not talk about what’s popular? If that’s baiting, then every sort of piece of entertainment and news is basically “link bait”. It makes no sense to classify it as such. North Korea is developing nuclear weapons — link bait. The LAPD cop manhunt — link bait. The iPhone 5 — link bait. Apple in general — link bait. Catch my drift here?

      That’s not to say that true link bait doesn’t exist, but this surely isn’t an example of it. If you’re tired of it, just say so and move on, but please, stop using a term that doesn’t apply whatsoever to the content in question.

      Sorry about the rant, but this is just a huge personal pet peeve of mine. Carry on.

      • I’m gonna have to bookmark this comment and use it as reference when someone uses “link bait” inappropriately. This being said, I think only bloggers can understand your frustration about the use of this term, Jeff.

      • Kurt

        Jeff didn’t actually define what link bait is. And Mike didn’t use in inappropriately. Link bait is when a writer writes a title to grab someones attention. That’s it. It doesn’t actually matter if the content is any good or lives up to the title. Link bait isn’t about sensationalism in titles. I myself do consider the term link bait for more extreme uses. As I hate when News agency’s keep me watching for a stupid story that doesn’t live up to the headline for that story. That’s the problem with the term, its too general.

        In fact, for mike and myself, this title was link bait (but not for my usage of the word). I clicked on this expecting 6 more features that weren’t written about previously. But I have no idea if they are new since I never read any of the articles on Auxo – but @mikelite:disqus said so. I didn’t care about this tweak before but since there are 6 ways to get “more” from this tweak. Which is 6 more features I was interested in seeing what is all the rage about this tweak I thought was much simpler. Sorry to point this out to you, I don’t expect you to now agree Mike technically right with the use of such a broad term, especially when he could have been much softer in his words.

      • Thank you, Kurt. That’s exactly what I was trying to get across. I followed up last night with a lengthy, measured, honest, and fair response which will hopefully be approved. I doubt it, since I kinda called Sebastien out a little and I know he doesn’t appreciate such things. 😉

      • The comment was approved. I didn’t see where I was called out in it but it doesn’t matter. Comments are not moderated based on who they address. They are moderated based on how they address people.

        Example of a comment that will be approved: “Sebastien, you’re totally wrong and I don’t like how you approach this thing, and here is what I think, etc….” <= argumentative comment. It's all good, we can take constructive criticism.

        Example of a comment that will not be approved: "Sebastien, you're such a douche, and this blog sucks anyways". <= plain stupid comment with no point made

        Of course, all comments aren't manually moderated. There is always a few that slip through, but it's ok. We're not here to moderate comments all day anyway 🙂

      • Vincent Ha

        Hello Mr, Jeff,
        I’m Vincent Ha a young 12 year old jailbreaker and I really look up to you. I installed winterboard on my iPhone and got Auxo and everything and applied Auxo NCLike but the theme did not apply to my iPhone. Any ideas on this? By the way I have an iPhone 3GS

        Your Fan and Always,
        Vincent Ha

  • Auxo looks good and that’s why I brought it.. And I have to admit I don’t need the toggles I use SBSetting.. As for the switcher the app running does look great.. But I like card switcher more it look better and I think it’s worth the cash..Auxo for me was a waste of cash and again the need for lite or limited use version proves its need again…

    • Damian W

      i think card switcher was made by the same developer as Auxo. EXcept Auxo was done by the team.

  • Siddharth Desai

    I do believe Zephyr is overpriced. Should have been $.99 or $1.99 at the most. Not worth $5.

  • GuiyeC

    If it worked with Siwtchy it would be perfect, one page for music and toggles and 8 previews per page.

    • soundmanbrad

      I agree, that would get me to buy it as well.

  • I dropped the $2 for Auxo the other day just to give it a shot since the price was fair and Jeff has so much praise, but I uninstalled it the same day. Turns out I don’t care for the functionality, but even if I did, it caused about 3 crashes in my otherwise perfectly stable device.

    I’m pretty sure Zephyr is similarly overrated, but I can come to that conclusion on my own without plunking down the $5. Activator, as others have said, works fine. I respect Jeff’s opinion, but I’ve decided that from now on if I’m saying to myself “I don’t see what the big deal is…”, then at least for myself there likely isn’t one.

    Flex, however, has proven to be quite the fun tweak and lived up to my expectations.

    • soundmanbrad

      If you are looking for an alternative app switcher with some nice features, you might want to look at Switchy. I think it is written by the same developer as Flex and has been perfectly stable with my iPhone and my iPad. Zephyr is an awesome tweak, and once you get used to it, you’ll hate not having it.

    • Damian W

      zephyr simple yet brilliant. The thing is that pressing the home button is so annoying I would chose anything to avoid the home button.

      • Kurt

        Wish we didn’t have the home button. Feels too rigid and clunky which is odd since it’s just a plastic button.

    • Kurt

      My main love for Zephyr is switching from one app to another with just one finger swipe. Some apps you don’t want it to work, which you can turn the feature off for any apps. The slide up from the buttom to close the app is nice to but you are just going to the ugly/boring/no information springboard. Can you share with us why you don’t use Zephyr and how Activator works for you instead? I never messed with Activator much. Just simple things with siri and some other things.

  • I had all that done but prefer the auxo glaskart theme for my quick settings in auxo. It pops and has a nice glow to it. And zephyr with auxo is much better and more fluid then just activator with auxo. It takes activator to make these tweaks possible but by itself it does not work as smoothly.

  • notewar

    i find auxo buggy

    • Do you have the cracked version? Try purchasing the official one, it works great.

      • I have the official version. It does not work great. Re-springing multiple times a day. I turned it off until the next update, and haven’t resprung since. That was 2 weeks ago…So yes, it is very buggy for me.

  • activator can do the swipe from bottom action as well!!

  • Adrian12369

    Pinch to close doesn’t work on my 4s…anyone else have this problem on zephyr?

    • Daniel

      You have to use all four fingers and your thumb. Not very functional on a phone, more of a gimmick sort of thing.

      • With the latest update, you can now do a three-finger pinch (and, yes, I know one had to at the time of your posts, but I just wanted to say that it is now possible to use three instead).

  • Damian W

    after installing Auxo my zephyr gesture for switcher became very unresponsive. It has been like this on my two iphones so far.

  • yay i thought it was just me. but now i know for sure that auxo is really buggy and does re spring my devices couple of times : ( in a day

  • I had to remove Auxo it was making all my apps crash

  • Daniel

    Direct Control is nice to use with Auxo (or the regular app switcher if you prefer) too. It lets you go straight to either of the 2 auxiliary pages when you open the app switcher without having to scroll. You also have the option of choosing whether it opens one of those pages all the time or while music is playing. With Auxo installed, I like setting the toggles page first and then DirectControl to go to the Volume + Air Play page (which is now Auxo’s music controls page) only while music is playing. Works in landscape with Zephyr too, although a bit buggy when set to the first page.

  • I gave up on Auxo, simply it is not ready for prime time yet. With it installed, my 4S resprings every hour or so; without Auxo my iPhone feels like a stock one. I really like the card view of the apps on the multitask tray but I can’t stand the lagginess and the crashes. It’s good that it works great along with Zephyr for some people but for me it itsn’t.

    • asdlb4

      “Not ready for prime time…” So funny you say that. I used that exact statement in an email to the developer. It’s a nice little tweak with potential, but not worth $2 for all the hassles. I was sold on it by Jeff from iDB, but his demos always work perfect. I’m starting to think he gets some sort of kickback for promoting certain tweaks because he sure has his ‘favorites’ and many of them really aren’t that great or are very buggy. But he find s way to write half-a-dozen posts about them while many really great tweaks get little to no mention.

  • No I don’t think they look better then the stock toggles they are beautiful, NC toggles look hideous and un Apple like. And why would you put respring as the first toggle in place of the original locked toggle, it makes no sense. If Apple were to release that people would be respringing all the time. It makes no sense, the 5 toggles looks much better and in this order in my opinion, 1.LockOrientation, 2.Bluetooth, 3.WiFi, 4.Tethering and 5.Mute. Don’t care what you add after that but I find these to be the most useful. The reason you don’t want to have a respring toggle as the only means of respringing, is because when you do need to respring you are usually stuck in an app somewhere, and no matter what you do
    you can’t get to those toggles. This has been a problem since 2007 when we use to use SBsettings. The best solution is to make it something you don’t accidentally trigger using the physical volume buttons or something similar. Use Activator to set a respring Anywhere using both volume buttons. So if stuck anywhere you are able to press both volume buttons and respring. Remember we rarely if ever do this by accident, so it works well unless you are pressing down the phone on something, I can see how it can trigger a respring, but a respring does not hurt from time to time unless you care about not loosing the battery usage information under about under General Settings.

  • Nice artcle.I have got abug on my iphone 4 ios6.1 jailbroken.iphone says sim locked when i turn on my iphone but i cant unlock (only the sim lock) because the keypad does not appear….neither when i want to call a person.normally the keypad appears when the sim is locked and i try to call someone to unlock;the phone only cancels the call.Everything is fine if i go to safe mode.the keypad appears….Strange.Never experienced something like that.Must be a Jailbreak Tweak bug….but which one???

  • I don’t really understand the fascination here. I have an iPhone 5 and there was noticible lag when using Auxo. Nothing crazy but it was there. Also, I don’t have any idea why it’s helpful to have a preview icon for each app. How does this help? When I open the multitasking bar I know what app I want to open, I find it and I click on it.

    It’s not like I need to see a preview of what the app is currently opened to to help me decide what to open.

  • asdlb4

    Auxo is great…as long as you don’t need to delete any Bluetooth devices. Yeah, try it…

  • Aber1Kanobee

    Auxo is a great concept that I want to love as much as Jeff Benjamin (Auxo’s #1fan), but the app has integration/compatibility issues and continues to cause my iPhone 5/6.1 numerous crashes/functionality issues. Removing Auxo wasnt enough-> I recently restored my iphone and started fresh. After Auxo’s numerous (recent) updates, the safemode crashes finally ceased, but constant (non-safemode) app crashing continued to haunt my device (not to mention other minor performance issues). Without talking too much trash, the dev’s really need to clean up the code/integration with other cydia tweaks if i’m ever gonna trust installing this app again. This app seems to have many working parts that integrate into many different layers of the iOS.

  • Keksz

    Sadly I had the memory leak problem with Auxo on i4S, I had to remove it…
    Free memory was very low after a while, I couldn’t start new/other apps, took videos, etc. 🙁
    I hope they will fix it asap.

  • I prefer NCsettings over Auxo settings, and still prefer to just see the icon vs full screenshot. The one thing I love about auxo is the ability to swipe down to kill an app – but not worth it to install for that one feature.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Has to disable auxo, unfortunately. Wasn’t playing nice with something. Kept crashing my springboard. Honestly, auxo, rlly isn’t tht great anyway.

  • Jeff, what’s the tweak that you have at the top of your screen, it looks like a volume control.

  • iDRKA

    Been using auxo on my iPad mini for the past few says. Still some glitches with the toggle switches and the music info. Other than that the app switcher works just fine

  • Have to say i love Auxo with zephyr, but my iphone keeps crashing! Quits apps randomly, reboots itlself randomly too… Does anyone know if Auxo with Zephyr leaves the phone without ram memory? Im also using NCSettings, no more tweaks.

  • Am I the only one having problems with Auxo on the 4s? It crashes constantly. I emailed them and they sent me a reply with the beta Auxo. But it’s no good either. I love Auxo… if only it would work with me.

  • disqusted

    I was unsure if these two Zephyr/Auxo played nicely together; as I was under the impression that there was some overlap in functionality. I could be totally wrong, this was just my imagination. To me I think the features I’d use from Zephyr should or could be best native to Auxo. For instance, as a “task manager replacement, I would think a way to switch between apps without having to pull the damn tray up every time would be ingrained. All I’d want is to “gesture” to swap back to previous app or cycle through them, while keeping them open and the tray down. Does that defeat the purpose of the tray if that’s how I’m gonna switch tasks? Absolutely not. It’d just be an alternative method. Would be nice; plus I really don’t need yet another tweak taking up resources. I’m on an old iPhone 4 and I’m not exactly power housing it over here. Memory hits capacity and SB takes a shite after a bit. I sense a memory leak in something cause it works great for a bit then over time goes to hell. That’s indicative of a probable memory leak somewhere.

    I wish I knew an app that would monitor all services / processes and report memory and CPU usage in real time (and historically, even better). Even further if it also reported battery demand mAh or w/e that would be so rad. Like “task monitor” for windows.

    Anyone know an app/util that does this? A resource monitor. I’ve seen some that will show running daemons and processes with their PID, but what good is that without binaries to use that info? Are there any packages? I can do it by command line I don’t care. Wasn’t there a command like “top” or similar? I looked in the bin/sbin folders and found nothing seemingly of utility. Any advice, *nix hackers?

  • Beth

    Hi – I’m looking for an expert on device jailbreak to write an article … large audience of startups. LMK if you’re interested. Not big on Disqus, but you can find me on LinkedIN and Facebook. Publication is citizentekk. Will be published in about three weeks with stunning graphics.

  • So happy at the music you were listening to!!! Respect man R.I.P Nujabes

  • Hyder Khan

    Hey sentry.
    Just got auxo and I liked it a lot
    But I think there are a few changes that u can do to make the user experience better.

    I’m running ios 6.1 on iPhone 4

    The other tweaks I have are zephyr and barrel at the moment.
    And auxo is interfering with the slide up to close app feature of zephyr and I’m having to very cautiously and purposely slide my finger from the bottom of the screen to bring up the runnings apps bar or to close an app using zephyr. A lazy flick won’t do it like before.

    Also, I would like a toggle that allows the app cards to not show any preview but just the name of the application. A toggle to turn some app’s thumbnails off will also be appreciated.

    Cheers and good luck to u!

  • Hslo

    I got it