kickstarter onE puck

I’ve covered a lot of Kickstarter projects in my day, but I have to say that this is one of the most interesting I’ve ever come across. The Epiphany onE Puck, by Epiphany Labs, is a drink coaster that can actually charge up your iPhone (or other device) using ‘heat disparities’ from a hot or cold beverage.

That’s right, there’s no outlet or batteries involved. Just set your drink down on the coaster, plug in your smartphone, and watch the magic happen. The coaster uses a shrunken down stirling engine to harness the aforementioned disparities into charging power. And the creators say this is just the beginning…

The team at Epiphany Labs has some pretty big aspirations for the tech used in the onE Puck. Eventually they’d like to take the knowledge they gain from making this accessory and use it in much bigger applications, building even bigger sterling engines to power appliances, and one day entire households.

But back to the coaster. The Epiphany onE Puck is lightweight, portable, and it can charge any iPhone, Android phone, or other device that uses a USB charger at 1000 mA or less—so no iPads or laptops. How long it takes depends on how hot or cold your drink is. Under ideal conditions, it’ll charge at normal speed.

The project launched on Kickstarter just 10 days ago, and it’s already near its goal of $100,000. If you’re interesting in snagging a onE Puck, a pledge of $115 gets you on the pre-order list (all of the $99 packages are gone). Unfortunately, it’ll be a while before you see it, estimated delivery date is March 2014.

I myself probably won’t be getting one. $100 for an accessory I don’t need, that I won’t see for a year, is pretty steep. But I have to say, the work these guys are doing is extremely fascinating. And I’m rooting for them to not only succeed with this Kickstarter project, but in their future endeavors as well.

What do you think about the Epiphany OnE Puck?

  • RarestName

    When I saw the thumbnail for the video I thought of this sentence:

    “Apply cold water to burned area.”

  • Bob

    lol, when the coffee spills over your iPhone you’re going to wish you never bought this product. It’s pretty much guaranteed that sooner or later people will spill over their phones.

    • phatmanjr.

      SquareTrade insurance to the rescue!

  • AF

    Pointless !!

  • Reed Hohenstein

    If its light, it would be great while backpacking!

  • probably about the dumbest idea for any electrical gizmo.

  • In 10 minutes, the coffee is either cold, or in my stomach.

  • Dan

    A neat idea, but I can’t imagine being somewhere where I have access to a hot cup of coffee and not a power outlet. Also 115$ seems a bit much.

  • Falk M.

    100 bucks gets me heaps of travel chargers with a damn big battery…

    I’ll pass, but it’s rather cool indeed.

    • mobilemann

      yeah like 10,000MaH+ and the ability to charge more stuff!

  • Aaron de Silva

    Awesome!! I think coffee not really necessary right? Just heat or a fridge haha

    • iospixel

      My thoughts exactly, why are we not installing this underneath everything? I mean roads get shit hot and frozen. Meh.

    • that’s what I thought, it seems to be good for a cup surface, you can find other ways to charge I think, like a hot metal piece maybe (as long as it doens’t melt the device) I think.

  • It will be nice to make charger that can work with heat of fireplace or heater.

  • I thought I should just note this, but this device probably uses a TEC (thermoelectric cooler) rather than a Stirling engine. A TEC generates electricity if you apply either heat or cold to each side of the TEC. This product does exactly that. (Just for info, when you apply electricity to a TEC it does the opposite effect! (heats up and cools down either side!)

  • christodouluke

    *”lets” not “let’s”

  • haitham

    it’s fake, i can tell lol

  • macboy74


  • Liam Mulcahy

    Cool but useless

  • plug in any portable chargers or electric socket will be much faster / easier…idea is not bad, but it is redundant and costly.

  • i would put it in the freezer then it could charge my iPod!

  • That’s an expensive cup of coffee. $100 is too much.

  • I Pucking want onE!

  • Gotta say, this is a great bit of innovation and the potential of it in other applications too. I wouldn’t dismiss it, the price may be steep for some at the moment, but they’re further down the demand curve. I see a market for this.