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An interesting new Apple job listing has been spotted, indicating that Apple has “high-priority” next-generation Apple TV features in development. That’s an interesting choice of words considering Apple continuously refers to its $99 set-top box as a hobby business. And with recent talk of Apple about to update the Apple TV platform this fall with a software development kit for third-party apps and games, all of the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall nicely in place…

From Apple’s job listing, via 9to5Mac:

The Apple TV team is looking for an experienced engineering manager to help deliver the next generation features for Apple TV. Bring your creative energy and engineering discipline, and help us bring the Apple experience to the Living Room.

The ideal candidate will lead a team of engineers tasked with developing “exciting new features and functionality” for the Apple TV.

Apple during the holiday quarter sold two million Apple TV boxes, with CEO Tim Cook telling analysts on a conference call that the device remains “an area of intense interest for us.”

He said:

I tend to believe there’s a lot we can contribute in this space. We’ll continue to pull the string and see where it leads us.

Analyst Peter Misek called for a March Apple TV-related event, but a single “nope” from the well-connected Jim Dalrymple of The Loop shot down his prediction. Speaking of which, Buster Heine of Cult of Mac put together a nice history of Peter Misek’s horrible Apple predictions.

iTV mockup (AllThingsD 002)

If you were thinking about jailbreaking the latest Apple TV 5.2 software, FireCore has updated its popular aTV Flash (black) software suite to support the new firmware.

There are plenty of reasons to jailbreak the set-top box, prime being its scarce content sources limited to iTunes media, in addition to a few free and paid-for video sources, like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus, to name a few.

HBO last week updated its Go iOS app with AirPlay streaming to let subscribers stream HBO shows from their iPhone or iPad to their Apple TV over AirPlay.

Another jailbreak tweak called UnrestrictPremium solves that problem by tweaking iOS to allow AirPlay mirroring or HDMI output in apps that restrict this feature, like Amazon Instant Video, DirectTV and HBO Go.

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  • Al

    I’m confused…

    I don’t understand why Apple is in need of help in regards with the Apple TV, I assumed Tim Cook already expressed that they already see the vision that their product has to offer

  • I know there are people out there with a PC or old Mac that can’t do this but…Since Mountain Lion was released I don’t really get the point of jailbreaking my AppleTV anymore. If I want to watch movies and stuff I used to watch with XBMC I just Mirror my iMac on the AppleTV and sit down on the couch with my Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse.

    • JamesR624

      Interesting how that works out seeing as the only Apple TV airplay is any good on is the 3rd generation with 1080p support and that also happens to be the only Apple TV you CAN’T jailbreak.

  • R Skse

    1 care in regards to this subject: JB ATV3 pls

  • kgelner

    People also forget that even if apps don’t support AirPlay, one thing they cannot block is screen mirroring – so you can just output through an HDMI or VGA cable from an iPad to a TV or projector.