Kickstarter 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Kickstarter 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Funding platform Kickstarter is great for crowd-sourcing projects traditional investors may not be keen on supporting. I mean, Kickstarters gave us the majestic Pebble E-Watch, a foldable iPhone keyboardmounts,  innovative stands and a whole bunch of accessories. We’re not really sure what took it so long, but here it is: the official Kickstarter app. A free download for your iPhone and iPod touch (iPads are not supported natively), the app provides easy access to thousands of projects…

Per Kickstarter‘s blog post, they redesigned the project page, browse pages and other content to better support the program’s prettified interface.

The app contains the basic features you’d want, like finding new projects, backing projects and keepin up with those you’ve backed.

You can browse projects by category, popularity, your current geographical location and other filters. And since video has been a big part of Kickstarter from the onset, the app lets you enjoy any project videos available on the web site.

Kickstarter 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Kickstarter 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

The Activity tab collects all the updates from projects you’re backing and you can even get notified when your Facebook friends back projects or launch a project of their own.

And, if you are crowd-sourcing your own project on Kickstarter, there are some nice tools allowing creators to track their project’s progress, post updates on the go and stay connected with backers.

What’s there not to like?

  • is it free?

  • Damian W

    finally, they have so many iOS projects that it was just weird they did not have an app on iOS.

    • Yea and their site barely worked on mobile. You think in this day and age that would be a priority for a website

  • semi – related: I’m still looking for a good iphone 5 dock. I prefer it to dock in landscape, but I’d take either at this point.

    • I converted my ear pods case into a dock for the 5. I screwed in the hole with a pair of school scissors and glue gunned the lightening cable through the hole so it stays secure. And I melted a line down the back so the cable can easily go through the back of the clear bottom piece. and used spray glue to keep the ear pods case attached because its really loose.

      • Ben

        I bought one. :p

      • whoa. this is probably a lot simpler than you just made it sound. could you post a pic?

      • Burlow, @reply me on twitter @deepside27

  • Ben

    I love this modern UI that these apps are adopting. Very cool.