Bloombox Kickstarter project gives iPhone owners flower power

The iPhone has been everywhere — your car, your bike, your backpack — why not your flowerpot? A Kickstarter project is trying to raise the cash needed to build the Bloombox, a sleek combination of iPhone/iPod dock and natural habitat.

The Bloombox was born out of the combination of my three driving passions and my own need for a dock,” explains the creator, Brennan Conroy. The Kickstarter project has collected more than $3,000 towards its $5,000 goal for making a ceramic mold at Mudshark Studios…

Although we don’t known when the ceramic docking units will be available, one feature is certain: you can pick from a wide selection of colors, as long as it is white or black!

This is just the latest of a long line of Kickstarter projects aimed at iPhone owners, ranging from keyboards to covers.

Pledges start at $50 — which will get you your own Bloombox — and go up to $350. If you’d like to support the project, go to the Bloombox Kickstarter page.