ios 6 exchange

Last week, we reported that a number of users were complaining of poor device performance and battery life after updating to iOS 6.1. Apple fixed part of the problem, releasing an update for 4S users who were experiencing 3G connectivity issues.

But for many, a nasty Exchange bug still remains, causing iOS 6.1 devices to continuously loop when syncing a recurring calendar meeting invitation, thus crippling battery life and performance. The good news, though, is that a fix is on the way…

ZDNet points to an Apple Support Page that has been recently updated with information about the bug:

“Apple has identified a fix and will make it available in an upcoming software update. In the meantime, you can avoid this bug by not responding to an exception to a recurring event on your iOS device.”

Though there’s no timeframe given, the fact that a fix has been identified is a good sign. In the meantime, Apple says that you can get around the problem by turning the Calendar for your Exchange account off, waiting 10 seconds, and then turning it back on.

Similarly, Microsoft has also recently offered up a few ‘bandaid’ workarounds for the syncing error. It recommends that users try restarting their devices, deleting and re-adding their Exchange accounts, and if all else fails, just avoiding Calendar all together.

So at least you have a few options to try. But the point is, you shouldn’t have to. As we’ve said before, for a company whose mobile platform is quickly becoming the go-to choice for enterprisers, Exchange bugs are simply not acceptable. Apple needs to fix this asap.

  • My jailbreak is more important.

  • bad boy apple << every release come with bad things not good ones as expected

  • Anthony

    3G connectivity is also plaguing my iphone 3GS and wifi turns off while it’s locked any1 else ?

    • ya, I’ve been having some weird cellular connectivity issues. Basically it just stops working for like 5 minutes. Usually a toggle of airplane mode or a phone reboot fixes (not a respring) but I dunno if it’s 6.1 or not. I just don’t recall having this many cellular issues before 6.1. I was on 6.0 since day 1.

    • wifi acting real weird somethin gotta be wrong

  • Zapatista

    How about a fix for cant update purchased apps on appstore..pls help.

    • That’s not an iOS 6.1 bug. I can update apps just fine, must be something you installed from Cydia. I had the same problem until 3G Unrestrictor got updated and fixed it.

      • Zapatista

        No man when i turn may device in safemode all of the tweaks were disabled and i open appstore still the problem is there.its not because of cydia man.

      • Did you use iOS 6.1 before the jailbreak? I used it for a week before the jailbreak and I updated apps just fine. Try a restore and rejailbreak, you really shouldn’t be having that problem.

      • Zapatista

        I already used ios 6.1.1 and at first without my jailbreak the problem is there i cant update appstore already.its the update who have the problem and not the jailbreak.

      • Never happens to me anymore but it happened to my mom on her iPhone 4 but it was the apps fault not iOS. She deleted the app, reinstalled it and now updates work just fine and hasn’t had a problem since. You can also try updating the app through iTunes and that might fix it or if you still get the problem after that then try restoring, setting up as new device, but you will lose saved data but that would be the only way to fix it then. I have a friend with a 4S on 6.1.1 who has never had this problem so it is definitely not iOS 6 that is the problem, otherwise you would have found out about this bug in several articles across the Internet. A bug that big would not go unnoticed.

      • Kurt

        iOS 6 has a ton of bugs!

  • iDara09

    After update from 5.1.1 to 6.1. I feel like the keyboard shortcut feature is not function as fast as it was on 5.1.1. On 5.1.1 as long as I type those shortcut and hit space button, it popup. However, on 6.1, most of the times I feel it a bit lag behind. Anyone?

    • ReanimationXP

      My shortcuts aren’t working at all. I assumed it was a bug with iKeyWi I’m using, but haven’t checked it out yet.

  • Kurt

    Why so many bugs? My 4S on 6.1.1 and my battery drops so fast. There are far too many bugs

  • after I updated my 4s to 6.1.1 i am unable to call on skype smoothly, always voice is breaking