On Device Research (US smartphone satisfaction 001)

Results of a new smartphone user satisfaction survey have some observers scratching their heads. Apple’s iPhone 5 ranked fifth in the U.S., behind a number of Android devices from Motorola, HTC and Samsung. Due to Apple’s past high ratings in customer satisfaction, the survey’s findings prompted questions so far left unanswered.

According to a poll by OnDevice Research, Motorola’s Atrix HD took first place in the U.S. user satisfaction scores, with the Motorola Droid Razr M, HTC’s Rezound 4G, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5 filling out the top five devices.

While Apple was named the top brand in overall mobile device satisfaction by U.S. consumers, Google ranked number two – even though it does not directly produce mobile devices…

Additionally, Motorola – which took the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in smartphone satisfaction – ranked in third for overall U.S. mobile user satisfaction, according to the survey.

“Some of the findings seem a bit odd, especially since OnDevice Research didn’t reveal all of the devices included in the survey,” CNET warned Monday.

On Device Research (US smartphone satisfaction 002)

Along with non-manufacturer Google ranking high in mobile device satisfaction, Samsung – maker of many handsets – is listed at the bottom, which writer Lance Whitney described “a mystery.”

U.S. smartphones which offered 4G speeds seemed one dividing line between the top U.S. handsets and also-rans. The global survey – which included nearly 94,000 smartphone and tablet users in America – way conducted between July 2012 and January 2013.

Others surveys have given Apple gold stars when it comes to in-store service, but are mixed when focused solely on the iPhone 5.

On Device Research (UK smartphone satisfaction 001)

For instance, Consumer Reports started the year by proclaiming the iPhone 5 among the worst smartphones offered by U.S. carriers. Just days later, research firm Kantar said the iPhone was the top smartphone in the U.S., but largely due to the more inexpensive iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Kantar analyst Mary-Ann Parlato wrote

The iPhone 5 has been successful this period however we also see that Apple’s older models – the iPhone 4S and 4 have also contributed to the growing share of iOS. This is particularly the case for first-time smartphone iPhone buyers where we see the older models still selling well amongst this group.

So, could the iPhone 5’s user satisfaction problem be blamed on its price, or perhaps lack of LTE service? Without other details on the makeup of the survey’s results, these results could still leave us scratching our heads.

  • tubek

    of course Android is the winner

  • philad3lph1a

    Look at RIM all the way down there.. Poor RIM. I may be an Apple fanboy but I did love all my early BBs, and I like them better than Google.

    • tubek


      • philad3lph1a

        Really what? I did love my BB back in the day. And Android is nothing but an insecure, privacy stealing iOS knockoff to me. iOS > BB > Android.

    • Yeah really like it they don’t Android on your account change it as much is a race via bus

  • blu

    Price, I got my iPhone 5 16 gig for $99 (Black Friday refurb special), so not an issue for me.
    Luckily I have LTE available to me 90% of the time and love it, I seldom even turn WiFi on anymore.
    With evasi0n out for Jailbreaking the iPhone 5, I am loving it even more.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    So, could the iPhone 5′s user satisfaction problem be blamed on its price, or perhaps lack of LTE service? The iPhone 5 lacks LTE? WTF?

    • It may support LTE, but it doesn’t support the spectrums that many carriers run their LTE services on.

      • Falk M.

        Better way of putting it.
        Upvote this guy, not me. 🙂

  • NoBrainer

    I have been having this year a iPhone 4 (for 4 months), a Galaxy S3 (for 6 months), a Lumia 920 (for 1 month) and until now the iPhone 5 and i can definately say that i’m glad i’m back on iOS and the iPhone 5…Android is just so ugly. WP is the best alternative to iOS but unfortunately lacks a lot of apps.

    • tubek

      are you sure?number 1 rating is Android btw,open your eyes…

      • a3yu

        number one ’cause is cheaper.period.

    • Z3r0ViP

      “Back to jailbroken iOS” 🙂

  • Falk M.

    I hope Apple doesn’t miss its wakeup calls as much anymore…

    I love the hardware, but the OS… Oh come on… There’s so much potential…

    • tubek


  • The reason why people hate andriod it’s because it’s to complex for them to operate.

  • I’ve never even heard of some of the top ones on this list.

  • felixtaf

    Just BULLSH**… Out of 98000 users??? Come on, Apple sold millions of iPhone 5! That too with Atrix HD, HTC Rezound??? ha ha ha…. There are better android phones out there than these craps!

  • faruq

    just a silly survey, we should check data reliability first

  • hence the name: iPhone 5

  • Ok only like 4 people bought the Atrix HD… I guess they really loved it!

  • I have to say, I was in no hurry to upgrade to the iPhone 5 because it just seemed more of the same to me. I upgraded right after Christmas and I must say, it’s a prettier, thinner, faster version of my iPhone 4. There are some enhancements, camera is awesome, FaceTime over cellular (new for me), its very fast, etc. but it’s by no means the next best thing. I love it for what it is and it’s perfect for me, but I can completely understand the report. It’s beautiful, I can’t stop using it but iOS is due a major overhaul, why do I still not have a quick reply for messages? I could go on and on…