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As you may be aware, the initial release of the evasi0n untethered jailbreak broke a few minor features in iOS 6, most visibly the native Weather app on the iPhone and iPod touch. Word from the developers is evasi0n’s exploit corrupted an important plist settings file for System apps like Weather, Siri, and the App Store. Lucky for our tech savvy readers, there’s an easy fix that can replace the broken plist file in minutes. The script we are working with come from pod2g himself…

While pod2g and Planetbeing have submitted an updated package to Cydia which should fix the issues with the corrupted plist file (as well as fixing a deeper issue that may have caused a noticeably long boot up sequence for some uses), you can fix the Weather issue yourself by copying a script into terminal.

If you have MobileTerminal installed, you can actually run the script straight from your device itself. Otherwise you can tunnel into your device in iFunBox, or log in through SSH.

Step 1: Copy the following script from your device’s browser:

chmod -x /usr/libexec/mobile_installation_proxy
killall -9 mobile_installation_proxy
rm /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ /var/mobile/Library/Caches/
launchctl stop
launchctl start

while [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ];
sleep 1
while [ ! -f /var/mobile/Library/Caches/ ];
sleep 1

sleep 10

chmod +x /usr/libexec/mobile_installation_proxy

Step 2: You can’t paste directly into MobileTerminal, so we’ll have to work around this first. Open MobileTerminal, press the information button, and enter the shortcut menu. You will be able to paste the script into a new shortcut. Make sure the script is entered correctly, as the iPhone’s copy tool may miss the beginning or the end of the script.

paste script weather

Step 3: Open MobileTerminal and log in as root. The command is ‘login root’ and the default password is ‘alpine’.

shortcut menu weather fix

Step 4: Open the shortcut menu on the left hand side of the screen and select the new shortcut you created.

mobileterminal weather fix

Step 5: Set the device aside and let the script do its work. Once the command is finished, it should reboot automatically.

weather fixed

After your device reboots, you can open the Weather app to make sure everything is working correctly. This may also fix issues associated with Siri and the App Store, though I haven’t noticed any of the issues on either of my devices. While you’re in MobileTerminal, you should take the opportunity to change your terminal login information.

Let us know if you have any issues in the comments section below.


Edit: Added a semicolon to the end of the script to ensure the reboot sequence happens.

  • Great fix. Super easy to do. The fix released today via Cydia did not work for me, this did 🙂 Thanks!

  • Karim

    Not working

  • Karim

    I do it in my iphone 4 gsm but not working

  • Guest

    I head although the evasion caused weather app crash the tweak “AppSync” causes not to work this and the Evasion fix which has added to cydia 9 hours ago. They are saying that we had to remove AppSync for the fix 🙁

  • Sam

    i did everything exactly as it says here yet nothing happened the app is still not working

  • Ryan

    thanks for this great information. Cydia update did not fix my weather issue. Nor the uninstall of Appsync. I saw this one somewhere but thru SSH. This one works for me since I rely on my phone. Thanks again!

    Iphone 4 GSM iOS 6.1

  • why you want so bad the weather app?
    see the weather in the notification center or install “Forecast” and see it in your lockscreen.

  • Snortlegrunter

    At first it did not work. I read that appsync caused issues, so I deleted appsync & tried again.
    Worked flawlessly

  • Felipe Drumond

    Did not work. i5 ios 6.1

    • Snortlegrunter

      Do u have appsync installed? If so delete it & try again.
      Worked for me iphone 5 ios 6.1

  • Amir

    I followed the instructions on this page and it works .
    Before my weather app was crashing on launch now working ok on my iPhone 4

  • Weather apps broken if someone try using appsync to install cracked apps haha 😛

  • gtx150

    It’s work now on my i4s, just uninstall appsync before you run the script on mobile terminal or update the Uiikit via cydia.

  • mohammed

    my weather app dint work wath to do

  • David T

    My iPhone 4S’s weather app worked perfect after this fix, but now the weather app broke down again. I updated cydia updates, so should I undo this fix? I noticed the problem shortly after installing Vshare. Thanks for your help!

  • JC

    After doing the steps given, i still dont have my weather app. Anything else i can do? Thanks..

  • IPhone 5 UK Evasi0n Jailbreak

    Remove appsync 6 through Cydia if installed

    use iFile and delete files

    both located in folder location


    Reboot Phone.

    Dont’ be alarmed once you reboot that most of you apps are missing they are not!, They will soon appear on the fly within a few seconds.

    I’m 99.9% your weather app will now function. YaY!

  • No good im on iphone 5 ios 6.1 and this didnt fix the weather app !! Any suggestions?

  • Didn’t work. iPhone 4S I have all patches installed as well.

  • Hopes it fixes the iTunes app

  • Didn’t work

  • Angryduderighnow

    Didnt work on iphone 4s…. And everything backup all the way back -_-‘ spend hours for dowloading tweaks and stuff and now its gone. HELP! T_T

  • Angryduderighnow

    Nvm u need just reboot agian 😀

  • Karim

    Doesnt work for my 4s still kicks me out of the weather app

  • I had to repeat the process twice to get workin properly. Al is well now.

  • hey guys .. it really works …
    you just have to plug your phone on your pc or mac to sync while you are running the script !!!

  • It won’t reboot through mobileterminal. Help?!

  • gal

    i have followed the instructions how to fix that threw terminal my iphone 5 reboot automatically and the weather app still crashes!???

  • gal

    i have followed the instructions how to fix that threw terminal my iphone 5 reboot automatically and the weather app still crashes???

  • miordu

    doesn’t work 6.1

    • Ian

      iPod 5, evasion jailbreak 1.0, iOS 6.1, worked great.

  • lara

    I did all the steps and this did not fix my problem the weather app is still not working. I have iphone 4s running ios 6.1.2

  • Before executing the script you must uninstall AppSync from iPhone.
    Execute the script as described above reboot, and you’ll see that Weather app works.
    Reinstal AppSync.

  • Stanley

    My weather app didn’t work on iOS 6.1.2 iPhone 4 GSM jailbroken with evasi0n 1.5.1. The script worked for me by now my wallpaper page is now black. Any suggestions?

    • Ian

      If you mean in settings, all the tiny preview squares, including the wallpapers themselves are black, I have the exact same thing! It’s on my 4th gen iPod though, not my main device. If you find out how to fix it, please let me know.

  • Jamie

    I ran the script but no joy (even after reboot)

    Uninstalled app sync, rebooted and all working again.


  • Francisco Herrera

    Awesome. My Weather app had stopped working. Finally was able to fix it.

  • Dritch

    Who cares if the weather app doesn’t work??? Weather can till be viewed on the notifications panel. Also there are plenty of great weather alternatives. But this didn’t work for me anyway. Dont really mind.

  • I’m having the stuck on boot logo problem. I ran the code and I’m stuck on boot logo. I’ve hard resetted a dozen times and waited for up to 20 minutes. Still stuck. I also can’t disable mobile substrate with the volume up; it just stays on boot. I really don’t want to restore. Any help guys?

  • This doesn’t work for me

  • Someone help me

  • maybe try this ,,, uninstall appsync / install appsync , for me worked

  • Bl8erballa

    I did this step by step. My phone took the code, and restarted and everything, but when I clicked on the weather app, it still will not open, also, after inputting this code, my network speed on my iPhone 5 is slower then when I had 3G/edge on my iPhone 4. It is slow after this. Is there a way to undo the code that I wrote in to make my network work. It takes me 5 minutes to load a 20 second YouTube that would otherwise play right away before I mobile terminaled this fix. Please help! Thank you.

  • Ian

    Thanks. You just saved my iPod from being restored to 6.1.3… Quick story: Weather all the sudden didn’t work, but it was fixed with an evasi0n patch a long time ago, so I thought it was a tweak I installed. Tried all kinds of things, nothing. So I google searched weather crash fix. it said to delete I thought it would rebuild it itself, because one of the commenters said “after a couple reboots you’ll be fine.” I wasn’t. I began to get a little worried, so I just searched what I deleted, and one of them said rebuild. Clicked it, and it led me to here. You saved my iPod! Thanks!!!
    The only thing though, I had manually reboot, which I found odd.

  • Charlize

    Urrggg didnt worked for me..infact now im experiencing kamdinvalidserviceerror while installing apps..:'(

  • Got stuck in apple logo. Cant turn off, can’t turn on. help please :((

  • Its not working… How to solve it?? Please help..

  • Em H

    This did not work for me !

  • Vajid

    This doesent work on my iphone 4. Ios 6.0.1

  • Ranjan Parajuli

    stuck on apple logo after reboot plz reply how to resolve this issue

  • Noshin Shukri

    My wallpaper is always black and white

  • Rich

    This just bricked my iphone 5. Its stuck at the apple logo and nothing I do resets it. My computer wont recognize it either so I can’t update or do anything with it. Can’t seem to find a fix, does anyone know what I can do?