If you’re interested in taking matters into your own hands when it comes to unlocking you iPhone, then you may want to act fast, or else potentially be at risk of being labeled a law breaker. According to a report by Tech News Daily: On Saturday, January 26th, a DMCA exemption expires that made unlocking a phone on your own terms fully legal.

In all actuality, the exemption was nullified back on October 26 (read the final ruling here), but due to a 90 day grace period of sorts, the final expiration date takes place this weekend. Obviously, unlocking is a big subject here at iDownloadBlog, so we’re interested to hear your thoughts on the matter. Bear in mind that it’s not all gloom and doom, though…

Librarian of Congress

Your favorite wireless carrier is ecstatic with this decision.

Factory unlocks, like the Verizon iPhone 5, will still be fully compliant and fully legal. If you can remember, iDownloadBlog was the first to report that the Verizon iPhone 5 came unlocked out of the box. AT&T isn’t as liberal, but they will be willing to unlock your iPhone for you after your contract with them is completed.

You can always take the full unsubsidized route, and purchase your iPhone off-contract. This results in an unlocked device on day one, which can be used with any compatible carrier.

The area this hurts the most is with post factory unlock services that have become wildly popular online. It’s simply a matter of providing someone with your iPhone’s IMEI number, paying them a fee, and having your device unlocked within a matter of hours. That’s where things get particularly sticky.

Another obvious area that may be impacted, is unlocking a jailbroken device with something like UltraSn0w. Technically, this would prove to be illegal after the exemption’s grace period lapses on Saturday.

So as you can see, while unlocking will be “illegal” in some scenarios, unlocking as a whole is still fully acceptable. Hopefully this whole issue of unlocking will become more and more irrelevant, as carriers move away from subsidies and phone’s are simply unlocked out of the box.

What do you say? Are your frustrated about this whole ordeal?

[Nate Boateng via The Tech Block & Tech News Daily]

  • Damn DMCA Making iPad jailbreaking illegal first, and now this! we can’t put up with this nonsense!

    • they actually happened at the same time. but yes

  • Hahaha, buncha corrupt minded American politics.

  • Miketyler

    What do I say? Thank God I’m not American

    • jilex


      • test

        Guns OK, unlocked phones NO WAY!

    • Kurt

      you are lucky…im stuck with obama as my president. unbelievable the amount of idiots in my country

      • JamesR624

        Can’t tell if trolling or stupid.

      • he got elected on hope and a promise, he got re-elected on…bad performance?

        yay let’s turn an iphone discussion into politics!

      • Hoang Nguyen

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        Yeah, nobody heard about corporations taking advantage of consumers before Obama. It was all puppies and sunshine.

      • Guest

        People need someone to point a finger at. That’s why we have a President 😉

    • Hyr3m

      Democracy is a myth, whichever country you live in…

  • Jailed 4S

    I think they’ll never control unlockers. So i dont care.. 😉 And yea theyre makin brains MAAN!!

  • Lobbyist win again, Americans lose.

  • Capitalism

  • pauleebe

    Excellent! America has found a way to make mobile carriers even LESS competitive. Bravo!

    • Alex


  • pnh

    Exactly who is going to be enforcing this? The Unlocking Police? I would laugh in the face of my local police department if they showed up at my door because I unlocked my iPhone.

    • Exactly, I still don’t see what is wrong with unlocking a cellular phone…

      I still have to pay Tmobile or whatever sim card service provider to make phone call…

    • Your network carrier could block your phone if they detect its been unlocked, or maybe they can lock it again remotely… Could be messy if you in the big ol USA. No probs here in the UK.

      • You need to restore the firmware to get the phone unlock, this is the official way to do it.

        I believe you also need to restore the firmware to get the phone lock again.

        I don’t know where you come up the “remote lock”, have you seem that in UK?

        What about this, just lock the damn IMEI# to specific carrier only PERIOD

      • I f I unlocked by 02 network phone and inserted a TMobile chip, would TMobile want to block my phone? I think not. They would welcome the business no doubt. Block an IMEI on one network won’t do much. Locking it down to one network only will be the aim of any network

      • Then this law is not going to work.

        Unless they want to use this to take down the website in US? We will see.

  • Alex

    DGAF….. unlocking will continue.

    It will just be harder, and large scale companies will be taken down. For the local jailbreaker/unlocker no impact will be felt.
    I bet at least someone related to the ruling has an unlocked phone.

    I’ve unlocked phones for cops/doctors/firefighters/lawyers/mechanics/nurses.

    You name it I’ve done it.

    What a bunch of hipocracy! I wish it was like Europe! Most phones come unlocked.

  • That’s completely sucks mate… but this can be possible in America with Obama and his government… People lets all take our money and move to Thailand 😀

  • So its finally goodbye to those scammers ApplenBerry and their dodgy sim cards.

    • hellac00l


    • Alex


      Are you kidding me, you buy a phone and are stuck with that company. How is that fair?

      The BIG company’s prices are outrageous

      • You dont remember the sim they sold that used the free SAM unlocking exploit. That was a massive scam and many bought into it, when Apple closed the whole the sim was useless.

      • Alex

        That was a scam. Your right. Not all unlocks are a scam though.

      • I remember that ApplenBerry Admitted using that exploit and offered full refound to those early buyers, hows that a scam?
        Oh and those guys do not design nor produce the Gevey… Gevey.com

  • So glad I have the iphone 5 with Verizon. In 2 years I can go wherever I want without having to buy a new device.

    • jimmy

      in 2 years, holly shit i8 will be out by then the way apple keeps releasing products now days and by then ur i5 will probably go for $50.

      • And? So what? Less money I have to pay. It’s just a phone, idiot.

  • Tr1pTr0p

    Free country my fucking ass. What a disgrace!

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  • Next phone I get will be unlocked. I’m tired of being trapped under a phone and once my contract is up, I know I can hardly do much with my subsidized iPhone 4S with Sprint. It’s a fancy iPod after this.. And I won’t be with Sprint, that’s for sure. Verizon here I come. (In December)

  • Rsingaby

    are we talking jailbreak unlock or websites that does a factory unlock for like 20 bucks or both?

  • hellac00l

    my iphone 5 has been carrier unlocked since last year. Glad I got it done. It was cheap thanks to ebay! But I feel bad for the unlocking companies and Gevey sim because they can no longer make money from people.

  • im so glad i just bought a verizon iphone 5! lets just hope verizon sticks to what they said bout keeping it unlocked

  • My iPhone 4S locked to sprint is in the process of unlock and its going to take more than a week , those that mean I’m screwed

    • iDara09

      Curiosity: you can unlock your Sprint iPhone because of it’s out of contract or you using other method? Thanks.

  • Balesrer

    How are they going to find out if someone has unlocked?

  • Nice, don’t care I live in Canada.

  • Sean

    Again, what advantages are there to unlocking your cell phone?

    • Z3r0ViP

      Isnt it obvious? Use your brain, sometimes.

      • Sean

        Why don’t you tell me?

      • Z3r0ViP

        You seriously need someone to tell you why we unlock our phone?

      • Sean

        I come on here once a week to catch-up on jailbreak news. I’m not here everyday bitching about not having a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 like a lot of people here. I am asking a simple question and don’t need to be insulted by people like you!! This is why people have a negative opinion about people in these tech blogs.

      • Z3r0ViP

        No, you dont need to get insulted by us, people who can understand simple things like why we unlock our phone and that’s because we use our brain to comprehend things like that. It’s hard to go by and ignore comment like “:Again, what advantages are there to unlocking your cell phone?”. You sir seriously need to start making uses of that part of your body that process information.

      • Excuse my fella down here.
        We refer to unlock as the process to make our phones accept Sim Cards from other than the original provider. So when you get that nice phone you’ve paid for, you can use it with whatever company you want to 🙂

      • Irfan Tarique

        But if you are locked doesn’t that mean that you are under a contract and that you cannot switch careers without a penalty by the service provider? So whats the point of unlocking? Thats the point what he was trying to make. Sorry if I made a mistake in my statement.

      • Oh no, you can buy a phone that’s locked to a company and not making necessarily a contract. As far as I know you might walk out of an apple store with an AT&T locked phone without even noticing if you did’t specified that you wanted an unlocked iPhone 🙁

  • Jay Mac

    This may be a stupid question but, does AT&T unlocking policy still hold merit? The whole you have to be out of contract and be an AT&T customer for them to unlock your device for you.

  • Mark

    I’m guessing that jailbreaking will be the next target.

  • imot65

    “Lobbying”: Good old American legalized CORRUPTION

  • djmobil2

    So, it clearly seems that carriers has something to do with this. I think we, the people, should start a social media revolution against this treat and make our voice well been heard. It’s the same with the carriers charging us additional costs for allowing us to use our already expensive unlimited data plans for hotspot connections. We should let them know that they are where they are because of us, the customers. #HotspotChargesillegalNow

    • The hotspot is free(with limited data) in Hong Kong and carrier is not allowed to sell locked phone because that is monopoly.

      Well… monopoly is legal in US as I know.

      • djmobil2

        yep…this is supposedly a “freedom country” unless powerful companies with particular interests exerts pressure on the congress to get their favor over what is best and fair for the people.

  • If I send my IMEI to someone and they send me an unlock code, have they done something illegal? Or will I have done something illegal if I use the code?

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Why is illegal?

  • Thank you iDB! Just unlocked my i5 for $10 and upped my resell value by a couple hundred!

  • *sends in unlock request to AT&T*

    They do not only unlock off contract. Had my 4s unlocked midway. Good standing account most likely plays a part.

  • I am able to factory unlock iPhones even with this ruling. If you need unlocks, please email: owner@iphoneguy.org or Skype: theunlockerpro

  • I wonder how USA’s Federal employs crazy people to work on DMCA. Someday people will trash 100000000000 of locked phones into at DMCA office. Because people can’t use it.

  • buy a phone = legal. pay phone’s subscription fee = legal, destroy your phone = legal, UNLOCK YOUR PHONE AND GIVE IT FREE TO DMCA OFFICE = LEGAL
    make your phone lovely = illegal, make your phone work as you want = illegal, UNLOCK YOUR PHONE AND USE YOURSELF = ILLEGAL

  • Bullygoat

    If the grace period is 90 days wouldn’t it have expired yesterday seeing as how October and December both have 31 days?

  • air naji

    I’m sure all wireless service providers are run by republicans. They make and break laws like this everyday. yet it’s always obama’s fault lol. Do you think Obama is thinking about an unlocked iPhone that’s on ebay right now ? Lol see how all you snakes are ? By the way we’re still cleaning George W’s mess but since he’s not black it’s ok.

  • This is only for CDMA devices, those under GSM (with carriers such as T-Mobile) will be unaffected. I never understood CDMA and why it’s so popular, my understanding is that it’s a bitch to change phone because all your SIM data is embedded into the device.

  • this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. I wonder how many people there gonna catch….. NONE!!!!

  • You’re not telling the whole truth. If you bought your phone before 1/26/2013 you are fully within your rights to unlock it on your own. These phones are called legacy phones. Also jailbreaking remains 100% legal on smartphones, as it has since 2010.

    Below is the unlock rule as written

    The Register concluded after a review of the statutory factors that an exemption to the prohibition on circumvention of mobile phone computer programs to permit users to unlock “legacy” phones is both warranted and unlikely to harm the market for such programs. At the same time, in light of carriers’ current unlocking policies and the ready availability of new unlocked phones in the marketplace, the record did not support an exemption for newly purchased phones. Looking to precedents in copyright law, the Register recommended that the class designated by the Librarian include a 90-day transitional period to allow unlocking by those who may acquire phones shortly after the new exemption goes into effect.

  • 夏樹 街カシ

    This is a stupid decision, since that means you cannot legally make your iphone a fully useful device (jailbreak vs rooting an android device which just simply voids warranty). Also since you can get your phone unlocked legally for 5-10$ anyway, I don’t really see problems with the provider lock: if you buy a phone with contract, you already agree to stick to the provider for a set period of time, and after that expires, they’ll unlock it for free anyway. Apple will just lose customers to HTC and Samsung. I didn’t understand apple’s policy in trying to keep a smartphone as dumb as possible in the first place.

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