iPhone 5S concept (Alexander Kormishin 003)

Taking notice of a rumor that Apple will spice up its iPhone with some colors come this summer, 3D artists are now envisioning what a colored iPhone 5S might look like. However, we haven’t seen any compelling rendering so far. That is, until a French blog this morning highlighted a new concept by 3D artist Alexander Kormishin who attempted to depict what the colored iPhone 5S might look like. I’m not buying it, but we’ll let you be the judge…

French blog NowhereElse published these.

iPhone 5S concept (Alexander Kormishin 002)

Another one.

iPhone 5S concept (Alexander Kormishin 001)

To be honest, I’m not really sure such a design would work.

Designer Martin Utrecht, the brains behind awesome iPad 5, iPhone 5 and iPad mini renderings, may have a better grasp of what a colorful iPhone should be like.

iPhone 5S (Martin uit Utrecht 001)

Visit Martin’s Flickr stream for more awesomeness.

My personal favorite would be something akin to this.

AnoStyle teaser

That’s not a concept – if you send your iPhone 5 to AnoStyle, they can paint it in red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, teal, violet, copper, green, blue steel or bronze shades for a brand new look.

The iPhone 5S is very likely to be based on the existing iPhone 5 design and Apple, theoretically speaking, could anodize the aluminum chassis in a variety of colors.

John Brownlee of Cult of Mac suspects the process could potentially introduce a new set of problems stemming from coloring the glass stripes on the back of the phone.

His solution?

It would be better instead to do what they’ve done with the 2012 iPod touches: anodize the aluminum with different colors and leave the glass either white or black.

I approve.

Here’s how anodizing works.

Where do you stand on the ‘colored iPhone’ meme?

Can colors work on the iPhone or have we become so accustomed to the black and white looks that we cannot possibly imagine Apple livening up its handset with some attractive colors?

Before you answer ‘no’, consider this:

2012 iPod touch (colors, five up, flat)

Much to naysayers’ surprise, Apple in 2012 colored the iPod touch media player – and to a great effect, too. Actually, I know a bunch of people who bought iPod nanos simply because they loved the colors.

Note to Apple: give us a few more choices beyond the boring black & slate and white & silver looks, will ya’?

  • Guest

    People who like that iPod touch-like design are idiots.

  • jorith

    PLEASE for the love of god, NOT that first design, reminds me of android phones!!

    • Siv

      Looks like the iPod Touch 5G.

      • Kurt

        ipod cyclops?

    • ReanimationXP

      I love it. iPod Touch 5G’s are beautiful devices. All of you who think i5 has a better design are crazy. Split-material backplate? Retarded.

  • the one thing people didnt complain about was the iphone 5’s design and build quality, the first design throws that out of the window

    • Kurt

      whoa, i have never stop saying how sick i am of that 2007 design. so many people have been saying how ugly the iphone 5 is. where do you get this from???

      • Guest

        2007 design, Really? So many people say its ugly, Just really? Please let me know which part of the flat edge design looks like the curves of the 2007 iphone or all the other Samsung/HTC phones. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 looks like no other phone in the Market.

    • ReanimationXP

      Wrong. I’ve been complaining about the iPhone 5’s terrible backplate since the first rumor pictures we saw. The first design is perfect and what the iPhone 5 should have been in the first place. The current gen iPod Touches are beautiful, and curved anodized alumninum won’t be susceptible to ‘scuffgate’.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    The first pic looks ugly

  • DJ

    I’ve had every single iPhone since 2007 and I finally got myself a Samsung Galaxy S3. I’m a power user and what I mean by that is I always had to jailbreak my iPhones to get the full use out of the device, never would use one without it. I had an opportunity of getting an iPhone 5 for a great price when it came out and realized it would be a downgrade from my unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 4S. I feel like Apple has taken a turn for the worse. I used to come to this site all the time, like 3 times a day to check all the latest news (especially jailbreak tweaks). All I can say is I feel sorry for the iPhone crowd. My Galaxy S3 is exactly what I needed and I love it. I don’t miss a thing from iOS other than the App store gets all the exclusive apps first and FaceTime (but I have an iPad 3). The tweaks lately seem to lack imagination and practicality. My Galaxy S3 (stock) does pretty much what my iPhone 4S does, fully tweaked out. Try a Galaxy S3 and see what I mean. The battery time always sucked for my iPhones and with my S3, I can hot swap the batteries. I used to hate android because it wasn’t as refined and pretty as iOS but now the tables have turned. I don’t hate Apple, I’m just disappointed. I’ve had the best of both worlds and from what I can see, Android has the upper hand.

    Also I just wanted to say that if iPhone 5 gets jailbroken, I still wouldn’t trade it for my S3. Reason being, there’s more emulator support of my S3 (I bought a gameklip lol), Apptrackr/Installous is gone and it has only 1gb of memory whereas the S3 has 2 gigs. My iPhone always ran out of memory because of all the stuff from Cydia I had to install. Probably my biggest gripe against iOS cuz I was constantly removing background processes.

    EDIT 1: Installous was not my main reason for jailbreaking and if you think it’s the main reason ppl use it, then you’re pretty ignorant. It’s not like I said “I can’t use Installous, I won’t bother jailbreaking” No, you genius, you completely missed the point. If I had a main reason, it would have been BiteSMS, iCaughtU Pro, Barrel, SBSettings and Winterboard. I have plenty of paid apps in the cydia store and the appstore. If I knew Mega Man X and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 were gonna be such a horrible remakes, I wouldn’t have paid for them. Apple doesn’t have a refund policy like Google Play does. That’s how much they enjoy ripping us off year after year even after having such a locked down operating system and a huge monopoly. They could afford to give us these features too. If Apple adopted these features, I’d be all about it. Like I said, I don’t hate Apple, I’m just disappointed and I’ve had enough (just like plenty of others). Their 5S they’ll release most likely this year is the phone they should’ve come out with in the first place. They are fully aware of this and that’s why they are so rich. I’m tired of being a sucker for Apple. It’s like they take one step forward and two steps back and then watch suckers swarm like flies.

    • iPhone 5 has 1 GB. 4S has 512 mb.

      And I androids usually crap out in like 6 months, from my experience and most of my friends experiences.

      • DJ

        That’s really too bad Markus, I’m sorry to hear that

    • And backgrounding apps takes a lot of battery too… Which I think is very inconvenient

    • MacDevil

      Ok. So basically you switched because you can’t jailbreak to steal apps. That’s fine. People like you give jailbreaking a bad name. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      And also if you think the 5 is a downgrade from the 4S, you’re nuts. It may not be a perfect device, but it’s still the best all around package out there. It doesn’t have tons of ram or a massive battery because it doesn’t NEED them. Apple actually designed the hardware and software to work together. But if Android is your thing, more power to ya.

      • mwellster

        No, He is saying that he switched because android does all the things stock that he had jailbreak to get on the iphone. The Iphone is so locked down that it’s unbelievable. Android is open source which means that you can do what ever you want with it, even make you own personal version. You say it doesn’t need battery life or ram or that kind of stuff, because “apple designed the software and hardware to work together”, but android is designed to work with any hardware, and he doesn’t mean that the iphone 5 is worse than his 4s hardware wise, he means that he can do more with his 4s because it’s jailbroken, than he can with an iphone 5 which cant be jailbroken at the moment.

      • MacDevil

        He specifically mentioned Installous being gone as one of the reasons he switched. That program was used for one thing: stealing apps.

      • John

        Yeah, ONE of the reasons. Not the sole reason. Also, installous isn’t just used for stealing apps. I personally used it to check out some paid apps and see if they’re worth buying. Then, if I didn’t like the app I’d delete it, but if I liked it, I’d buy it.

      • That’s still pirating the apps, downloading them for free when they cost money

      • DJ

        You’d be an ever bigger tool for trying to say you’ve never ever stolen files before. People like myself are real enough to give you my honest, personal experience on a forum.

        You think I’m nuts because I viewed the iPhone 5 as a downgrade from my jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 4S? Really?? You probably thought iOS 6 was an improvement too, right?

      • Kurt

        haha, so many people think like you. ios 6 is a joke. it feels like ios 4 all over again. and i phone 5 feels like a stretched iphone 4, which in reality looks like an iphone 2G from 2007

      • get this troll out please…

      • Guest

        This is a pro jailbreak page. You do really how much you can alter the looks and feel of ios with jailbreak? Heck, you can make it look like Samsung.

    • Like your story but you are lying (I am able to tell just from 1million “I” you used)

    • mwellster

      I hate to say it, but you’re pretty much right. i get the feeling that android is always going to be capable of doing more things because of it’s open source nature. And if the sIII does everything you want to now, imagine what it’ll do if you root/jailbreak it.

      • In all reality, if it does all he wants now, what is there left to do after rooting?

    • Cool story bro.

    • there is tweaks fo android??

  • Black and Orange <3 im in love !

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Why can’t iDB ignore useless posts..

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      I guess the exact same way you can’t.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      I actually enjoy reading these articles.

  • The first looks very good i think

  • House4life

    In my opinion , adding variety of colors to the phone isnt quite an option, there are covers just for that

    • Kurt

      ugly covers to cover up an ugly 2007 design…hmm

  • right and all those colorful phones will chip and peal just like the black iphone5

    • my black 5 hasn’t chipped or peeled and i’ve had it since release day.

  • for god’s sakes stick to the original black and white

    • Kurt

      change is good. you had a the same looking device since 2007, can’t we just have something different??? “think different” where have i heard that before?

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Colors…meaningless to me.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the first image is just awesome?

    • I no me too but i just see a bunch of people “the first image sucks”

    • ReanimationXP

      No. I love it. Utopian iPhone 5.

  • John

    I personally like this design. Maybe with a little more refinement and Apple’s usual flair, it could be a plausible and appealing concept.

  • I like the first design matches the mini a little bit

  • pauleebe

    iPhone 5S won’t see chassis colored, they’ll reserve that for the 6 to drive sales when they redesign it. If they do color the 5/5S, then it will be the same design. IMO

  • More like iPhone 5C (color) than iPhone 5S!! 😛

  • At the moment for me, my iPhone 5 does whatever I want. Only problem that I see is people complaining it for nothing. Let me remind you that I’m normal guy-Day to Day guy. I chat, play game on my phone,study books on my iPhone,Text,and yada yada.Really good experience. I think, If people think positive about something then that thing will be praise by him/hers. I’m saying this because in my school ,there is guy who brags about his SIII all the time. It is due to him,I hate android. People might find it bit odd but that’s what happened to me. No pun Intended. 🙂

  • All this bitching and complaining is senseless. You like android, stick with it. You love iOS, stick with it. That’s it. I’ve had both. When I had android, i was completely closed minded to apple’s iOS. I rooted and used tweaks and played with different builds. The possibilities were cool but the processes involved sucked. Once I gave iOS a chance (restricitons and all), I loved it. I found it smooth, clean, and alot more simplified than android. Toys are for boys. I don’t care about allshare or any other little feature android adds to their devices. I just need a working dependable phone and with my iphone 5 i get that. Android has over 90 different phone models running it and all to compete with one phone. Samsung, Motorola, etc. this is what they do! Apple decided to dabble in the cell phone biz with one phone and several models later is still arguably the best phone to date. Steve jobs always said it himself, we may not be the first at the party, but we’ll be the last at the afterparty. You rush and do it; we’ll perfect it. Don’t take the rumors to the head. They are a company in transition and anything is possible right now

  • what day over 5S