Concept calls for a colored iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S concept (Alexander Kormishin 003)

Taking notice of a rumor that Apple will spice up its iPhone with some colors come this summer, 3D artists are now envisioning what a colored iPhone 5S might look like. However, we haven’t seen any compelling rendering so far. That is, until a French blog this morning highlighted a new concept by 3D artist Alexander Kormishin who attempted to depict what the colored iPhone 5S might look like. I’m not buying it, but we’ll let you be the judge…

French blog NowhereElse published these.

iPhone 5S concept (Alexander Kormishin 002)

Another one.

iPhone 5S concept (Alexander Kormishin 001)

To be honest, I’m not really sure such a design would work.

Designer Martin Utrecht, the brains behind awesome iPad 5, iPhone 5 and iPad mini renderings, may have a better grasp of what a colorful iPhone should be like.

iPhone 5S (Martin uit Utrecht 001)

Visit Martin’s Flickr stream for more awesomeness.

My personal favorite would be something akin to this.

AnoStyle teaser

That’s not a concept – if you send your iPhone 5 to AnoStyle, they can paint it in red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, teal, violet, copper, green, blue steel or bronze shades for a brand new look.

The iPhone 5S is very likely to be based on the existing iPhone 5 design and Apple, theoretically speaking, could anodize the aluminum chassis in a variety of colors.

John Brownlee of Cult of Mac suspects the process could potentially introduce a new set of problems stemming from coloring the glass stripes on the back of the phone.

His solution?

It would be better instead to do what they’ve done with the 2012 iPod touches: anodize the aluminum with different colors and leave the glass either white or black.

I approve.

Here’s how anodizing works.

Where do you stand on the ‘colored iPhone’ meme?

Can colors work on the iPhone or have we become so accustomed to the black and white looks that we cannot possibly imagine Apple livening up its handset with some attractive colors?

Before you answer ‘no’, consider this:

2012 iPod touch (colors, five up, flat)

Much to naysayers’ surprise, Apple in 2012 colored the iPod touch media player – and to a great effect, too. Actually, I know a bunch of people who bought iPod nanos simply because they loved the colors.

Note to Apple: give us a few more choices beyond the boring black & slate and white & silver looks, will ya’?