Bored? AnoStyle exquisitely paints and protects your iPhone 5 or iPad mini

Looking to pimp your iPhone 5 or iPad mini beyond the stock black & slate and white & silver finish? Talk to AnoStyle, a company that offers quite a remarkable anodization service which paints your device in a bunch of great looking colors. Just send them your brand spanking new iPhone 5 or iPad mini and pick your color of choice.

These include red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, teal, violet, copper, green, blue steel or bronze shades for a brand new look. The conversions is gonna set you back $249 per iPhone 5, or $299 for an iPad mini mod. You can also add an optional $40 Ghost Armor that has been “precisely pre-cut to invisibly protect your device from scratches and dings” with a material that the military helicopter blades, fighter jets’ wingtips and the space shuttle’s wingtips are made of…

BGR editor Jonathan S. Geller pimped his iPhone 5 in gold.

He walked away quite impressed:

The second I went outside and started using it, people began asking non-stop about it and they all assumed it’s a case until they actually saw the phone.

Since the service just launched on Monday night, I couldn’t tell them where to order one.

Now I can.

Well, well, what do you know: looks like Kim Kardashian had her iPhone 5 AnoStyle’d!

Image via Kim’s Instagram profile.

According to AnoStyle, they use the same anodization process Apple taps in manufacturing and which makes the iPhone 5 the Rolex of smartphones.

Our process does not involve simple painting or covering. Rather, we use a process called anodization, and we’ve found a unique method that allows us to deliver the best results each and every time. Anodization actually involves a specialized chemical process that creates the desired color change.

This means under normal use, our AnoStyle™ products won’t chip or wear like traditional paints and coatings do. Once the color transformation is complete, we run your device through our 21-point test to ensure that it is working perfectly.


Hop over to the AnoStyle web site now.

Now, if Apple only considered providing iPhones and iPads in color…