Black Orbs

Lately I guess you can say we’ve been on a kind of non-jailbreak kick. With that in mind, we’re happy to show you how you can get this awesome looking theme on your iPhone 5 without jailbreaking. The theme is called Black Orbs, and it features 31 different app icons that link to some of the more popular apps on the iPhone.

Obviously, since we have no iPhone 5 jailbreak yet, some compromises had to be made. Unlike WinterBoard, you can’t outright replace the look of an app icon with that of another. Instead, the developer of Black Orbs strategically used web clips and an easy to install profile to pull it off. It’s certainly not the perfect solution for a true iPhone 5 theme, but you have to admire the work here. Take a look inside as I show you how to install Black Orbs on your iPhone 5.

It’s as easy as installing the profile from the link above directly on to your iPhone. You don’t need to manually link or make any icons, it’s all automatically done for you. You will definitely need to download the black wallpaper to complete the look, as it looks a bit weird on patterned wallpaper. Even if you don’t choose to use black wallpaper, just make sure the background is solid.

The developer notes that installing the profile won’t harm your iPhone, so don’t worry. Actually, if you watch the video embedded above, you will see the exact contents of the profile installation. As noted, it contains the 31 web clips, which are linked to popular apps using url shortcuts. It works very much like the popular app called Launch Center Pro, which allows you to launch apps using URL shortcuts.

The developer says that he’s working on adding support for more apps, and that he will make more icons per request. Currently the package includes support for the following apps:

  • Messages
  • Google Voice
  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps
  • App Store
  • iTunes
  • Safari
  • Facebook
  • Find My Friends
  • Google Drive
  • iBooks
  • Music
  • Mail
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Waze
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • SoundHound
  • Mobile Mouse
  • Google Earth
  • Light
  • Reminders
  • Calendar

That’s an excellent start, but remember that not all apps are compatible with URL handles. Notably, things like the stock phone app are no where to be found due to this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that installing this profile is pretty much all or nothing. You can’t pick and choose which app icons you wish to have appear on your device. That being said, you can easily place your device into wiggle mode, and delete the app icons that you have no use for. If you try to open a web clip for an app that isn’t installed on your device, then no harm is done, of course. The icon will simply open to a blank white page until you install the app in question.

To remove the theme, simply go to Settings > General > Profile and uninstall the Black Orbs profile. Afterwards, reboot your device. You can also use our handy non-jailbreak respring shortcut instead of rebooting.

Obviously a non-jailbreak theme like this is not as good as the real deal, but I’m pretty impressed with Black Orbs. What do you think?

Update: new working links added above. Apparently the downloads were so high that it broke the links.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Wish there were ways to install ‘Activator’ and ‘Landscape Lock Rotation’ without jb rather than this..

    • Guest

      Pretty funny that some people wish for the impossible.
      P. S.: I am sure many will dislike. Why? Because they have no clue and just want to have everything. Peace out, non-developers.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Installing a theme without non-jb device was impossible till now, hence my comment..

      • Guest

        This is no real theme… It’s just some webclips, that could have been done years ago, but you know, the niveau (or do English say “level”?) of the iPhone Tweaks is sinking since a long time.

      • Can you do this kind of work? Until you have perfected it yourself, don’t question the talent behind making such things.

      • Guest

        LMFAO, you make me laugh. I can do this, and much more. Talent behind this? Dude, you seriously have no clue.

      • I have a clue. I remember your work. It was dog shit

      • Guest

        LOL? Why did so many people love it then? Huh? Tell me. Oh, wait, I know myself. It’s because I am genius and you are .. um… shit.

      • 2000 downloads? And u are proud of that? Editor please tell me how many phones were recorded as being jailbroken. Face it your tweak didnt go platinum, it went plastic.

      • haha couldn’t have said it better if I tried

      • Guest

        Sales are not the same as downloads you idiot.

      • Hmmm no, you’re right. I guess a lot more people pirate your stuff since they don’t think it worth any real money

      • Guest

        Get a fucking life you ugly kid, honestly, people who are as dumb as you should be shot, you are just a shame for this world. Go hang yourself, so nobody has to waste a bullet on you. Bye.

      • let me take a moment to quote your worthless comments “Wow, you are still stalking me… Get a life, dude.”

      • Rudolf, for someone that is a developer u would think u wouldnt treat your customers the way u do. You are a douche with shitty apps I wouldnt give u a nickel out of pity for your tweaks or your attitude.

      • Guest

        Wow, you are still stalking me… Get a life, dude.

      • Good one. I see u are still jacking off to that book of comebacks. Whats right is right.u suck at being social amd u suck at developing. Go lay down on a knife

      • Kurt

        i heard android tweaks are growing

      • EpicFacepalm

        It is and was possible with iFunbox + artwork files. Google it if you want.

      • Z3r0ViP

        and why are u still in guest mode huh?

  • Will it work with ipod 5???

    • Jeff

      I don’t see why it would not.

  • To delete do you remove the profile?

    • Infone

      Yes, or each icon.

  • Well it’s a good idea in non-jailbreak times, but i dont like to waste time while opening my apps, because it first has to open Safari πŸ™‚

  • Well, for starters it’s awesome it doesn’t need a jailbreak. But they could of at least picked a better theme. I mean the iPhone 5″ now has a 4″ beautiful retina screen with the most color depth it has before, lets see some creativity and not go back into the stone age with black and white.

    • Kurt

      i miss the old illumine from 3.0 days. i think that was the name? the one with the colored light under the icons. but with the retina screen the guy made kinda sucked unfortunately. for some reason it doesn’t work on my 4S. some icons are really huge and others normal size. and the icons (my opinion of course) aren’t as nice as the original.

  • ExRoot

    All these little non jailbreak tweaks are so cute. Kind of like the sparkling cider I give my son on new years instead of grown-up champagne.

    • makolpiyush


    • Jeff

      LOL! That almost made me spit out my Coffee.

    • pauleebe

      This is perfect

    • Denmark

      I dont understand you Americans.
      You Can go Down the street, buy guns and machine-guns, but if some young boy want to drink a beer, he Definitely is a criminal ..

      • Kurt

        where’s denmark?

      • CHRIS


  • Curtis


    • iPhone5&sgs2

      I hope it can be removen easily if it does i will download it.

      • Jeff

        It can, see the end of the post.

      • iPhone5&sgs2

        Thank you !

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Doing this on my iPhone 5 will no longer allow me to put apps inside of newsstand. And yes, I am doing all of the steps correctly. When I go to move the app into newsstand it’s like the screen doesn’t know I’m touching it. I have to hit the home button to even get the UI to become responsive again.

      • Infone

        It is, and you can delete individual apps as you see fit.

      • Hey Infone. It looks like your DropBox links have been disabled. I wouldn’t mind hosting the theme over at CydiaHacks. com If you’d like. We were thinking of making a non-JB theme section there.

  • makolpiyush

    HaHaaa.. Desperate measures without jailbreak.. When is apple gonna release the 6.1? so that we get a taste of jailbreak release..

    • FabianPVD

      Actually it’s called being resourceful. We don’t see you making any resourceful things with your time.

      • makolpiyush

        well buddy, i dunno what to say if you are expecting every optimistic jailbreaker to be a developer. or u wont try to contradict if you really understand what i wrote?? desperate measures leads to being more resourceful.

    • 6.1 beta 4 expires Monday of next week week. We will see either beta 6 or GM in which case a jailbreak may come soon in GM is released.

  • Awesome but why is there this phone-app-problem? Is there a way to fix that? How do you make your own theme?

    • install iphone configuration utility and edit the profile in there to customize it.

      • Thank you!! But how is it possibe to edit the profil?? CanΒ΄t find the option…

      • Infone

        You’d have to start from scratch, unfortunately. They’re just web clips made with iPhone configuration utility and I whipped up some icons to go with them. You could use anything, it’s just that you don’t see the inherent shadow with a black background.

      • you can edit the profile, download it onto your computer (by clicking the link) then just add it to your profiles

    • Infone

      The phone icon actually is for Google Voice. You can create you own speeddial shortcuts with aHomeIcon.

      • thank you πŸ™‚
        Why are there not all stock app icons?

  • Mac

    Beautiful would not be the first words that come to my mind when I see this….

  • Pretty cool idea
    need: settings, camera, weather, photos, clock

  • Lol, these non-jailbreak tweaks will die so fast when the real jailbreak is released.

    • Guest

      Well it depends. I think there are more iOS users who don’t jailbreak because their device might blow up or something. lol

  • who is the dev?

    • Infone


  • It’s too bad it doesn’t feature all the stock apps such as photos and camera. Also if this can be done with this theme it could be done with any other so I’d like instructions.

    • Infone

      I made this theme. Sorry, there are no URL handles available for those apps, yet. You could download aHomeIcon and make more yourself as they come available. If you have the means, you look in each apps info.plist to find out the URL schemes.

  • Incase some of you are wondering, this also works on the iPhone 4S

  • I WANT: Ayecon without jailbreak

    • I tried liking this multiple times but only let me like it once. I miss Ayecon so much… Has the developer still been updating the theme consistantly after 6.0 was released?

    • LiusGustavsson


  • pauleebe

    You spend this time making a non-jail broken theme through a profile, and come up with this? Props for trying, but UGLY!

    • Infone

      Because it’s NOT the stock square ones, and looked good over a black background.

  • Irfan Tarique

    I like the idea of non jailbreak tweaks … but jailbreaking has its won advantages.

  • Aj Andrade

    Does it work on iPod touch 5thgen

    • Infone


  • only black?


    Jeff I like the idea you giving to people to start thinking outside the box. From the JB..

  • hey could you guys make a new post about your top tweaks that dont need a jailbreak πŸ™‚
    it would be awesome πŸ™‚
    thnx πŸ˜‰

  • > Notably, things like the stock phone app are no where to be found due to this.

    The phone app does have a URL scheme, tel:.

    • Infone

      Yes, but it needs a phone number with it. I wish it just opened the phone app, but it immediately tries to make a call. So, you can make your own speed dial shortcuts with aHomeIcon or

  • paolokhayat

    error 501 on the download link πŸ™

  • Mysteroy3k

    I’ve been doing the same thing with my iPhone 4S . Finding tweaks without jailbreaking and it’s being going great for me. Even the plugins

  • adam lompis

    Ah the link has been down! Servers are to full! Hopefully they will be up soon!!

  • Infone
  • this could be come the future of theming if jailbreak dies. Users might also start creating this stuff, I mean all this is is just replacing a app icon, which leads to saari, then goes to the app. Unless you’re on a slow iPod touch 1, it is no problem to wait 1/2 second more for the app to open.

  • koonlay

    Use to have a jailbroken iPhone. But without it now, it’s like holding just a phone with the ‘i’ missing. I miss Ayecon, swipebright, bitesms, swipeback… I miss jailbreak!!!

  • Ian

    I really wish Glasklart could be installed…

  • Kyle

    Does this work with iphone 4?