Non Jailbreak Respring Glitch

It may seem kind of obvious when you think about it, but did you know that you can setup a quick respring shortcut using the Newsstand glitch that we showed you? Basically it involves adding a folder to a folder, which causes the device to crash and respring when trying to open the folder inside the folder.

By establishing this setup permanently, you’ll create an easy way to respring at any time. This is despite the fact that the device is not jailbroken. Check out our video tutorial for the full how-to.

Video tutorial

How to create a quick respring shortcut on your Home screen

Step 1: Create two folders, one containing apps or shortcuts that you don’t care to use.

Step 2: Place the folder containing apps that you don’t care about on page three of your Home screen. Place the folder containing apps that you care about on page two of your Home screen.

Step 3: Swipe over to page 3, and press the Home button, then immediately tap and hold on the folder you just placed there. The screen should quickly swipe over to the first page. Quickly swipe back to the second page containing the other folder you created.

Step 4: If you did this properly, then wiggle mode should automatically kick in without you doing so. Tap the folder on the second page to open it, and then press the Home button. Your folder from the third page should be placed into the folder on the second page.

Step 5: Open the folder on the second page, and tap and drag all of the apps out of the folder, being careful to leave the folder containing the apps you don’t care about in the folder.

Step 6: All that should remain in the folder is the folder containing apps you don’t care about. Now enter wiggle mode, and rename the main folder “Respring”.

Step 7: Any time you would like to respring, simply open up the respring folder, and tap the folder residing inside of it. This will automatically cause your iPhone to “crash” and respring back to the Lock screen.

Step 8: Feel free to place this shortcut in a place where you can easily access it.

This is, of course, another non-jailbreak tweak, and to be honest, it’s debatable as to whether this provides any value to a non-jailbroken user in the first place. Normally you would never think about respringing a device on a non-jailbroken iPhone, so the question is, is it even worth doing?

I’ll leave that debate up to you, but some may feel that it helps out if their iPhone is running a little slow. One thing is for sure — it can’t hurt.

If you want something that can provide some definite tangible value, then be sure to check out our Newsstand glitch trick, which will allow you to store and launch an infinite number of apps from the Newsstand folder without jailbreaking.

Special shout out to Matthew, who reminded me to make a post about this via email. He even included a screenshot of his work, which I’ve posted below. Thanks again, Matt!

Matthew Seltzer Respring Tio

What do you guys think? Does creating a respring shortcut on a non-jailbroken device make sense to you, or do you think we’re taking this whole non-jailbreak tweak thing a bit too far?

  • luckyarcher

    dat sweet wallpaper bro

    • Matthew

      Who’s wallpaper?

  • Eric Armstrong

    Very cool, but i’m wondering why you would need to respring if you’re not jailbroken.

    • You can temporary hide stock apps without JB. They come back when you restart (or respring) your device. I accidentally hid Safari so to get it back this is what I did.

      • Ben

        Wouldn’t it be quicker to just reboot than go through this whole process?

      • You only have to set up the folder once.. After that, you just have to open the first folder, then tap on the 2nd, then wait for your Springboard to restart

      • Ben

        Yea but in this case he accidentally hid Safari, how often do that?

      • Either way, even on the iPhone 5, this respring is faster than rebooting.

    • broketheinterweb

      Four years later, I’m here because my jailbreak-forced respring doesn’t work anymore– it crashes my device and never properly resprings to apply the jailbreak. Giving this a try as a last ditch effort.

  • Honestly, I don’t think you should be endorsing “non-jailbreak” bugs in the iOS software. This is technically pretty mundane, but forcibly crashing your phone isn’t usually a good idea…

    • Jeff

      You respring constantly on a non-jailed device, so I honestly don’t see the harm in doing this. This “crash” has no side effects that I’m aware of. Correct me if I’m wrong, though. I never claim to be an expert.

      • Guest

        well if you dont no why post it… you don’t no if it messes the phones or not… your just guessing..

      • Eduardo

        I couldn’t resist: “Well if you don’t know, why post it? You don’t know if it messes the phones or not… you’re just guessing…” (It may not be perfect though, English is not my native tongue :P)

      • Worst case scenario, put the phone into recovery mode, back up your stuff, and restore the firmware in iTunes. If you’re on iOS 6, it’s not like you’re going to lose your jailbreak…

      • I tried it, and it sent my 5th Generation iPod touch into a “Respring Loop” that you’d get in if you install a bad package from Cydia and Mobile Substrate’s Safe Mode doesn’t do it’s job. It also turned the brightness down really low, even though Settings was reporting it was all the way up. A quick force reboot fixed it. I may be the only one that this has happened to, but it’s definitely worth noting

  • Only use is if you suddenly find your iDevice running slower than usual (rarely ever happens on a jailed iDevice) and you want to kill the processes running in the background.

  • Mads Teland

    The problem is that you will get two apps back in there and the folder, so just leave two other apps in folder 🙂

    • Mads Teland

      But it does work on all iDevices 🙂

      • iPhone5&sgs2

        just go to the safari and add a stupid website to the home screen.

    • Easy: Just make two bookmark web apps.

      • Matthew

        I’m the one that showed this to Jeff I just added a picture of a respringing thing to my home screen.

      • Wait, you use a ‘fail picture’ to crash the springboard? That’s genius!

      • Matthew

        I just took a random respring picture from google images.

      • Matthew

        Sorry I meant to say respringing.

  • jose castro

    there no point.. its not jailbroken… you dont even know if this messes up a iphone..

    • Jeff

      It doesn’t. You can’t “mess up” an iPhone. If all else fails, just do a reset on your Home screen.

      • jose castro

        but whats the point tho? .. i got to restore my phone because i cant get game center out of a folder.. and ive done hard shutoff and and regular shutoff… and nothing… this is what i mean you have no idea what it will do to the ios.. it may not effect some people… but it does effects others.

      • Restore means reinstall iOS from iTunes, not reset, and that should fix everything.

        There’s very little you can do to permanently damage an iPhone with software. I think you could actually brick the old iPhones beyond repair by flashing the baseband incorrectly, but that’s about it.

      • Alex Janko

        And bad restores can get iffy, I had a bricked iPod touch but after 8 months it finally gave in to a restore

      • Alex Janko

        Dude…Settings>General>Reset>Reset Homescreen Layout
        EVERYTHING gets removed from all folder

  • hakeEm

    no need to to use apps to create a folder..
    just create two bookmarks in home screen.. 😛

  • You can also do this to hide the newstand app in a folder and you can then use the news stand app as your respring button.

    • Florian Lerch

      I’m using this. But I’ve done it with a simple program on my PC called StifleStand by FillipoBiga. For me it’s easier 🙂

  • marco1993

    Would this count as a vulnerability? Because you are crashing something in this case the springboard over and over again

    • It’s a glitch that crashes the springboard. Not every glitch will allow you to run unsigned code.

      • Matthew

        Will crashing the springboard do harm to your iDevice?

      • No. Even if it does, anything you do in software (that doesn’t dangerously overheat the device and cause components to melt) should be reversible.

      • Matthew

        That’s reassuring.

    • A bug is a bug is a bug 😉

      • And it ain’t turning into a bird

  • Matthew

    If you have a jailbroken device this could be useful. Maybe when iOS 6 is jailbroken it will be useful.

    • marco1993

      If you have a jailbroken device this option is redundant as there are a lot more simpler methods like sbsetting and ncsettings to do this and much much more

      • Matthew

        Yeah I see. But it’s just an easy way to do it. Some of those tweaks cost money.

      • SBSettings is free, and is one of the best tweaks.

  • I used Stiflestand to hide the newstand folder, and whenever you click on the newstand icon it resprings.

  • For those of us with broken sleep buttons, this is useful.

  • If you are smart, you put all of the apps that are a waste of space (since Apple put limits on icons in folders) in Then put into the Respring folder using the same trick. Then all of the useless items are in one place, actually serving a purpose. And a respring is a very useful tool to have, with or without a JB. It refreshes all the services that are currently running on your device. So that means if something gets screwy, close the app with the issue and respring.

  • disqus_YWezKJfhaK

    “Fodder”…you mean, Folder! 🙂

  • Perfect. I need this because the music app sometimes freezes and in ios6 you can not quit the app because it is running in the background even if you close the app. Apple changed this without a respring option 🙁 even a mac can restart the finder why is respring in ios not allowed?

  • Alex Janko

    Ugh…I hate how I CAN’T GET IT TO WORK

  • This is fast and handy to use when you are out of ram to speed up your device. But I’m wondering right now, can you ever get the folder back out. I’m going to try that now first.

  • JomanJi

    I miss iOS 6 ;(