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Mozilla, the non-profit organization behind the Firefox browser, on Tuesday released a new version of the software that finally brings out Retina support. Firefox 18, now available for download from Mozilla, adds support for Apple’s high-resolution Macs nearly six months after Google’s Chrome browser. In addition to the crisp UI elements on Retina Macs, Firefox 18 also enables significant speed gains for JavaScript web apps. Firefox 18 is compatible with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later, and requires at least 512 megabytes of RAM and 200 megabytes of hard drive space…

Retina support requires a 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7 Lion or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Mozilla writes in a blog post that Firefox 18 brings advances to Firefox’s JavaScript compiler, now re-christened as IonMonkey and making web apps and games perform up to 25 percent faster.

An example HTML5, WebGL-accelerated game called BananaBread is provided here to test the claim. Firefox for Android now enables search suggestions as you type and new phishing and malware features, the non-profit organization noted.

Despite Mozilla’s declining market share as more Firefox users defect to Google’s Chrome, it’s still a nice and relevant piece of software. In a reversal of the prior trend, I now find Firefox increasingly snappier than Google’s Chrome.

Firefox 18 (About)

Google’s browser in fact is slowly but surely becoming bloated beyond my comfort level as Google continues to cram more features into it at the expense of performance.

With Chrome crashing increasingly on me, I recently installed Firefox.

Though I did not immediately fell in love with Firefox again, I’m finding myself using it a few times a day now, especially under high load when Chrome tends to bring my MacBook Air crawling to a halt more spectacularly than Firefox does.

I should also say this: on my system, the absolute winner is Apple’s Safari which in Mountain Lion totally screams.

This is especially evident when scrolling up and down iDB’s home page.

In Safari, the scrolling is crazy smooth and fast, thanks to significant under the hood tweaks, GPU-accelerated engine and some platform benefits enabled by Mountain Lion.

By comparison, Chrome in those same situations stutters evidently as page elements load in the background.

And as scrolling becomes an unwieldy affair in Google’s browser – especially with a couple dozen tabs open – I’m often forced to switch to Safari halfway through the day, usually when important news breaks that needs to get out as quickly as possible.

The only reason why I haven’t made Safari my default work browser: lack of the Pin tab feature from Chrome (Apple, you listening?)

What’s your browser of choice?

  • The big reason I have Firefox over Google Chrome is because of the add-ons. You might say that Google Chrome has add-ons, but I am guessing their API is not as open as I might want. With Firefox, I was able to install OpenDownload addon, which allows to run instead of saving .dmg(Mac)/.exe(Win) files. With Chrome, there is no add-on that can do that. For that little reason, I love Firefox much better. And the about:config option too.

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      same here…

    • Asger Drewsen

      Thank you for sharing this extension.

    • seyss

      lol.. you sound like my father
      “how do I open a file from the internet without downloading it?”
      I keep trying to explain to him that in order to run the file you must have it downloaded in your PC first… he never understands.

      • *sigh*. If you are thinking that I am computer illiterate, that is where you are most mistaken. I know that files have to download in order to be ran, but I hate having a whole junkload of setup files mixed with other files. When a file is ran, instead of saved, it saves it to a temporary folder, which we never even see. After some time, the file gets automatically deleted.

  • jose castro

    yeah i don’t really care for much of Firefox. definitely choose it over internet explorer any day.. but Google chrome is definitely better

  • I’ve been having problems with Chrome lately as well, especially flash crashing every 10mins. I’ve been using Firefox more often!

  • sambuzzlight

    Chrome on idevice and computer, but did try safari on windows pc and honestly its good

    • Ben

      I find it really slow… Must be my computer :/

  • I use Firefox. 1 big reason is LogMeIn support. For the life of me I don’t understand why LMI hasn’t released a full Chrome plugin. The Firefox plugin works great most of the time though, so that’s what I use. I use LogMeIn constantly through the day….

  • rosssimpson

    The sound on my chrome keeps going also! I have to force quit chrome and re-open it to gain sound back, it’s a pain!

  • David Canfield

    well chrome is ded fast on my gaming rig with spechks as follows core 2 duo @2.4 ghz 2 gb ram ati radion 5770 the same gpu thats still being used in the mac pros btw the ram and cpu are being upgraded this is on win7 utamte sp1 with a lot of other shit runing