Facebook January 15 event (invite graphics)

Time to step back from the flow of news surrounding CES 2013. The social networking giant Facebook has just teased a media event scheduled for January 15 at 10am Pacific Time. The invite graphics doesn’t reveal much besides asking the media to “come and see what we’re building”. The company has been on a roll lately, having updated its Messenger app with VoIP calling (it’s Canada-only initially) and releasing Poke, a new app which lets you send quick messages, photos or videos…

The January 15 media event was first reported by SlashGear.

The company over the past few weeks has updated its official iOS client with new emojis and sharing capabilities, the Nearby and Photo Sync features and the ability to install third-party apps without leaving the iOS client, a feature available to all Apple developers.

Facebook has also gotten itself into hot water with users over the ambiguous terms of service suggesting it might sell your Instagrams to brands and advertisers. However, the unexpected fallout has forced it to clarify its intentions and return to the original terms of service.

Be that as it may, the Palo Alto company – which as of September 2012 has over a billion active users – is implementing new data sharing features that will pave the way to unified profiles, scheduled to go into effect January 16, just a day following the January 15 media event.

The Next Web reported that Facebook just started rolling out a nice single-column Timeline with greater emphasis on Messages, as depicted below.

Facebook single column Timeline

The feature has gone live for users in New Zealand, which is regularly Facebook’s first port of call for new rollouts. Author Jon Russell reached out to Facebook’s PR, but a spokesperson would only say Facebook has “no other details to share right now”.

Here’s a nice concept video for a redesigned Facebook experience.

We can dream, no?

According to the latest official stats, Facebook as of November 2012 had a staggering 192.8 million users on Android versus just 66 million users in September 201. By contrast, Apple’s platform grew from 66 million users in September 2011 to 147.2 million as of November 2012.

Facebook phone concept (image 001)

So, any educated guesses as to what Facebook might be unveiling come January 15?

A Facebook Phone, perhaps?

  • I hope they are gonna sell instagram

    • jose castro

      To someone well suited plz

  • Guest

    Facebook is horrible. I haven’t even upgrade to ios 6 partly because of the FB integration. So I will pass on a FB phone. And I will terminate my FB if I upgrade to ios 6.

    • You don’t really need to use FB integration in iOS 6 unless you want to.

    • You win the award for the dumbest reason I have ever heard for not upgrading to iOS 6! LMFAO Only worse excuse would have been if you said you didn’t want to lose the YouTube app!

  • ExRoot

    Have not posted on facebook in well over 3 years and proud of it! Even the few times I did I wondered why the hell I was.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    If this is true, it will be the prelude to the return to an old system, when phones where dumb and every company had its own phone OS (we would have firefox os; web os; ios; windows; rim; android; ubuntu and facebook os and maybe some day Amazon os; Bestbuy os and Twitter os). It will give start to the war of the “ecosystem” as well as hardware.

    This will be a nightmare for developers, as they might have to keep up with so meany different platforms (but if they manage to integrate phone os with computer os Microsoft and apple might have the advantage).

    And if facebook realy has it own phone Android will move from the last in the list of phones I would have.

  • SimonReidy

    As much as I hate Facebook, that concept video for a completely new design is quite amazing. If Facebook looked like that and I didn’t have so many idiotic “friends” on there, I may even consider using it again. For a day anyway, until I realised it was still Facebook and then I’d run back to Twitter and Google+ …

  • Hey I am on Facebook and I guess that makes me uncool and social. Better than ranting about my hatred for Facebook on a blog and being antisocial behind a keyboard!

  • Will downgrade to iOS 6 before I even think of getting a facebook made phone.

  • lol facebook phone…

  • Once I discovered Reddit, I haven’t touched Facebook and probably never will again.

  • Ivan

    A Facebook phone? Imagine everything appearing on your timeline…. “USER A is calling USER B”

  • We believe it will be related to their social commerce initiatives.

    Here is why : http://blog.wisemetrics.com/2013/01/facebook-may-unveil-its-social-commerce-strategy-on-january-15/

  • the two lines under the “When: Tuesday…..” looks like phone speakers.

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