Google is determined to become the top iOS developer in terms of quality and presence. Already the company’s Gmail, YouTube, Google+, MapsSearch and other products are found on many people’s home screens. In fact, YouTube and Maps topped the list of most downloaded apps on Christmas Day. And now, the Mountain View, California-headquartered Internet giant has launched a web ad campaign to promote its presence on the Apple platform and invite developers to ‘do cool things that matter’ on iOS. It’s a nice vote of confidence and a sign that Google in no way intends to leave iOS users behind and lose a a treasure trove of data it collects on use through its iOS apps…

This was first reported by Jake Smith of 9to5Mac.

A Jobs section on Google’s site titled “Wait, Google has iOS mobile apps teams?” details the company has “a ton of in-house iOS teams, building apps for everything from Search to YouTube to Chrome to Maps”.

The post is focused mainly on Google’s Search product for iPhone, arguably the best software to do voice search on iOS devices.

Google tells potential hires:

It’s fun. People have misconception that we just copy and paste existing Google products to the iOS platform. But we have a lot of freedom and try to innovate beyond anything that Google’s done so far. We are always working on ideas to push the envelope on mobile search, and we collaborate closely with Google Web Search engineers to implement new features.

And because Google is developing for iOS, the company’s developers pay utmost attention to the nimbleness and appearance of their software.

“We all like to build polished products and we take design very seriously”, Google’s post reads. And commenting on the recently updated Search iOS app, Google acknowledges it “spent a lot of time perfecting design”.

“User experience is as simple as tapping on the microphone icon, with beautiful transitions and animations”, the search firm wrote.

Indeed, as noted by Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web, Google’s recently updated iOS offerings have in fact introduced a new and attractive design language that’s reminiscent of Android, but in many ways prettier and more functional.

Contrary to Google, Microsoft is attempting to woo iOS devs to write for the Windows platform.

What do you think of Google’s iOS apps?

  • jose castro

    lol wow they are getting desperate.

    • I don’t think they are getting desperate, I just think they realize that Apple isn’t going anywhere so keep you enemies closer type deal.

  • macboy74

    Maybe Google should work on fixing what they have instead of worrying about other things. The youtube app on both my ios and android devices suck rhinoceros balls. They both constantly crash and the videos in both constantly rebuff. Google maps while it has more features then it apple maps counterpart is still not given the right current location and misdirecting on both platforms. And I have other various problems with android on my nexus 7 and my nexus . FIX THE THINGS YOU HAVE OUT NOW then worry about new stuff. smh

  • Lordthree

    Google’s version of YouTube is simply pathetic. Even the web version for iOS has gone to shit. The only other google software I had was Search, years ago, and it was janky as well.

    If google wants to encourage quality apps they need to make one for themselves first.

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      What do you mean google’s version?? Didn’t google make YouTube itself from the beginning?

      • Lordthree

        Nah. Google bought youtube in 2006. When iPhone came out Apple built the old ‘YouTube’ app. Google has only recently built the new one because Apple didn’t provide one with ios6.

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Ahh ok thanks for the info 🙂

      • No man. YouTube was a great little video upload website, then Google bought it and blasted it with ads and ruined the interface several times. The latest one blows my mind, its so bad I have no idea what the developers were smoking.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        How the hell do you expect such a service to survive without making profit? I don’t think you realize this, but not everything on the Internet is free. That includes all those servers where all the shitty videos are stored. You cannot go to The Pirate Bay and torrent yourself some electricity. Grow a fucking brain! Please…

      • So you think putting an excessive amount of ads everywhere and making a terrible user interface is what they need to do to make a profit?! Have you never been to any other video site? They make a profit too and they don’t make the terrible mistakes Google has done to their precious site. I still liked YouTube after Google bought it. I didn’t care that it had ads, I knew they needed them but they have gone overboard with the amount and the latest interface has really set the users in a rage, just check the introduction video to the new layout and look at the dislike bar. It’s pretty clear that people don’t like the new YouTube so please stop defending it. Until about a year ago YouTube was fine with Google, now Google only seems to care about the $

      • Tr1pTr0p

        For a site as big as YouTube, yes, that amount of ads is necessary to make a profit. Vimeo or Viddler, for example, are not even close to YouTube (traffic, user base, size), so any comparison is pointless.

        Every single layout change that Google introduced was met with the same reaction. How is this any different? People simply do not like change. Period. No matter how shitty the service is, there will always be someone who will hate it when it improves or changes.

        People will get used to it and everything is going to be just fine, like it was every time before this. Besides, this layout is much simpler and cleaner.

      • You do make a good point. I still hate the new layout. I have never had a problem with any of the other layouts and I had the same thought that people just hating change but this new layout is truly awful at least IMO. Especially on big displays, the entire site is all bunched up on the left side instead of being centered and the home page no longer takes you directly to the subscriptions but instead recommends awful videos that Google thinks you will like but are really there just to get those channels more views. Once I’m on a video everything seems fine but I’ve heard that uploaders are having trouble with some things and some are getting less page views because of the changes. So far this is the biggest backstep I have ever seen on YouTube and not only is this a problem on desktops but the official YouTube app is pure garbage, constant stuttering of videos, can’t view inbox or reply to comments and took forever to get updated for iP5 and iPad. What is the YouTube team doing? They say they will fix all this stuff but I wonder how long it will take before they just change the layout again.

      • Bart

        But THAT is what they PROMISED ALL ALONG, retard. Just like the whole ‘do no evil’ mantra. In a word, bullish!73.

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Thanks for the info! True that.

    • The web version in general is shit. Have you seen the new desktop interface? It’s horrendous.

  • Bart

    I prefer Apple maps. There is nothing wrong with it, the Adroid fanboys just had a field day with a few of the graphics when it was first released. It’s every bit as good as Google Maps, if not better, at finding addresses, etc… The satelite imagery is better in Apple maps, and I like the graphics and the rotational abilities of Apple maps better than (slow) google maps.

    • Especially for us who downloaded the Google Maps app on pre A5+ devices… Full android experience, laggy as hell

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Brace yourselves! Here come the sheep to spread bullshit about devices they don’t own, haven’t seen or used!

      • Mr Android Troll, I’m a human (Surprize) not a sheep. Sorry, but Android lags on majority of cheap mobile smartphones at some (most) areas more or less. S3 and Nexus 4 is an exception and still, they lag sometimes even then (for example, a basic thing like: Scrooling down a homepage). I’ve tried Android phones after iPhone 4 was released, none has impressed at all. Cheap plastic and constant worrying for something going extremely wrong, No quality AT ALL. It’s now That phones like S3 which started to show what Android can do, the rest is… Well, I don’t really know but certainly not something beautiful, lag free and secure.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        iPhone 4 was released more than 2 years ago. You’re kind of stuck in the past. Things have changed since then, big time. But what would you know about change, iOS hasn’t changed in 3 or more years…

        I don’t understand why are you complaining about devices being made from plastic, because that is exactly what iPhone 3G and 3GS were made from. Where were you back then?

        “Well, I don’t really know…” But yet, you know they aren’t lag free or secure?

        “…constant worrying for something going extremely wrong…” And what the hell is that supposed to even mean?

        “…Android lags…” On which high end device? Oh yeah, none. Well, you certainly enjoy talking out of your ass. I’ll leave you to it, then. Enjoy.

      • Bart

        Fandroids are the Google led sheep. Google copied, deal with it. Sheep follow like Google followed Apple, retard.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m a fandroid, who doesn’t own an Android device. How flattering. I guess Apple was thinking differently when they ripped off the notification center, social integration, lock screen camera button, etc.?

      • Bart

        That’s retarded. Google did almost nothing. It’s like the added a cup holder. The only one of your 3 items that has any merit is notifications, and even that is next to nothing compared to Google’s supreme rip-off of the entire iPhone concept, App Store, etc.
        Notifications is like adding a better cup holder to a great car. A nice, but trivial, improvement.
        And I say you have no Apple device, you are confused about this, but you clearly have Android, and no idea about iPhone.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        www idownloadblog com/2012/08/06/new-images-samsung-icons/#comment-611458872
        www idownloadblog com/2012/12/21/kantar-us-smartphone-2012/#comment-745083484
        www idownloadblog com/2012/08/10/samsung-chromebook-series-3-apple-mac-mini/#comment-615849775

        And I suggest you read my bio. With that said, I’ll leave you to your denial.

      • Bart

        LOL, you must think a lot of yourself.

    • Falk M.

      While I can agree with much what you said, this made me giggle:
      “The satelite imagery is better in Apple maps”
      It’s not everywhere.
      My city (200,000 inhabitants) is mostly black and white and low-res.

      Google provides me with much more detail and I have yet to see black and white satellite imagery on Google Maps for anything.
      I’m sure it did exist on GMaps at some time, but I really can’t find anything b/w there anymore.

      Apple Maps? Not so much…

      • Bart

        Where I live, Google maps are blurry as hell, Apple maps are not. Anywhere you go, google maps are DOG SLOW compared with Apple Maps. So, the 10 year old google maps are better where you live and the few months old Apple maps are better where I live. I know I have a friend who, when he first moved to the country, I could not find him with Google maps. It just takes to to the middle of nowhere, about 3 miles from his house and announces you you are there. It’s been out for MANY years and is no where close to perfect, but Apple comes out with a brand new product and it’s supposed to be fully debugged from the get-go. Funny, the Apple fanboys never made a huge flipping deal out of out horribly bad Google maps are.
        Google fanboys are known for making up this crap, look what happened with ‘antennae-gate’. Ditto with ‘location-gate’–this is just more B.S. and the Fandroids drum it up into an ‘issue’. Each one of these ‘gates’ is mostly just propaganda. Apple maps ‘issue’ is similar. Obviously there were a few graphics glitches, but it’s a huge improvement over what Google was offering.
        And, Google had to come crying back to the app store with a new version. They can’t afford to ignore the iPhone, since hardly anyone (by comparison) even has a data plan on lame Android where feature phones are counted as ‘Androids’ just to make up ridiculous, inconsequential ‘marketshare’ B.S.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Don’t you think it’s funny how it’s always someone else’s fault? That’s one of the most common things I read on this site, besides retarded comments regarding devices commenters never used or even seen. – “Antennagate? Oh, those dumb Android users!” – “Locationgate? Those bastards again!” – “Apple maps suck? Fuck you Google fanboys!!!”
        So I guess it’s also Android users that are somehow preventing me from having a stable WiFi connection when holding my iPhone in my left hand and having the bottom left corner in my palm. Those scumbags!
        And yes, you’re right about that last part. Google does profit from people using their services. Who would’ve thought…

    • Tr1pTr0p

      You are wrong. Main issues I have with iOS 6 maps are due to language differences. The rest are just search issues where the dumb application simply cannot find certain streets.

      Once upon a time, there was a person Adam Reisner who did this and that, and now there is a pretty big street named after him. Note the suffixes: “Ulica Adama Reisnera”. (The street of Adam Reisner.) It is also referred to as “Reisnerova”. (Reisner’s street.)

      img339 imageshack us/img339/8159/20675341.png

      Now even though the street is visible on the map itself, the app cannot find it. To Google’s maps, on the other hand, this is a no brainer.

      Ulica Adama Reisnera
      img831 imageshack us/img831/453/img1136.png
      img856 imageshack us/img856/3929/img1139l.png

      Reisnerova Osijek
      img407 imageshack us/img407/8255/img1137.png
      img713 imageshack us/img713/2050/img1142.png

      Adama Reisnera
      img542 imageshack us/img542/250/img1138.png
      img822 imageshack us/img822/2148/img1141.png

      The same goes for almost all other streets. You have to enter the exact name as it is displayed in the application, or else it will not find it, or you will end up in Russia. Typing in: “ruzina ulica” for some reason takes me to Moscow, “ružina ulica” cannot be found, but “ružina” is correct.

      THAT is why I use Google Maps.

      • Bart

        Thanks for this retarded justification of your tech choices. We will all keep this in mind when searching for streets in another language. LOL, on iPhone we have a choice. On Android, keep using Google, it can’t even find addresses in the US half the time. And it will take all day to draw it when it does work.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        It takes a long time to load? Maybe you’re holding it wrong?

        www apple com/ios/feature-availability/#maps-standard Now tell me the percentage of countries where English is the official language, by population. Shocker! Not everyone speaks English! *jaw drop*

        “On iPhone we have a choice.” Are you saying that Android users don’t? In that case, this may surprise you. bit ly/TW3eog

        You keep talking out of your ass. I provided proof of how shitty Apple Maps are, so how about you post some screenshots of how Google Maps can’t find results half the time?

  • i like this google can help apple stop bing so damn boring

  • Google chrome: it is the best. I always use chrome in my iphone, ipad and pc. It’s way way ahead of safari.
    Google map: it is another app that i can always rely on. I’ve been using it almost everyday for 3 years now.
    Google youtube: its ios app is boring. Since the release of protube, i’ve never touched that youtube icon. Chrome browser version of youtube for ipad is way better than the app.
    At last it doesn’t matter what device i use, i’m always greatful for having google search.

    • Bart

      Google Chrime is built on Apple’s version of WebKit. Google puts a few bells and whistles on it so they can track you even more than in other browsers. It wouldn’t even be possible had Apple not developed WebKit to be the basis of every browser other than I.E.

      • When google does something good then its just a few bells and whistles, when apple does something then its the greatest thing ever. boy you are brainwashed by apple. You need some yoga in your life.

      • Bart

        Wrong, Apple didn’t copy Google, Google copied Apple. Get your facts straight.

      • EpicFacepalm

        First, WebKit is an opensource project, nobody copies something. If you think forking is stealing, then with your logic the first copy-off was made by Apple. Apple copied WebKit from KDE (with your logic, it is copy, we call that fork). WebKit is being developed by KDE contributors, Apple, Nokia, Google, RIM etc.

        Second, if you are worried about your privacy, I highly suggest using Chromium. Though, for iOS, you have to be jailbroken or have a Developer License for this.

        Third, I think you have never heard of Netscape or Firefox or Opera.

        Forth, Google has made its own Javascript engine called VP8, its success is mostly because of this.

      • Bart

        Hey moron, you are putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say Google ‘copied’ WebKit, I said everyone is using Apple’s version. Google has done almost nothing other than their search on links algorithm.
        I never said I was worried, I just see Google for what it is, mostly an ad company. Apple doesn’t sell my information, preferences, etc.
        Fandroids seem to think they are geniuses, but you are really extremely naive.

      • EpicFacepalm

        You are very kind also. Thanks! What a great place to express ideas freely…

        I never said “you said this, you…” or “you are clearly …, do this!”, I just felt those from your comment. But you forgot what you said in your comments though,

        > Wrong, Apple didn’t copy Google, “Google copied Apple”. Get your facts straight.

        – You clearly say that they copied.

        > so they can track you even more than in other browsers.

        – “If you are worried about… you can use Chromium”, this was just an advice. An advice to everyone, not just you, OK?

        One more sentence, “Google has done almost nothing other than their search on links algorithm.”. Your argument is totally wrong. A web browser is not a Search engine. Sure Google is an Ad company and privacy evil. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t make softwares anything beside Search Engine. For example, Apple designs hardware and softwares, they are not obsessed about Mac OSX, they are even designing iTV. It was Google’s decision to buy Android and create Chromium, and it worked. Plus, they’ve made a lot contributions to open source softwares just like Apple.

        Chromium’s source is huge, and you say that Chromium is all about Layout Engine. Besides everything, even its Javascript Engine is bigger than WebKit. Sure, WebKit is good. Safari and Konquerer use WebKit too, but I saw people using Chrome on their Mac OSX and Linux machines because they say Chrome is fast. Then you have to ask yourself, why people choose Chrome over Safari?

        And WebKit is good, but that doesn’t mean Google would be stuck if there wasn’t WebKit, they could use Gecko too.

        Chromium =/= Chrome. Chromium is open source version of Chrome. Google puts its tracking software to the Chromium and then releases it to the public. But I have to mention, Chromium is mostly developed by Google, besides individuals.

        Stop being biased, I’m not a fan of Android nor Windows nor Linux. I’m a fan of Apple and Steve Jobs (RIP), that’s why I am in this website. But the difference between you and me is, I don’t treat Android/Windows/Linux owners as if they are my enemy or stupid or moron or idiot or sheep.

        Words like “you moron fandroid”, “no you’re just iSheep and you’re iBrainWashed”… I hear sentences like these only from mobile technology forums and politicians. Come on guys, we should have stopped classifying people into X,Y,Z after WW2.

  • nima

    If apple takes googles offer on platform then developers will get used to it and as the above said “its similar to android” which developers will change soon to android… APPLE SAY NOOOOO!!!!!