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Forget about the iPhone, the best phone in the world – here comes the IPHONE, an Android-powered smartphone announced today by Brazilian electronics maker IGB Electronica SA (IGB). The company said in a securities filing that the first model will be called “Neo One”. The firm claims to have a trademark for the “IPHONE” term in Brazil, originally applied for in 2000, way before Apple even began thinking about creating a phone. Somebody give Apple’s lawyers a buzz…

The device sells for 599 Brazilian Real, or about $290. Based on the old Android Gingerbread version 2.3.4, it has a 320-by-480 pixel resolution display and runs a 700 MHz processor.

Jordan Golson, reporting for MacRumors:

Apple will either file a lawsuit, or perhaps more likely, begin negotiations for a settlement deal.


Brazil is an important country for Apple. The company has begun hiring for new Apple Stores in the country, which would be its first locations in South America and Apple and Foxconn have begun iPad and iPhone production there.

In case you were wondering, the IPHONE also comes in white.

IGB Electronica iPhone (image 002)

Brazil is also home to one of the most expensive iPhones on the planet.

It’s worth remembering that Apple used to face a similar situation in China over the iPad moniker. In fact, Apple’s tablet had been a no-show in China until the dispute was resolved via a $60 million settlement.

According to Reuters, based on a local report, IGB Eletronica SA has exclusive rights to the “IPHONE” name in the local market.

The filing said Gradiente had foreseen the revolution in the convergence of voice and data over the Internet at the time, before Apple Inc’s iPhone existed. In 2008, the company secured rights to the name from a local regulator of patents.

Let’s see how Apple wiggles its way out of this one.

  • wonderboydave

    so its pronounced e-phony..

  • jose castro

    i c a lawsuit

  • Klayton

    OMG i am ashamed to be brazilian lol

    • pegger1

      You’re ashamed because a Brazilian company had the iPhone name before Apple?!?!

      • Rodrigo

        Dont talk nosense idiot.

      • Guest

        Why the name calling? There’s nothing to be ashamed about. IGB Eletronica SA has exclusive rights to the “IPHONE” name in Brazil. They’ve had it 7 years before the iPhone was released and you’re putting them down. You gotta give your heads a shake.

      • Had a iPhone name before Apple iPhone.. release it after 7 years of Apples iPhone… where’s the reason to be proud?

        Plus.. iPhone… a easy name to get after knowing the “i” name line from Apple…. iMac.. iPod…iCeo…? Remember when everybody have tried to predict the Apple Tablet name? iSlate…? And even some brands called to their tablets “Slates”.. trying to be the fist (before Apple) having that kind of name… lol

      • pegger1

        Why would you feel proud or ashamed of a company you have nothing to do with?
        The first iPod was released in 2001. There were several companies that had already used the iPod name, as early as 1991, well before Apple thought of it.

      • “well before Apple thought of it.” ..

        iPad is not the fist Apple Tablet. Apple are working on Tablet prototypes since the early 80’s. Google: Apple Bashful for example.

        And the “i” product name is older than 2001 … and started with the iMac’s… and even Steve Jobs called himself “iCeo” when he back to Apple in 96… 97…

      • pegger1

        I’m talking about when Apple thought of the iPod name, not when they thought of making tablets. Although the idea of tablet computers have been around before Apple thought of making them.

        Jobs called himself iCeo in 2000 at his keynote at MacWorld Expo.
        iMac was released in 1998.
        I’m saying Apple wasn’t the first to use names starting with “i”, like you seem to be claiming. That’s all.

    • sadaN

      so am i

  • Rafael Damasceno

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  • seyss

    Please don’t say “Brazil launches…”. To be fair you must say “a small company in Brazil launched…”

    • Rodrigo

      Totally agree.

    • Luis Gustavo

      Fuck you man…

      • maurid

        Just rich.

    • The point of this is that we get the idea, most people don’t care the specific name of the company. Additionally, there are word limit restrictions in the title’ too much characters and some will not be shown and simply replaced with a ‘…’.

  • lol not for long.. apples lawyers file papers in 5…4….3…..2….

  • Muhammad


  • “Buy our product the ‘IPHONE’ everybody. We’re so original, it took us ages to come up with that name. We came up with it in 2000, so apple copied us (shifty eyes)”
    This is what I think that company is thinking

    • pegger1

      How is it a lie? All that shows it that Apple trademarked “IPHONE” in 2006 and this company trademarked “G RADIENTE IPHONE” in 2000. It’ll be up to a court to decide, if either company decides to sue each other.

  • Just think about it, iphone is a word made up of I and phone as to say my own phone. In Protuguse I is Eu. Phone in Portuguese is Telefone. Therefore, iphone in Portuguese eutelefone. In conclusion, someone realized that the the Apple did not trademarked ‘iphone’ in Brazil and along with a few corrupt officials introduced papers indicated that they came up with the name and trademarked in 2000. Yeah, right. It sound like bullshit to me.

  • ShittyyTitle

    What a ridiculous title. Was this launched by brazil’s govt…. Brazil the country ????????????

    • pegger1

      The title didn’t say government. They could have said launches in Brazil or Brazil launches it’s the same thing. Learn English. Headlines aren’t complete sentences, they’re not supposed to be. Learn to read between the lines.

  • as prejudice against BRAZIL. I am proud of my country and prouder still to know that the name “iPhone” was created by a Brazilian company!

    • How in Jah’s name would you think this is prejudice? You’re delusional. This was a company having a (ridiculous) marketing decision, taking advantage of some newfound patenting process from years ago.

      And this blog is presenting that info to the world. Now point me where the prejudice is or what there is to be proud of.

      I’m not proud of my country when I read posts like these.

  • They will simply change the name and collect some money from apple from the settle.

    After that they will be probably the best selling smart phone in Brazil because of the low price.

    Apple iPhones here are super expensive and many times out of stock, just to give you guys a taste imagine payng US$1000 for a iPhone 5 under a 1 year contract for US$200 per month ?

  • shaoxuan

    Can apple sue them? I dont like this version of ‘iphone’