It’s been a while since we’ve seen any cool Siri Proxy videos. At one time they were all the rage, with people starting cars, adjusting thermostats, and more, all via Apple’s virtual assistant.

Now that the newness of Siri has worn off, Siri hacks and proxy usage has kind of died down. That is, until now. With the help of a friend — the credit card sized Rasberry Pi computer — this guy is able to open up his garage using only his voice.

Of course, I made it sound a whole lot simpler than it actually is, but anyone can do this with a little patience. To learn more about the project, head over to the Rasberry Pi forums.

That’s a pretty impressive use of Siri Proxy, don’t you think? Now, if only I could get Siri to make me a sandwich.

[Via TUAW]

  • Maybe his son standing behind him with the garage remote. Just saying…

  • wonderboydave

    cool but can he close it..

  • yeah that doesnt seem easy at all

  • Well_Said

    Siri open the garage door when I arrive home.

  • KewlDewd

    How long did that take? Like 10 seconds? So about 10 times longer than it takes to reach up and tap the button on your garage door opener.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Exactly what I was thinking. With the price of gas as high as it is I’d burn $2 of gas in my truck just waiting for the damn thing to recognize what I had said. Apple really needs to make siri about 15 times faster, almost instantaneous. Even faster than Google Now.

    • yup siri is too slow

  • if your though was correct, Siri wouldn’t reply with “Opening the garage door”

    • You can make custom commands

      • you would need a jailbroken iPhone
        But thats an iPhone 5

  • cani canii

    don`t hide the remote controll of garage door 😉

  • Justin

    OK… Where’s his code? I’m doing it myself!

  • AneesH N

    Is that an iPhone 5 or 4s

    • Wondered the same

    • Dave

      It’s a 5. It has 5 rows of icons (not counting the dock at the bottom) on the homescreen.

  • anoadragon453

    He explains the whole process and the code he used here:

  • this guy is able to open up his garage using only his voice, and a phone, and an internet connection and a computer chip; maybe

  • WOW 🙂

  • Thanks for your information, Yes today technology is so upgraded and We can open or close our Garage Door from a distance of our home and we can also see our home from outside. This is good now that We can open or close our door by using siri.