Last night, Google released its new version of iOS maps to much fanfare, but sadly, iPad owners were left without a version designed for the larger display.

True, you can always run Google Maps in 2x mode on the iPad, but truth to be told, it looks hideous when doing so. Thankfully, one of our favorite jailbreak tweaks for the iPad always seems to come to the rescue when there’s a big iPhone only release.

RetinaPad, a tweak by Ryan Petrich that we’ve covered extensively in the past, allows you to run Google Maps, and any other iPhone app for that matter, using the 2x mode assets included with the app. This not only provides a full screen experience, but significantly improved visuals in full screen as well…

Google Maps without RetinaPad on the left, and with RetinaPad on the right.

If you happen to have a jailbroken iPad, and you desire to run Google Maps, then there’s literally no better solution than RetinaPad at the moment. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Google Maps without RetinaPad on the left, and with RetinaPad on the right.

Also, shout out to 9to5Mac for reminding us about the lesser version of this tweak, Full Force, which reminded us about RetinaPad.

  • Sweet! Need this now.

  • for iPad 2&1 only, because after releasing iPad 3&4 (retina) no need to this tweak anymore!

    • RetinaPad still works on 3rd. I use it all the time

      • doesn’t not work the same tho

      • ( doesn’t not ) or ( does not ) ? sorry but my english is too bad =(

      • try to remove tweak and open iPhone apps again you will see the same result , what i want to say RetinaPad is useless in iPad 3&4 =)

      • RarestName

        No, the text is slightly sharper.

  • This is pointless, if they have a jailbreak most likely their on 5.1.1 which means they still have Google Maps and don’t need the app!

    • deepdvd

      You say this as if they are the same app. Let’s see here. One has turn-by-turn and a far better interface, and one has Siri integration. Why not have both?

      • You have a point about the interface but who really uses turn by turn on an iPad?

      • me =”)

      • Sim

        Have you been able to get google maps on iPad 2 with turn by turn. I have retina pad and the gm iPhone app, wifi iPad 2 but app has preview instead of start button (no turn by turn)

  • Damian W

    retinaPad is useful only on iPad 1 and ipad 2. iPad 3 and iPad 4, have built in retina zoom. Therefore no need for the tweak. FullForce could be more useful on iPad 3,4.

  • FullForce will give you a full screen google maps app, and the best of it is that it’s for free

  • vip3r_x

    Does RetinaPad Work With IPod Touch 4g….???

    • peto7532159

      no, only with iPad