Brace yourselves, it looks like advertisements are coming to Instagram. Since its release in late 2010, the popular photo sharing service has managed to remain ad-free. But once Facebook took over the reigns earlier this year in its legendary $1 billion buyout, speculation has been rampant that this would change, and Facebook just confirmed it…

BusinessInsider has confirmed with Facebook’s VP of global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson that “monetization” will be coming to Instagram. The publication spoke with Everson during the recent Ignition 2012 conference, where she said that an ad-team is looking at turning Instagram into a money-maker. But just how long until this happens?

“CE: Well, Instagram continues to grow incredibly fast and we’re still a very small team when you think about the amount of people they are reaching. There are many brands that use Instagram right now to try to get a feel for how to engage with their followers. We will definitely be figuring out a monetization strategy. When that will happen, I can’t comment, but it’s going to happen.”

The news comes at an interesting time, as something of a photo sharing war has broken out between Instagram and Twitter. Last week, Instagram pulled almost all support for the micro-blogging social network, and Twitter fired back by rolling out new Instagram-like photo filters. It’ll be interesting to see how ads affect Instagram’s stronghold in the space.

I understand that after spending nearly a billion dollars on Instagram, Facebook needs to make the photo sharing network profitable. But I’m not at all excited about having advertisements implanted in my photo feed. In fact, if they’re as annoying and threatening to user privacy as Facebook ads, I may consider switching services. I hear Flickr has a new app.

What do you think about Instagram getting ads?

  • Not with Ad Blocker it won’t.

    • notewar

      Not on ur iPhone though

      • Falk M.

        Well, yes, it’s possible.

        Just use a proxy or VPN for your device’s network settings that has ad filtering enabled.

        It’s not magic.

        You could set one up yourself if you’re not into trusting others your data.

        (Wish is sensible)

        If you wish to do that the third party way, there you go:

        That’s just one example, there is at least one more.

        You’re welcome

      • thetechmaster101

        Ad Blocker Is a jailbreak tweak. Not just for desktop. Google it.

    • Unless Instagram uses UIWebViews to display it’s content, AdBlocker won’t block ads. That tweak only works for UIWebViews.

      • Falk M.

        My solution above works regardless though I think. πŸ™‚

  • TRASH.

  • It depends, if there will be a paid account with reasonable price without the ads, then i have no problem.

    • charlie

      You’re going to pay to edit pictures? o.O

    • Falk M.

      Paying over and over again?
      Hell no. Not for Instagram. For Flickr, yes, but they ad a lot of value with their premium subscription.

      One off fee or a “Full” app? Sounds more like it. πŸ™‚

    • Pay for Instagram? Haha I don’t think so.

  • mattkin22

    There a workarounds for apps like Pandora (i.e. PandoraSkips, PandoraHack, etc.) I’m sure someone in the jailbreak community will find a way to bypass.

  • Brandon Weidema

    god damn facebook…

    • Trell Brown


  • Deleting Instagram account…

  • notewar

    Hey guys the vdo proof (part obe) of dream jailbreak released already…go check it out ..put this in youtube search “Dream Jailbreak Proof Video – 1 of 2

    • notewar

      After he got caught by the youtubers the dreamjailbreaker already disabled the comment system. I guess jeff was right after all.

  • RV

    It will help drain our batteries. Twitter has filters so bye Instagram!

    • I actually enjoy using the native Twitter app now! Probably something to do with those filters they just added.

    • Twitters filters are garbage. Just an afterthought feature. And not to mention terrible implementation. I don’t want to have to go through the filter process every time I want to attach a picture.

      • RV

        Oh that sucks. They should only have an option for that. Can’t check it, my ipod is still on shipping process. lol

      • Falk M.

        Grats on your new iPod! πŸ™‚

  • Ads are not the only option for monetization. False headline is false

  • Ace

    I’m never updating my Instagram app. Version 3.2.0 4ever

  • euro_nut

    They are going to get so much hate for this, but obviously they dont care because people will use it regardless… Like they need any MORE money! Give instagram back to the creators!

    • Falk M.

      I bet they fell in love with the money more.
      Can’t exactly say I’d blame them.

  • This is why I dumped Instagram the day Facebook bought it.

  • F*ck you Facebook. First sight of an ad and I’m out.

  • hasan51h

    I don’t need Instagram anymore .

  • Facebook killed this magnificent service.

  • iqbalraharto

    facebook why ..