Twitter app update with Instagram-like filters now available for download

As I reported yesterday, Twitter has updated its Android app with the promised Instagram-competing photo filters, a first for the micro-blogging service seeking to supplant Instagram as your favorite photo sharing service. That, my friends, is a pretty tall order given Instagram’s popularity, the Facebook backing and a growing number of new features Instagram’s gaining. Be that as it may, Twitter has waited until this morning to roll out filters to its iOS client.

You’re gonna love the ability to snap a scene, edit the photo with the filters supplied by Aviary and tweet out your work without jumping back and forth between Twitter and your go-to iPhoneography app. You can grab the free download right now from the App Store. More on other features right after the break…

You’ve got these fine filters at your disposal: Vignette, Black & White, Warm, Cool, Vintage, Cinematic, Happy and Gritty.

If you’re not sure which one to use, hit the auto-enhance button and let the app do the heavy lifting. Basic cropping controls and other photo editing tools are also available.

Your release notes for Twitter version 5.2

• create beautiful photos right within Twitter, with filters powered by Aviary
• apply one of eight different filters to instantly add a new look and feel to your photos
• choose a filter by comparing all your options in a convenient grid view or by swiping through each version
• make your photos pop with balanced light and colors by tapping the auto-enhance wand
• crop and scale to frame the action the way you want
• we’ve also added many other improvements and fixes to this update

Twitter even bothered creating this nice clip to explain filters.

Twitter’s blog post offers more in way of detail, including seeing how each filter would affect your photo in a single grid view, or by swiping through previews to compare your options.

If you’re on Android, grab the new Twitter app from your device from the Play Store.

While Twitter’s photo filters do the job, I doubt the company will sway users to switch to sharing their photos on Twitter, not Instagram (and The Verge agrees).

What do you think?