So, are you tired of the iPhone 5 already? Feeling the after-announcement blues, sort of like the after-Christmas let-down? Cheer up, Apple fans, the iPhone 5S (or the iPhone 6 or whatever Apple calls it) is coming next June or July. According to one Wall Street observer, the new iPhone will include a “super HD” camera and screen, stronger battery and NFC.

What’s more, the iPhone 5S will arrive in a rainbow of colors, or at least 6-8 different colors, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. Also on tap: the iPad 5 with an IGZO screen and more colors…

Business Insider relays a note Misek sent to analysts this morning:

Several iPhone 6 prototypes appear to be floating around. The model with a 4.8″ screen is the most interesting. It has a Retina+ IGZO screen, a new A7 quad-core processor variant, and a new form factor with no home button. Full gesture control is also possibly included.

But what is really sparking conversation, per another Business Insider article, is Apple’s decision to return to a mid-year product announcement, something not done since the company unveiled the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.

My colleague Christian previously wrote how Apple’s annual schedule no longer fits increased competition.

A likely reason for the earlier announcement: Apple is tired of back-loading all of its sales into the last few months of the year.

Independent analyst Horace Dediu observes:

Too many potential buyers are now conditioned to wait for fall to buy iPhones thus sapping demand for half the year. Apple ends up with an inability to meet demand for half the year and a sales lull for the other half.

Now, Misek is known to have been infected by the Apple television influenza, predicting CEO Tim Cook was already producing such a device.

But for what it’s worth, the analyst did tell clients to expect an iPhone 4S – not an iPhone 5 – in 2011. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about what might be in store for the iPhone 5S.

Earlier this month, a leaked screenshot supposedly of the iPhone 5S backplate indicated the handset’s logic board is secured by a different layout of screws. Whether this change suggests a change in internal hardware from the iPhone 5 is up for debate. In November, a publication in China reported that the iPhone 5S goes into “trial production” this month.

Both the earlier production and earlier announcement make sense.

Not only would earlier production allow for suppliers to fine-tune their operations – reducing the chance of potential shortages – but an earlier announcement also benefits Apple.

Not introducing a product update until the fall, gives competitors an opening to market their devices to consumers not able to purchase the latest gadget from Cupertino. As well, an earlier unveiling of the iPhone 5S minimizes talk on Wall Street that Apple sales are slowing, faltering or not meeting expectations.


As if those were enough reasons for the iPhone 5S to be announced earlier than recent handsets, chief rival Samsung announced this morning it will unveil “something new” at the January 2013 CES.

That new product is expected to be the successor to the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S IV.

The new device reportedly sports many features aimed directly at the iPhone market, including a 13-megapixel camera and a 5-inch screen with HD resolution.

The prediction of the iPhone 5S took some wind out of the sales of the analyst’s other Monday prediction: that iPhone and iPad sales are flagging, prompting Jeffries to cut its target Apple price to $800 from $900.

What will be the best feature of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S – more colors or an earlier release date?

With Samsung breathing down its neck, I’m guessing it won’t be the pink iPhone.

  • it will be the most amazing iphone again ….

  • Qiren_94

    Come on, we all know the 5S is gonna be released first.

    • yup gotta get that middle cycle money

  • We can believe every single rumor. We saw the iPhone 5 months before it got released…

  • In Europe there are no upgrade plans, so I believe that it would make sense if Apple releases the S version 6 months after the normal version and the major version every 1 year and not every 2. Today’s market can’t accept a device that changes every 2 years.

    • Ziptop

      Yes it can.

  • iBanks

    Since 3G(S) represented speed, and 4(S) represented Siri, maybe the (S) for the i5 will refer to “sync” if it will include NFC….. But I have my doubts on that one.

    • S was for stale..

      • why are you on an Apple site? GTFO

      • oh little apple fantard. the world doesn’t revolve around apple. also, some people ahve both android and some apple device so quite getting all butthurt when android users visit. I know your miniscule little brain can’t process such things, but try anyways.

      • i hate android and will never use it again.. i love apple BUT apple is being very greedy and lame these days…

      • Greedy in what regards?

        (FYI: I don’t disagree, I’m just curious to read your opinion)

      • I am an apple fan but i am also a realist and the reality is that apple is slowly but surely dropping the ball

      • Absolutely.

        Do you also think that the ball could be picked up now that Ivy has pretty much taken over iOS and Forstall (or rather Forstale) has been shown the door?

      • Tr1pTr0p

        S is for Someone who can’t take criticism.

      • Please, just be quiet…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Give me at least one reason. (*quiet, btw)

      • I can give you one… Because nothing you have said actually contributes to the conversation… Sure some of us are blindly praising Apple (and I am one of them, in some cases) but most fandroids that come on here do nothing but troll the fuck out of the site for whatever thrills their pay-per-hour girlfriend cannot give them.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Nice comment, gave me a chuckle. Now, do I have to go over that “I have an iPhone, dumbass, I wouldn’t be here otherwise!” story, yet again? Unlike you, I like to be realistic and besides accepting all the positive sides of iOS and iOS devices, I also like being aware of all the negative aspects.

      • Please, be quiet. Nobody wants to hear you, go to Android Central, that is where you belong… You Are obviously, not so into Apple and it’s iDevices. I hope you notice it someday, because people are tired of your comments and that “I have/had an iPhone too” at the end so that we’ll not think you’re a Android troll or something, so please do us a favor, be quiet.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’m tired of you incompetent (and illiterate) cunts telling me what device I do or do not have. It is entirely your problem if you cannot accept the fact iOS devices have flaws. Unlike you, I realize that fact, and I will keep pointing them out until you open your fucking eyes, whether you like it or not! And as long as my contract is valid, I’m not going anywhere.
        img585 imageshack us/img585/3192/img1727.png

      • First of all Android troll, very mature of you to use words like ‘cunt’. 2:nd, you talk about iOS like it’s the worst and least built mobile OS. Go and build a better one if you can, Android is not an perfect OS, even with its open source an 100+ features that nobody uses fully anyway… Still today, it can’t do simple stuff smoothly even on S3 and the latest Nexus 10 (for example, down scrolling on browser)… 3:rd, I’m sorry but, here, nobody wants to know your opinions on how ‘shitty iOS’ is and how you are ‘realistic’. Quality has its price, people know what they’ve bought, otherwise what are some doing here? Do a favor: be quiet.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        1st. Android troll? Your mother.

        2nd. I like to point out how iOS NEXT TO ALL THE POSITIVE SIDES, ALSO HAS NEGATIVE SIDES. Something, you apparently do not realize.
        Where did I ever mention Android being perfect? See, that right there is the problem. If I dare to point out how shitty my 4S’s battery life is, you people turn around and scream at me things such as: “MAKE A BETTER BATTERY IF YOU CAN!” (By the way, what a mature argument.) or “ANDROID SUCKS MORE!”
        Now you’re saying how even though Android has more features, nobody is using them. And how the fuck do you know this? Why do you continuously talk out of your ass? Is that a secret fetish of yours? Have you done ANY research to back that claim up? Do you have ANY statistics? NO. Then why the hell would you say such a thing?

        3rd. And NOW you’re saying how nobody wants to know my opinions. Again, did you ask every single person on this site? Then how the hell do you know what everyone think? And like I give a flying fuck what a bunch of immature Apple fappers (such as you or that Int3nsive person) think. All I want is for you to start using your god damn critical thinking skills! Let me put it this way… I’ll be quite the minute you learn how to spell. In other words, not any time soon.

      • 1. Sorry, My mother doesn’t hang out on iPhone blogs like you do and post shit about Apple. Again, very “mature” of you.

        2. You rarely say anything positive about iOS, you just brag how much Android is “Oh so much better” and can do “this” and “that” bla bla… It surely can lots of thing that Apples iDevices can’t without jailbreak, but people know what they’ve invested in otherwise, they wouldn’t give that big amount of money for them. I still don’t understand, if you F*cking hate your iPhone or something because of the battery, why in hell did you not return it and go for a plastic Android phone (which you must like, since Android is “Oh so wonderful”)? Seriously, You really think that someone would really use the 100+ features everyday? Wow, you are either high or too ego to believe that. Wake up.

        3. The previous comments dedicated to you, like “just shut up” and “GTFO” with lots of likes, indicates that people agree. You are annoying (I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are) and nobody still understands what in hell you are doing here. Go to Android Central, they welcome crap-talk about iPhone, brag about how much Android is “superior” than iOS THERE, not HERE! I hope this goes straight in to your mind and you start to realize this. Trolls are not welcome were they’re not intended to be.

      • Ziptop

        Jesus, someone get this guy some PMS pills.

      • Perhaps you missed the part where I said I blindly praise Apple IN SOME CASES so let’s go back over some of your recent posts and let’s work out wether your contribution to society has been either valuable or just a waste of time.

      • The IPhone Thinker

        BOOM! Nice one! I totally agree

    • That’s another, and more likely possibility.

      Was always thinking it would stand for “Secure”, and would be coming with both NFC and a finger print reader built into the home button, like in the iConcept “iPhone 5 Concept” youtube video.

      • iBanks

        That too makes sense as well. Wishful thinking we have, but we shall see.

    • (S) on iPhone 5 will represent “Same”

  • Honestly I’m really hoping they release the iPhone 5S sooner. Especially if it comes in colors, and has NFC. A better camera would be nice too but it may not be too special.
    I would instantly get a Blue iPhone 5S

  • I’m actually starting to believe every rumour now. Apple have completely lost their secrecy, we knew what the iPhone 5 looked like months before it was released.

    • I don’t think that’s cause to believe every single rumor. I’d still take these articles with a grain of salt, especially since these rumors come so far in advance.

  • umm I will keep my iPhone 5 for a year and a half.. no need for more speed anymore.. the 4S was fast and the 5 is fast enough.. i am tired of speed increases running the same boring UI.. So once the jailbreak is out for the 5 i will sell my 4S and settle with my 5… so it looks like my next iPhone will be the iPhone

    • DJ Garcia

      *holds rainbows in hands* NOBODY CARES

  • 4,8 Inch Screen ? Come on who belives this after Apple aired this ad just weeks ago ?!

  • ic0dex

    C’mon man I just got my iPhone 5 why are you guys trying to bum us out! First of like everyone said it will be a iPhone 5S then a 6 or maybe this time they might just call it “The iPhone with Retina A6X” lol

    • Lordthree

      Jefferie Piper morons get payed to sit around dreaming up bullshit. They fuck Apple by making these nonsense expectations that don’t pan out.

    • It will be called the new iPhone

  • well,I would love to see a slightly bigger screen (95% of the time,we use 2 fingers to operate our phone), better battery life (like Motorola RAZR MAXX HD phones), NFC capabilities and a slightly better camera,then I will definitely go for the new iPhone! Or I’m going to have to say bye bye to Apple (which I hope I won’t cause some apps that I have on my iPhone 4S are not available on Android)

    • Lordthree

      If the screen is any bigger ill say bye bye Apple. I don’t want a fucking clown phone.

      • tom

        which phone do you want do buy then? a cheap android phone? the good android phones have bigger screens…

      • Lordthree

        Well, the story is complete nonsense fantasy. Apple won’t make a phone with a screen bigger than 4 inches. If I had to tho, I’d prolly go with blackberry torch…
        I’d never, ever get a fucking android device.

      • Altaykai Yamada

        just cuz its cheap doesnt mean it worse. there are so many cheap androids that sh1t on your iPhone 5 moron.

      • ummm no single android phone has ever out sold an iPhone…

      • Lordthree

        iPhone 4s still beats EVERY android handset in real world use. Sit and spin moron

      • 5 inch would be the max for me. Anything above 5 inch would be too big

  • Lordthree

    “Both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 were introduced during the June/July period.”

    What planet was that on?

    • Haha yeah I was just gonna point that out. Huge mistake. iPhone 4S was introduced October, 2011 and the 5 was introduce September 12th, 2012.

  • Apple fought with making their screen 4″, there is no way they’d jump to 4.8 without trying 4.3 first. Apple also said they don’t need NFC in their phones.

    • I have to agree, there was so much internal backlash regarding the 4″ screen I cannot imagine they will change it again so soon…especially with the iPad mini now filling that mid-range area quite nicely.

      The one thing Apple DOES NOT want to do and CANNOT do is start to become the new Android — They cannot afford to have a million devices ranging from 3.5″ to 9.7″ with increments in 0.5-1.0″

      They will start to lose their credibility and Devs will become easily pissed if they do.

      • nosaer

        Sure, Devs would want a one-screen, one browser world, but that’s not how things are in reality, are they? It’s harder to account for multiple screens, I understand. It doesn’t fit our fast food culture, thank goodness.

  • Can someone please explain to me what the fuck IGZO screen. Ed here seems to think it’s common knowledge…

    • JWu

      IGZO stands for indium gallium zinc oxide, it is essentially a better display than the Retina display. IGZO allows smaller pixels or higher reaction speed for the display.

  • 4″ is fine, 4.3″ is perfect for smartphone, 4.5″ is more than enough… 4.67889 a phablet. I’LL NEVER BUY THAT (Rumored 4.8″) iPhone.

  • Ff123

    Cmon people.. We all know we are going to see iPhone 5s with possibly 9 mpx camera and 2x faster than iPhone 5 thats it and new feature will be option to delete notification one by one in iOS 7.. lol

  • Milo

    I dun believe in this rumor, anyway iphone has start to lose its popularity. Others companies are making better phone than Apple and yet their phones are cheaper. Although i dun like andriod but i guess i just had to move on.

  • Khader Irshaidat

    Bullshet, same rumers as always if you compare, iPhone will always be an iPhone..
    Just adding some extra spec and extra features with iOS..

  • DJ Garcia

    I think passbook would actually be useful if it had NFC. I saw all of these features happening sometime except the 4.8 inch screen now that just doesn’t seem right to me.

    • I think Passbook should also accept 1D barcodes, that would encourage so many more companies to use the service who currently have 1D barcodes on their loyalty cards, membership cards etc. instead of making them upgrade their hardware.

  • seems legit

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I have most of that already on my phone and more…lol looks like another iteration of iPhone ill be skipping. They really need to uo the ante to regain my support.

    • Ziptop

      There was a collective gasp in Cupertino.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Wouldn’t be surprised lol. Ill keep my galaxy with current tech and maybe get the next gen ipad mini if they add the 3+ year old tech “retina” display and yell “revolutionary” lol

  • goofygreek

    If apple does what they have been doing. then the next iphone, most likely called 5s, will be the same size. faster processor, better graphics, better battery, upgraded camera’s. Same size, and maybe different colors, (which i still dont know why they havent done this yet). Everyone knows this. They wont change size again, there are still lots of apps that are not optimized for the iphone 5’s screen, and just adding another size will start to create the same problem android phones have. (to many different screen sizes).

  • iphone is bring and stale now.. it has peaked ….

    apple needs to come out with a totally new phone…

    keep the iPhone but make the “MacPhone” with 4.8 inch screen and quad CPU and quad graphics 32 mega pixel camera 4 gigs ram and it runs an new IOS / OSX hybrid OS that runs IOS apps an mac desktop applications… that will be great

    • MacPhone alert: “Unplugged from charger!” 3…2…1… The spinning logo appeared, no battery. Porting Mac to the iPad is an excellent idea but porting Mac to an iPhone-like device doesn’t make any sense.

  • Damani Brown

    Rumor crap again. Why can’t people just wait for the official release…

  • davred64

    Way to go Apple ! why just update IOS when you can milk your customers by introducing basically the same phone but with a fancy new name with one or two extra useless features to lure us in every few months.
    Its time Apple stopped taking the piss and introduced a new concept with a new name instead of upgrading iphone every few months , at least it gives people a choice and the iphone doesn’t become outdated so soon.
    How many high end phones have Samsung got for e.g ? give people a wider choice without degrading the iphone they already own.intoduce a new name.

    • Awww…what’s wrong?
      Is someone upset that Samsung doesn’t have “a new concept” to copy from?

      • davred64

        Ermmmm nope ! obviously you have no problem with Apple regulary outdating iphone’s 6 month into its life iphone 5s in June no doubt Iphone 6 in December ???? iphone 4s is barely a year old and us already seeking antique status

      • Warwick

        So, what’s your answer? Apple should sit on their hands for a year or so, bringing out no new product so that you don’t get upset and have to buy one?

        You seem to think that it’s Apples “fault” that they bring out a new version, and I WANT to have one.. I don’t have to buy the new one, that’s my choice.

  • Bobo the stoned bunny

    Damn I just got my iPhone 5

  • dan bacon

    Just let me enjoy the 5 please.

  • Heres what I’m thinking:

    “iPhone 5S” or “The New iPhone” if Apple fixes their stupid numbering scheme

    – Same 8 megapixel 1080p iSight camera with small improvements

    – 5 megapixel 720p front facing camera (unlikely but one could hope)

    – NFC (maybe but I doubt it, Apple may try to push some new form of NFC they call their own)

    – Same 4″ screen, (maybe some small improvements like even better colors and uses even less battery power, etc.)

    – A7 chip (iPad 5 probably gets A7X while iPad mini gets the A6 or A6X if it does get a retina display)

    – Same or slightly better battery life

    – Possibly a new manufacturing process to fix scuffgate issues and such

    – And iOS 7 where most of the cool new stuff and reasons to get the new iPhone will come from (Hopefully a complete redesign by Jony Ive and Eddie Cue, f*ck you Scott Forstall)

    – Same pricing as current iPhone 5, iPhone 5 drops to iPhone 4S prices, iPhone 4S becomes free with a 2-year contract, iPhone 4 discontinued.

    What do you guys think?

  • Jerry

    not even in our wildest dreams will we ever see a 4.8 screen iphone.

    • Ziptop

      This guy has some pretty tame dreams.

  • Jonathan Jaimes

    Why is apple copying NFC from andriod they should come up with something original.

    • WOW… I know Fandroids are stupid, but this is the dumbest thing I have read. ever. Do you seriously think Android invented NFC? Where exactly has NFC taken Android devices besides sharing contacts and photos–fucking nowhere.

      Apple haven’t included FNC in their iPhone 5 because it’s not secure and an industry standard yet. Let’s see Android phones do something USEFUL with NFC, eh?

      Oh and one more thing: Invent something original… Look what they did with the charger: it transfers data and it chargers but look at the backlash they received for that. “Original” or even industry standards aren’t always the best.

      • Jonathan Jaimes

        Hey stupid how do I classified as a Fandriods if am a iPhone owner.

      • Ziptop

        He wrote Fandroid, not Fandriod. Now go clean your tiolet.

  • great 😀

  • Matthew

    I think we all know it’s gonna be the 5S

  • If history serves the ‘new iPhone’ will be:
    – 25% thinner
    – 30% lighter
    – 2 times quicker
    – graphics will load 3 times quicker
    – 29.3% better color saturation on the screen
    – at least one more element in the same old camera
    – detect two more faces when taking a picture
    – battery will be 3.6% longer life
    – front facing camera will be enhanced by moving it 2mm to the right.

    And this is just a few of the two million new features of best iPhone yet!!

    • Ziptop

      I can’t tell if this guy is being sarcastic.

      • Altaykai Yamada

        He is just being a narrow minded Americunt, just like how they all are…

  • By now u guys should know that they “leak” intentionally..

    • Ziptop

      Everyone leaks intentionally. Otherwise you gotta wear adult diapers.

  • The IPhone Thinker

    Lets get real people. We all know the iPhone is gonna change now because Steve Jobs passed. If he was still alive do you really think we’d have the lightning charger or a 4 inch screen? But we know even the remaining people at apple aren’t gonna make a phone that’s almost 5 inches and has no home button! THEY AREN’T TRYING TO GET SUED!!! I’m sure the name of its gonna be iPhone 5s or heck, by then they could of created 5g! But honestly we all know that the rumors are gonna change. Before the iPhone 5 came out, I saw rumors of a iPhone watch! I mean seriously!

  • What exactly is a “super hd” camera?

  • Same old

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple went their own way and didn’t include NFC, which makes the experience more disconnected for consumers. I for one am getting a little bored with Apple saying the same old stuff ‘the next amazing iPhone’ and then delivering a disappointing product… I think I may try the Galaxy S4 – and I doubt I’m the only person saying that.

  • Kay

    What is NFC?

  • Buxton

    Well, your rumors certainly did not come true.


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