China Unicom, the second largest carrier in the country, and 22nd largest in the world by subscriber base, opened up iPhone 5 pre-sale reservations on Monday ahead of its December 14 launch. And during the first 24 hours, the provider received over 100,000 pre-orders for the handset…

The information comes from a Sina Tech report (via The Next Web), which claims that as of 4pm local time yesterday, China Unicom had recorded more than 100,000 iPhone 5 pre-orders. That’s just for one carrier, and the report says that’s for online reservations only, in-store not included.

There’s no money involved in the pre-order process. Instead, China Unicom simply requests some personal information like the buyer’s name, ID card number, telephone number, and then has them select their carrier plan and choose their iPhone model — black or white, and 16GB 32GB, or 64GB.

The pre-order comes shortly after reports that the handset had passed its last regulatory hurdle in China, and Apple’s official launch announcement. Of course, China Telecom began taking reservations more than a week ago, but there’s been no word yet on how successful its been for them.

Outside of China, the iPhone 5 will also be hitting 50 other countries this month including Brazil, Korea and Taiwan. Apple’s been aggressive with its international rollout of the handset, and now that supplies are leveling out, it should have no problem hitting its 100-countries-by-year’s-end goal.

  • Hyr3m

    100’000 ? That’s pathetically low isn’t it ? Most Chinese apparently know better…

    • To call 100000 pre orders pathetic you must be a pathetic person who cant stand the success or plain stupid

      • Hyr3m

        1 million would have been good, more would have been great… But this isn’t Luxembourg or Belgium… it’s freaking China!
        100K is a bit small for a market of 1.3 billion people…

      • Dan Lopez

        It’s more pre-orders than any other phone has received I’m sure, but you’re right 100,000 out of a billion is small. You do have to take into account that the overwhelming majority can’t actually afford it though so the market is a lot smaller than 1.3 billion.

      • Hyr3m

        The vast majority of people live in big cities (on the coast) and the vast majority of people living in big cities are richer and have greater buying power than most people in western countries; They have huge benefits at work (food, gas, TVs, cars, flats and houses) and taxes are very low (because the country isn’t running on illegal fake money debt like all of the western world).

        The market is indeed smaller than 1.3 billion people but still…

      • 1.3 billion population doesnt mean everyone has a smartphone. And how many out of those are so poor that they cant even afford a phone. Its not USA where majority have a smartphone . 100k is just online pre orders and just to one carrier. It doesnt count in stores sales and people who didnt pre order but plan on getting it after release. And it would add weight to your argument (which is of course Apple sucks and iOS is shit) if you prove that some other phone ( maybe your favourite Android ) got more pre orders like half a billion in a day . After all its 1.3 billion right

    • iBanks

      Most idiots tend to forget the important parts thst makes stories relevant. “That’s just for one carrier, and the report says that’s for online reservations only, in-store not included.”

      • Hyr3m

        Well let’s say China Telecom (1st carrier) had 200’000 of those… and that combined, all the other ones are another 100’000; That’s 400k and it’s still pretty pathetic for a market like China… Not even a third of a quarter of a tenth of one of the smallest “low” density part of Beijing alone.