Owners of iPhones and iPads have historically pointed to the App Store’s plethora of quality produce as the reason for the platform’s dominance. It’s always been the reason many have chosen iOS devices over those powered by Android, but things may be beginning to shift in a whole new direction.

While app developers have always suggested that getting Android users to buy apps is an exercise in futility, a new report claims that things are changing, with Android developers now finding a much improved landscape, as revenue from Android devices grows quicker than that of the App Store.

And not just by a little bit, either…

In fact, the statistics are rather startling. App analytics company App Annie has released some figures which paint a very different picture to the one we are all so used to. Gone are the days of iOS developers thumbing their noses at Android. In fact, they might want to swallow their price and start cross platform development sooner rather than later.

So, let’s look at those numbers. According to the report, app revenue on Google’s Play Store grew 311% between October 2011 and the same month this year. In comparison, the revenue from App Store apps grew just 12.9%.

Some may argue that the App Store is simply topping out, and that it already makes so much money for developers that the growth has to end some time. And they’d be right. Even so, it may not be too long before Android apps become a much more tempting proposition for iOS developers than they have in the past. After all, if money is there to be made, they’d be mad not to take it.

If it’s good enough for Instapaper, it’s good enough for anyone, and here lies another of the reports findings. Predictably, there are just two main ways of making money out of mobile apps, and they are wildly different. Some developers go the route of releasing dozens upon dozens of cheap or free, ad supported apps across all platforms. We’re looking at the likes of Zynga here. Others like Instapaper’s Marco Arment take the more quality-driven approach, preferring to get things right the first time with one or two quality apps. While both approaches work to some extent, we know which we prefer.

Other tidbits to come out of the report include the fact that Zynga was the only company to make the Top 10 list of both iOS and Android, while Japan appears to be something of a cash cow for Google’s platform. Predictably, the United States falls second for iOS revenue, with the rest of the world sitting in top spot. Turns out there’s a lot of people living outside of the US folks!

Seems they like their iPhones and iPads, too.


  • more then half the andriod apps are bullshit crappy !!!!!!!!

    • @dongiuj

      And not on the app store? Typical comment.

    • The quality is indeed inferior on android. You purchase an app for a nexus tab and it is often just a blown up version of the mobile app. Poor effort.

      And then we have comparability and fragmentation. Tut tut, that’s just a massive mine field right there…

      • Aj

        But d quality is gud enough if u r usin a mobile device nd not a tablet
        Nd apple app store has many crap apps dat r simply copies of each other
        Btw apple app store has seven hundred thousand apps of which 250thousand r just for d ipad so only 450thousand apps for d iphone. Nd android tablets dont hav as much apps for d tabs nd hav 700000 apps just lik d apple app store of which tablet apps would be max 150000 apps (or even less dan dat). So play store rules in mobiles vs app store dat rules in tablets. I hav an iphone nd no ipad so lately i envy dose wid an android smartphone or an ipad

      • maurid

        Holy sh!t, I would rather have my toes chopped off than keep reading your comment.

      • Aj

        I am sorry nd i didnt realise dat it is very difficult to understand nd is very long
        It just says dat android smartphones hav more apps dan d iphone whereas ipad has many more apps dan android tablets

      • Quality counts my friend over quantity. However apple are on top in both areas. Apple has nicely polished Apps that are only going to install on the iPad and differ from the iPhone, this is a very good thing. I don’t think the same can be said for the nexus or galaxy devices, the same on both form factors.

      • Blake

        Im not sure I was even able to understand what you said.

      • Aj

        I am sorry nd i realised dat my last comment (d one i just edited to weite dis) was very harsh nd i apologize for it

    • Dan

      There’s a lot of crap on Apple app store too, just check out the games by Girl Girls Boy Boys dev…

      Also, can’t you post anything else than short outbursts against android that are followed by exclamation points?

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Ya, I’ll b certain to do just tht. Thnx.

    • android is crap especially the tablet apps which are 99% expanded phone s apps..sad

    • Tr1pTr0p

      What an eloquent comment. And the App Store is full of absolute perfection? Who are you trying to fool here? I’ve got 200 apps in my library, and there are maybe just as much in the Store that I don’t need. That’s 400 or maybe even 500 truly useful apps, but yet, there are hundreds of thousands of them in total.
      Total number of apps is nothing but an irrelevant pissing contest.

      • Would you say the same about device activations per day? Samsung have a much higher number, but hey… Most are just crappy devices, not very smart, rather outdated and purchased by people who just want a phone… Err to talk! They don’t have any other real choice right! Tut tut..,

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Yes, activation numbers is also a pointless pissing contest. Tut tut to you too! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hyr3m

        To someone who just wants a phone and doesn’t need a smartphone I say this : Get a Nokia C5. It’s incredibly sturdy, the battery life is outstanding, its built-in speakers are amazing and earphone plug sound quality is also much better than any iPhone and Samsung… (didn’t compare it against HTC’s beats audio but still… way above the average and the widespread). You can put a 32GB microSD in it and use it as an USM mp3 player too.

        The problem is that people think they need a smartphone so they want a smartphone but then they do almost nothing with it. That’s exactly why so many outdated Android Gingerbread devices are sold and why so many morons have bought iPhones over the years.

    • TriguyRN

      So are iphone apps……..

    • iamnotfan

      If you post this comment on A different site ?%%%

    • iamnotfan

      And half of dem are better than hall ios Apps

  • Blake

    Plus they have 4 bazillion different phones

    • so you prefer Apple saying “hey buy our phone because we release one a year with limited or barely any new features and because we know fanboys are gonna buy it anyway” Android has WAY more choice and variety. There are phones that range in many different specs and sizes to fit your needs. That is why i switched from iOS to my GS3.

      • Al

        What I find interesting is when an Android user comes to a Apple driven site just to validate their purchase of his or her Android device. I’m all for choice and variety, but Blake is simply pointing out that there are plethora amounts of Android devices and when looking at how apps are growing quicker that needs to be taken into question as well.

        I’m a Apple user, but I do understand why some chose Android. But it’s not a situation of which one is better, it’s mainly the result of which platform fits your needs.

      • @dongiuj

        “Apple driven site” that is reporting more and more android stuff. Good point…

      • Blake

        Its a technology website. However, 90% of the posts are in fact Apple driven!

      • Blake

        I completely agree with you!

      • That’s not the point. The point is that the comparison is stupid. If u want to compare iPhone then compare it with any other android phone manufacturer and not all Android phones .

      • Breeds FRAGMENTATION!

        Lack of updates on many devices. What a con it is that your phone new out of the box may have an out dated android build.

        Performance issues from one device to another, maybe due to inconsistent phone specs.

      • and they alway s promise you will get the newest fruity named BS OS version..lol and you don’t

      • wow you are so ignorant. LOL. you can put custom 4.2 roms on your phone or tablet. so dont even start with the OMG they are SO behind apple bs

      • Blake


      • no one compares these things properly…lol folks who dont acre what phone they have buy androids and dont care..

      • Blake

        I used an s3 for a while and I was not impressed with it. I expected more in terms of performance. It was slower than the iPhone 5 (browser test was 3 times better on the iPhone) and the amount of time it took the s3 to open apps in comparison to the iPhone was ridiculous. If you don’t like apple products that is completely fine. But please stop trolling a blog devoted 99% to apple!

      • @dongiuj

        99%?! earlier you said 90%. Do you even know what % it actually is?Also maybe you should tell the writers to stop reporting on android first instead of telling the readers to stop “trolling”. See how that works out.

      • “Android Has Way More Choice and Variety”

        That is both the big up and down of Android. I for one like the idea of choice, but with the large variety of screen sizes/dimensions, there’s a significantly lower probability of devs optimizing the screen size for your specific device screen (due to the laziness of mankind).

        Of course there is a way of doing it:
        but from user feedbacks, devs don’t seem to be putting the effort.

      • Thumbs UP for you dude ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • maurid

      What does that have to do with the Android Play Store? Seriously.

  • Next up , iDownloadBlog is now AndroidDownloadBlog !!!

    • Aj

      DroidDownloadBlog sounds better

  • Seung Hoon


    Wow they say that iOS is 4 times more revenue than Android. that is really startling. Wow.

    • these reports are getting dumber and dumber..

  • M Last

    don’t forget about that their developers just copy ideas from iOS apps

    so not big deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tardroid

    Malwares revenue growing faster, guys.

  • What about in app purchases? It’s not adds and the app price alone that make money.

  • android has 200 different pieces of hardware running its OS and apple has like 5

    • maurid

      And what does that have to do with this whole discussion?

      • Blake

        Because there are more devices, and theoretically exponentially more app downloads which means higher profit. For how many devices apple has and how many apps have been downloaded and payed for Apple is in the lead. He made a perfect point.

  • the truth,… a lot of apps are finaly making it to the android for people to download. they are just catching up with the rest of the world

  • Obsidian71

    How exactly does App Annie get their iOS data? Apple doesn’t freely share this data with others.


    i was an iphone 5 owner, now i got the samsung note 2 and am loving it. its 100x better than anything i have tried before. its battery life durable for 2 days without charging. the interface everything better. you dont need to jailbreak to have that freedom in your phone. ANDROID<3

    • We can read your username, you know?

    • Dude, that things like bleeding huge. People who use that thing to make calls look like idiots. Honestly, you want a bigger screen, just buy a 7″ tablet.

    • Yeah, You can do 85% of work without Root but Without Jailbreak iPhone is just a Normal Phone.

  • Blake

    I don’t really believe this because Apple does to share their data when it comes to that.

  • Blake

    Why do 5 iPhone constantly get compared to 200+ different android phones that fragmentedly make up the android spectrum?

    • @dongiuj

      Maybe because some people are prefering anything different than the dated ios? But it’s not being compared to 200+ android phones really. It’s only a max of 4-5 devices. No need to exaggerate the numbers.

    • Because they all run Android and only those 5 devices run iOS, duh.

      Same goes for the Windows to OS X comparison.

    • It’s the iPhone that sets the benchmark that others will be measured against, naturally. Same goes with the iPad, the one other tablets aspire to beat..,