Are you looking for something to spice up the iPhone’s stock App Switcher? If so, then look no further than jLauncher, a new jailbreak tweak available on Cydia that aims to outright replace the App Switcher.

Unlike the stock App Switcher, jLauncher features all options on a single page. That means that items like music controls, recently used apps, brightness, and volume controls are all contained on the same page.

You won’t find any dedicated settings or options for jLauncher, but that’s because it’s called directly using an Activator gesture. You can setup any Activator gesture to launch jLauncher, but the double press of the Home button is the best option for those looking to replace the stock App Switcher.

There have been quite a few app switcher replacements that have appeared on Cydia in the past, and jLauncher is among the best. The tweak features smooth in and out animations, and best of all, it places each of the basic App Switcher options right at your finger tips.

jLauncher was recently updated, which means it is now able to kill apps using a simple tap and hold icon gesture. You may now dismiss the switcher with a two finger tap as well.

If you’re interested in giving jLauncher a shot, then you can download it for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. That is a bit pricey, but it’s generally in line with the price of other app switcher replacements like Aero and MissionBoard Pro.

What do you think? Do you believe that jLauncher is worth its asking price? Feel free to share your feelings about the tweak in the comments below.

  • queen_ir3ne

    I don’t like. It takes up unnecessarily too much screen space.

  • This tweak is actually good if the elements of it can be incorporated into ios

  • Lordthree

    The problem with these is, no access to the far left screen mirroring options

  • Nick Dee

    Volume slider changes brightness

  • wheres the lock rotation button i use hundreds of times a day with regular app switcher… ?

    • mattkin22

      Updated today. =)

  • umm how many damn switchers are they goin to make…??? his is all getting very damn lame now

  • can one of you programmers fix backgrounder please

  • Looks pretty sweet if there was a jailbreak for the iPhone 5. I hear it is coming. We will see. I hope they wait for iOS 6.1 before the release the jailbreak. 6.1 is going to be sweeeet.

  • I think it’s one of the best tweaks out there. True, no rotation lock but I’m sure that will get corrected.

  • I think apple need to make a more advanced switcher, there is no reason it needs to be so small since the rest of the display is unusable while it is active. I like this but it doesn’t make very good use of the space on offer. But it’s better than anything I could make.

  • when I jailbroke back like 3 years ago I remember getting awesome features free. now it’s a waste to me to spend the money on jailbreaking.

    • TheDarxide

      ‘Jailbreaking’ is still free, but as far as jailbreak tweaks and apps, most are still free. the only actual app I would think of as a necessity and have to pay for, would probably be iFile.

    • DorianK

      Back in my day, candy was a nickel and it taste better too!

    • SoCoMagNuM

      got to support the devs that make all this possible

  • I don’t see an orientation lock or AirPlay button, why pay for this when you can do everything for free with the stock app switcher?

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Absolutely… Airplay button is something these “replacement” appswitcher tweaks miss 🙁

  • I hope apple buys this guy. Incredible.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I dont have an iDevice currently but from past experience I find the price pretty reasonable for the functionality. Ive paid more for some cydia apps/tweaks with less functionality in the past. Id give them a go.

  • Guest

    Where’s the AirPlay (or Airplay Mirroring) button in this? Does it support that???

  • Can someone please just hurry up and copy the Honeycomb/ICS/Jellybean switcher.

  • I use jLauncher on a home button double tap and zephyr to open my app switcher, so I’ve got both, an amazing switcher replacement and the AirPlay/Lock Orientation when I need it.

    • all i want is real 100% back grounding like quasar creates n the iPad… please adapt quasars muti tasking abilities to the iphone..

  • mattkin22

    jLauncher was updated today to accommodate lock rotation and the flashlight by a left-swipe on the album artwork section.
    Bugs however:
    Brightness and Volume sliders do not work independently.
    Also, to use the flashlight, you have to hold the flashlight button for as long as you want it to stay on, i.e. it isn’t a toggle on/off yet.

    Add airplay mirroring and fix the above and this will be a supreme tweak. Already e-mailed the developer as he seems to be making daily updates, if he got a bunch of e-mails with suggestions and bug reports maybe we can help make it better? =)

    • mattkin22

      I also suggested he add the option to enable an “Apple TV’ like album artwork section, so that when music isn’t selected or playing, instead of seeing an empty album artwork section a user could choose either a personal or internet photo album which would then fill that space until music is being played.