Last we heard, Apple delayed iTunes 11 until end of November because the team needs more time “to get it right”. With nine days until the deadline, Apple has now emailed record labels and artists, asking them to upload pictures and galleries of their artists to iTunes for use in the new Music Store layout that will debut with iTunes 11. The company specifically warned content owners that iTunes 11 “is about to be released within the next days”, indicating it’s about to hit the deadline…

MacRumors relays a post by one of its forum members who also happens to be both a musician and label owner.

The email message came from Feiyr, a digital music distribution service which acts as an interface between rights owners and digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and others.

As the message contents reveals, artist pages in the redesigned iTunes Store in iTunes 11 will have pictures and nice photo galleries.

Cool, no?

While Apple is putting finishing touches on iTunes 11, competition isn’t standing still.

Last week, Spotify rolled out a beta of its web-based music player (unfortunately, it’s Flash-based) while Google in a massive deal added 5.5 million tracks by artists from 35 European countries.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP in charge of iTunes, content deals and iCloud, has been touring iTunes partners as well.

The result of his work: iTunes Music Store launched in Russia and the Australian hard rock band AC/DC finally relented and put its rich catalogue for sale on iTunes.

Are you looking forward to iTunes 11?

I’m looking forward to it and hope it’ll be a speed demon – we don’t need more bloat.

  • Yaayy, I’ve been looking forward to to this for literally months!

  • finally i was waiting for it aswell

  • Tr1pTr0p

    Windows version?

    • pawfyd

      Will be realeased together with the Mac version.

  • i just hope it isnt slow as hell this time.

    • Obsidian71

      Actually I hear Hell is a pretty fast place.

  • Is it gong to look the same?

    • Have you been living under a rock?

      • no thats why i figured it will be the same boring replica update that apple always does these days..

    • Ill reply in a more civil way. No, it will have some slightly different UI elements. The overall functionality will be similar however.

  • Dan

    Let’s hope they improved the speed. I’ve got a fairly powerful PC and iTunes is the slowest and most cumbersome program I’ve had the displeasure of using. I still rely on it for my iPad and I hate it.

  • Let’s hope is not as slow as the previous version, that works as well in windows as in MacOS and that it is not delayed again… We put our trust in Apple slogan “it just works”, now let’s see some payback from the Cupertino co.

  • I want it too be faster, tired of all the freeze ups and it being incredibly slow. Really looking forward to this 😀

  • I have a good PC and iTunes is the slowest program on it. I hope they fix it.

  • I’d like to be able to edit the info attached to movies without jacking up the movie files. I’d also like a service comparable to Zune so I can throw my windows partition and windows laptop in the trash.

    • For anyone else, does editing movie info crash iTunes for like ten minutes when clicking save?