The social networking giant Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature aimed at automatically uploading each photo a user takes on his or her device. This capability exists in some other third-party iOS apps, like the Dropbox app and the Google+ client. Facebook has figured out how to implement the feature without breaking Apple’s rules, by using standard API calls for background uploads and not relying on location APIs or its deep integration with iOS 6…

Kudos to TechCrunch for spotting Facebook Photo Sync first.

To enable this feature, do the following:

From the Facebook iOS app:

• go to your photos app in the right side navigation
• tap Photos
• tap Sync at the bottom of your photos section

From Facebook’s web interface:

• go to your timeline
• click Photos
• click Synced From Phone at the top of your photos section

Enabling the feature will upload your photos to an unpublished album on Facebook so no one but you will be able to see the snaps before you authorize them for posting or sending in a private message – useful if you forget about the Photo Sync and take embarrassing shots at a party that you don’t want your boss to see on your Timeline.

Facebook explains in black and white:

When you turn on photo syncing, your mobile photos will be saved to a private section of your Facebook Photos. You can easily share your synced photos on your timeline from desktop, mobile, or another device.

The app will upload each photo taken on the device immediately, but this can be changed in settings if you’re concerned about burning your data plan.

To share a synced photo, go to the Photos app in the Facebook interface on your computer, and either click the checkmark on the photos you’d like to share or choose Create Post/Send in Message. You cannot currently share synced photos from the Facebook iOS app (though you can delete them), which is a shame.

Note that the Synced From Phone section can hold up to 2GB of images.

The Facebook Help Center has more on this.

Cool, no?

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  • Tr1pTr0p

    Facebook is finally starting to think about privacy. Me likey! If they came up with this feature a year ago, it would already be implemented, all the photos would end up on your wall, and face recognition would automatically tag everything… I just remembered that time when they changed privacy settings and everything was set on public by default.

  • Hmmm, I saw this feature before but didn’t realize it was new. Just thought I had missed it I’m earlier versions.

    On a side note. Does anyone know how many pictures Facebook can store per account. I’ve always wondered and could never find it.

    • No idea, but I’ve seen people with 5,000+ photos on their account so must be a pretty massive limit (if there even is one) I’ve never seen or heard Facebook mentioning about limits.

  • disqus_ZMAv7AM9dy

    So Facebook wants to sneak into my phone, take all my pictures, put them on their server?? Are you freaking kidding me! Photo sync is stupid. I can upload photos easy enough by myself.

    • i agree. i think this is a gross overstep on their part.

      • You allways have the choise to decide, nobody is sneaking at you and i bymyself find this interesting….

    • Joey

      If you don’t like it then don’t enable it. Why have a cow about something you have a choice of?

    • Umm its a choice, nobody is forcing you to use this feature. It’s just like Apple’s Photo Stream, you enable it by choice.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Why aren’t you screaming at Apple for automatically uploading those same photos to THEIR servers via Photo Stream? In other words, why aren’t you screaming at Apple for doing the exact same thing? Double standards, much?

      • pawfyd

        I would never trust Facebook with my data, but I trust Google or Apple. Just like lots of people. By the way Facebook is copying Google+ yet again.

  • Joey

    I don’t see anything for that?

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Thats completely ridiculous… another feature that so many users are gonna turn on because they just don’t get it that facebook owns even more and more private data with it. Smart trick of Facebook

  • Derek Diong

    My facebook app crashes 🙁

  • No thanks invasion of privacy!