In an attempt to get a handle on what kind of people are out buying the iPad mini today, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has been out and about interviewing purchasers of the tablet.

As you might expect, more than half of the early mini adopters that he talked to already owned a larger iPad. But somewhat surprisingly, more than 75% of them plan on keeping it…

AppleInsider has Munster’s note to investors:

“iPad mini buyers surveyed by Piper Jaffray indicate more than half already have an iPad, and three quarters of them plan to keep their full size model alongside their new smaller model.”

Munster also noted that 72% of the folks he talked to that purchased a mini today did so because of its portability, reinforcing his firm’s belief that the tablet will sell well once consumers realize the benefits of the mini’s size and form factor.

We quoted Piper Jaffray yesterday as saying that it believed Apple would sell between 1 and 1.5 million units of the smaller tablet this weekend. But early sellouts of the mini beg to differ.

As for me, I sold my third generation iPad last week on eBay and pre-ordered the mini. I rarely used the bulky 10-inch tablet, and so I didn’t see much reason to keep it around.

What about you? Did you get an iPad mini today? Are you keeping your old iPad?

  • Stenar

    I would have sold my old iPad and bought a new mini if the new mini wasn’t overpriced. Instead, I’ll hang onto my old iPad a while longer.

  • That’s what I said. Then I opened the box and listed my full size iPad

  • Guest

    Of course 75% of iPad owners aren’t going to get the mini. They already have an iPad first of all. Second, this tablet is targeting people who don’t have a tablet but can’t decide between android or IOS, and those cheap people who wanted an iPad but it was too expensive for their taste.

    • Erick

      the article said that 75% of those who had an ipad mini and also had an ipad kept the larger ipad with the mini

    • ic0dex

      People that are cheap wouldn’t our haze an iPad mini for $329 they would have gone with a device that sales for $199 you shmuck!

  • adam lompis

    I personally feel Apple would have done wonders with a $279 price tag! Hell even $299 would have attracted more people. Not saying Apple will not sell the mini, they could make the price $600 and you’d still have people lining up for it. I mean as I am writing this I am purchasing one…smh….I’m ashamed! Ha

  • Sadly I think, like others, the iPad mini is over priced for what you get. If it had a retina display then I may think differently.


      Why does everyone think that these products nowadays are over priced?? YOU go out and make one of these things and see how much it really costs to make. You people just take everything for granted, like just because the competitors make cheaper tablets doesn’t mean everyone has to follow suit. That just doesn’t make any dang sense. Do you think a Ferrari should cost the same as a corolla? And yes apple products are ferraris compared to the competition.

    • Honestly I don’t see the big deal because the mini has the same resolution as the iPad 2 except in a smaller size, that means there are still more pixels per inch than an iPad 2 and so this display isn’t going to look as bad as non-Retina Display devices. #FirstWorldProblems

  • ic0dex

    Today I purchased an iPad mini and the 4th generation iPad. Now the new iPad is simply amazing and super powerful but I’m loving the iPad Mini more. Despite it not have retina the display is not that bad. I love how small and light it is and it’s so convenient to carry around in a backpack. Overall I give the iPad mini an 8 out if 10. Now for the iPad 4 I give that a 10… Just an amazing pice of hardware.

    -iPad 4 is best for Gaming, movies and personal use.

    -iPad mini great for school, work, web and for someone that has a business that does not want to carry a heavy iPad around all day.

  • I saw one at the store and the screen is good, not amazing but definitely better than an iPad 2. And looks good. May get one though. I need something for the couch.

  • whoknowswhereor

    COUNT ME OUT of the 75% cause im selling my ipad3 for the new nexus 🙂