Apple released the first beta of iOS 6.1 to developers yesterday. It’s still early, obviously, but we’ve already discovered a handful of changes in the new firmware, including revamped Lock screen music controls.

And, as a reader has pointed out to us, iOS 6.1 also adds a new “Report a Problem” button to the stock Maps app. It replaces a smaller bug reporter link, and signifies Apple’s commitment to making Maps better…

Apple Maps has easily been one of the company’s biggest debacles in recent memory. Initially, people were excited when Scott Forstall announced this summer that Apple would be replacing the dated Google Maps app in iOS 6 with its own creation, complete with 3D buildings and spoken turn-by-turn directions.

But that excitement quickly faded as Apple seeded beta after beta of iOS 6 with a subpar Maps application that had missing location data and inaccurate directions. And it turned to anger when the company released the new software to the public without fixing any of these serious bugs, causing quite the media fallout.

Apple’s mapping missteps have drawn criticism from customers and competitors, to the point where CEO Tim Cook felt like he had to write a letter of apology to the public. It’s even said to have been a major factor in the recently-announced departure of the aforementioned Scott Forstall, Apple’s SVP of iOS Software.

But things do seem to be getting better. We’ve already noticed several improvements to the Maps app since iOS 6 was released in September, and it appears Apple is looking to build on that with iOS 6.1.

If you’re looking to help speed up the improvement process, we have a guide that shows you how to report a problem in the Maps app. And with this new larger link to the bug filing portal, it just got a whole lot easier.

  • Like all Maps, they only get better with people help. Btw, Apple sould make a deal with Foursquare because it has a better database than Yelp. At least in the rest of the world.

  • thecalstanley

    I have just paid for tomtom

    • But that’s good. Apple maps could have a great data compression (because of the vectorial and stuff…) but TomTom works most entirely offline.

      • You could have shortened your post to simply two words.

        “TomTom works” :]

      • I could said that if Apple maps didn’t work for me, it isn’t perfect for sure, but not a 100% useless garbage … btw, my TomTom has some problems too. Wrong streets, wrong directions. It all depends where they get the data…and that’s why we get updates.. in ANY GPS. People on Apple tend to make the things worst than they are actually. Off course, theres some BIG problems here…but lets give them time, like we give to other companies (like TomTom, Google Maps, Garmin, CoPilot GPS…etc.. 🙂

        Google is huge and has a great data, but they promised to us vectorial maps, turn by turn and many other features too… Google failed to us (iOS users) too.

      • I think it had a lot to do with Apple playing hardball and Steve saying he was going to go thermonuclear on Android… and had a pissing match about Google doing multitouch… and when Apple began suing every Android manufacturer… Google probably decided why give in to Apple’s demands for the Android based Maps app…

        I know there had to be one point where Google said enough of this shit and said that Apple won’t be getting the full map experience. Now that Google is out of iOS 6 and a large portion of the iOS userbase is anxious for a return to Google Maps as an app. That should be hitting pretty soon.

        Two reasons why I have yet to upgrade to iOS 6 is no jailbreak for A5 and up… and I don’t want Apple maps. I’ve actually mobile hot-spotted out to my Galaxy Note Tablet so it would have a data connection to use it’s navigation. It’s like BOOM! 10.1 inch GPS in your face 😀

        I do have the TomTom app for my iPhone and I do use it frequently because I like The Simpson voices.

      • Google Maps went out by Apple and not the opposite.

        Google are working hard right now to bring back Google Maps to iOS.

        They earn money with people using their services… never forget that. Taking the Google Maps away is losing money.

      • But it was outed because Google would not provide the full experience to Apple. That was Google’s choosing. Since Google was holding back and Apple was in the midst of going thermonuclear… that’s why Apple rushed their Maps app out for all of us to guinea pig around with.

      • Google is a lazy company. They want to provide services but don’t care too much about quality. Always was that way.. that’s why almost every product of them stay in Beta stage for so long.

        And Google maps is not perfect at all.. the only thing that they have great is a huge database and that database it’s the only thing that Apple needs right now, that’s why, IMO, they need to get a deal with Foursquare instead of Yelp. And to get a good data base, they need: a) TIME or b) A good partnership.

        Google Maps grew up in iOS devices, never forget that. If wasn’t Apple, they didn’t grew up so fast. And it’s stilly to compare their database with Apple Maps right now because Google are here for a long time. 7 years it’s a lot of data. Even Apple now that.

        About the war.. well… it was Google choice, not Apple. Apple always loved Google and they promised to provide the best services to Apple… but then they betrail Apple with Eric Schmidt pulling out the Android and slowing down the Google services innovation in iOS.

    • tomtom is the best option for navigation but not fro map exploration apple should have bought tom-tom and integrated it into their maps effort

      • They did make a deal with TomTom.. They get their directions from them

  • seyss

    why do they need a software update to do that? just update their server’s maps and info.

    if they were really concerned about maps they’d update it the way I said as soon as they get small parts updated.

    • They are asking people to report any problem. This will make the fix of ANY problem much more faster, plus making the UIbutton needs a software update, because at the moment the “report a problem” is just a text link. Got it?

      This is not a website where you fix and insert buttons on the server side.

      • seyss

        Yes it is. Remember statue of liberty? It was all screwed up and they fixed it server side, totally on the contrary of what you’re alleging.
        99% of maps bugs are on the server side.
        Just just wanna release a “big update” all together for commercial and advertise purposes, and you ppl are too complacent with Apple.

      • but the button is not server-sided. Duh.

      • J M

        The map data is totally different from the UI that controls the Maps App. Of course the actual data is stored on their servers, can you imagine them needing to put out an update every time the map data is updated? But the buttons, the UI, the controls are all on your phone as part of the software. You have no clue what you’re talking about…

      • Data, server side.
        UI, software device side.

        Seems to me that you’re not obviously a developer, so, don’t try to argue when you don’t know how things work. Silence is gold my friend.

        Just a easier example to understand, for non-developers. The Maps application is just like a browser. The content is on the server side, the “back button, refresh, user interface, features” is the software. So, when you need new features or change the user interface, you need to get a update for your browser… understand now?

      • seyss

        I dont think Maps has issues with the UI, hence my rant on the online content.
        That’s why I’m saying they dont need a new iOS version to fix broken maps and routes, which are the main complaints at the moment. Clear now?

      • But they didn’t fix anything with the UI because there’s nothing wrong with the UI.. they only changed the text link to a button to make it more clear to costumers, and get better feedback, because most of the people who complain about the content, never realized that they can report the problems to Apple fix it. We are talking about the WORLD MAP.. it’s not just a few yeards, easy to fix… More feedback they get, better the maps will be.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    My local movie theatre is still in the middle of a field about 2 miles away from it’s actual location.

  • Dogs_lipstick

    So they’ve just changed the already present Report a problem link to a button?! Way to go dev team!!!

  • Guest

    Apple just released an update for iPhone 5 to fix a bug regarding OTA updates. The interesting thing is that it installs an iOS updated app on my home screen. Apple also just pushed iOS 6.0.1. I haven’t updated but will do so ASAP. I have screen shots if u want.

    • J M

      You click the iOS Installer app on your home screen, and it will take you through the process to do OTA iOS 6.0.1 update. After the update, that home button disappears.

  • google has 7 years to make their system good and apple had 1 year.. so im guessing in 3 years apples will be fine

  • Does it have streeet view?

  • I have no qualms with Apple’s Maps. They work great where I live and the turn-by-turn is awesome. ONLY thing I wish there was, is the ability to download regions of the map to save data, but other than that. I love using the Maps.

  • rsanagustin

    Despite what’s being said about the new Apple Maps, it hasn’t screwed me yet with navigation and most recently I can say I put it through the test, driving up and down California. Los Angeles to Frisco and everywhere in between this past month and it hadn’t steered me wrong. Not once. Not yet, anyway.

  • Apple maps sucks apple is only considering american consumers