Apple’s Maps app starting to show signs of improvement

It appears that Apple is making good on Tim Cook’s promise. Just a week after the CEO posted an open letter regarding the shortcomings of the new Maps application, users are starting to see improvements.

Particularly, users are starting to notice an improvement in the 3D aspect of Apple’s Maps app. Landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, and buildings, that were once missing from the flyover mode are now present…

MacRumors points to the “List of cities with 3D mapping” thread in its forums, where users are reporting seeing several new buildings and other 3D imagery in iOS maps in New York City, Los Angeles and London.

Now, some of the changes don’t appear to be registering for everyone yet. On my iPhone 5, for example, I still don’t see a 3D rendering of the Statue of Liberty. But I do see a considerable amount of new 3D buildings in New York. MacRumors says this is likely a caching issue that will work itself out.

At any rate, the fact that many users are seeing improvements is a good sign. Apple knows  that its Maps app doesn’t live up to the high standards that its customers have come to expect, and it seems it’s working quickly to fix that.

How about you? Have you noticed any improvements in iOS 6 Maps?