As we told you this morning, some customers started receiving their iPad minis today, despite the fact that the tablet doesn’t officially launch until Friday. This gave us early unboxing photos and new details about the product.

One of those details is that on the back of the iPad mini’s retail box, it says that the tablet requires iTunes 11 for sync. But, as we all know, Apple has pushed its iTunes 11 release back to November. So what’s the deal?

According to our friends over at iGen, who sent us the tip, it looks like Apple was originally hoping to ship iTunes 11 in time for the iPad mini’s release. But in order to “get it right,” the release has been pushed back a few weeks.

Don’t worry though, iGen says that their mini actually synced up with the current version of iTunes without a hitch. However, they did note that it didn’t display an icon for the tablet. So maybe Apple will release a small update to fix this.

While this is a small detail, it’s interesting that Apple felt so strongly that iTunes 11 wasn’t ready, that it refused to ship it despite it being listed as a “requirement” on millions of iPad mini boxes. Where was this refrain on iOS 6 Maps?

The French blog also notes that the iPad mini ships with a 5 watt USB power adapter, instead of a 10 watt. And the tablet comes with iOS 6 installed, instead of some 6.* variant. Needless to say, we can’t wait until our minis come in this Friday.

Stay tuned!

  • billypuntove

    6.0?!?! Aaghhhh I wish I could buy one noww!!!

    I mean, I’m sure if a jailbreak is being worked, there are higher chances that it is 6.0-only than 6.0.1

    But alas I’m broke as hell….

  • So, it’s going to be shipped to the customers but we don’t have the iTunes 11 yet, cool!

  • MacDevil

    You may have noticed there’s been a bit of a management shakeup at Apple since the maps fiasco. Hopefully this is a sign of how things will be from now on.

  • Thorasgard

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      • Thorasgard

        Astro from The Jetsons.

      • You seen the family guy version of that one?

      • Thorasgard

        No. Like family guy, just never seem able to watch it. Do you have any search criteria I can use to find it on Netflix or amazon?

  • Thorasgard

    Um why would you find it interesting that it ships with 6.0 instead of 6.0.1. I searched the site and there is no mention of it being released yet. Still in testing. Are you suggesting Apple should continue to release beta releases to the masses? ( Siri, maps, parental controls, iCloud )

    • billypuntove

      he is suggesting quite the opposite

      He’s saying that if Apple is holding off on iTunes to perfect it, why didn’t they do this with Maps?

      • Juhweetwelwie

        Scott Forstall

    • Joey_Mousepad

      I was about to say, I didn’t realize 6.0.1 had been released yet, so why the surprise?

  • i honestly havent had one problem with apple maps, i use it daily and it hasn’t let me down once, i’ve had my iphone 5 since the day it came out. it prefer it to google maps mainly because of the “sat-nav” feature its really is flawless don’t know what all the fuss is about tbh

    • Same here but its a different experience for different people in different areas so you cant speak for everyone.

    • Dude apple maps got me lost as fuck I was so pissed from then on I started using telenav

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    • Lou – I totally agree with you about the maps (non)issue. 🙂

      Now, if we want an “Apology” then maybe Apple should issue an apology to all those new iPad Mini buyers who are probably sitting there staring at their box reading the iTunes 11 requirement and saying to themselves… “WTF!!!”

  • L F

    Easy solution: Don’t buy the oversized ipod touch that has the same processor and no retina display

  • Show us proof that some customers got iPad mini.

    • The photo at the top…?

    • macboy74

      Got my two smart covers tuesday afternoon and got both of my iPad minis at 4:37 late yesterday afternoon both 16GB. Which was weird but what are you gonna do I heard other people got their covers early too. Anyways I hooked mine with no problem not sure about my girlfriends white one we haven’t opened it yet. I must say that it is very light and thin and the screen is great not as good as the screen on my 3rd gen obviously, but it looks good. I just fits in my hand but not to comfortably.

  • I think Apple’s gonna update iTunes 10 with iPad Mini compatibility as a temporary replacement.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    iPad 2 mini, lol.