Remember that cool TV spot Apple played during its media event yesterday? The one that featured a full-sized iPad and an iPad mini playing a duet in piano apps? Well it hit YouTube just a little bit ago, and is now available for your viewing pleasure…

The ad, developed by TBWA\ Media Arts Lab, is classic Apple (at least in the iOS era). There’s no commentary, just two iPads, one 9.7-inch and one 7.9-inch. And the message seems pretty clear: the iPad mini is just as capable as its larger sibling.

Apple unveiled the smaller tablet yesterday after years of rumors and speculation about its existence. The iPad mini comes in both Wi-Fi only and + cellular models with LTE chips, and starts at $329. Pre-orders begin this Friday, October 26.

What did you think of the ad?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Guest

    That was…terrible

    • Jordan Dixon

      I thought it was a really good ad

    • Kurt

      awful indeed

    • agreed…that sucked…

  • Simple and to the point. I like it! Although I won’t be buying one

    • Lordthree

      I’ll be buying 4!

      • Kaptivator


  • Kurt

    that was terrible

  • That was terrible……………terribly awesome.

  • Jerry

    I have to agree, they didn’t sell me with that commercial. How many people actually sit there and play the piano on this thing

  • eh.. ad was boring and simple just like the damn product… I swear IOS is the most successful boring devices of all no jailbreak means no buy

  • I WANT ONE SOOOO >> BAD !!!!

  • I bought one for my granddaughter and think I may prefer it to my regular sized ipad. It’s sooooo easy to hold while reading!