While it will likely be the star of the show, the iPad mini isn’t the only new device Apple is going to be unveiling at next week’s event. Word is that the company has a new MacBook and some updated desktops to show off as well.

And according to a new report, Apple is also going to introduce a retooled third generation iPad next Tuesday. The updated tablet is said to feature the new Lightning connector, global LTE support and other improvements…

9to5Mac has the scoop:

“Apple will announce a refreshed version of its full-sized, 9.7-inch Retina display iPad at its media event October 23rd, according to our sources. These people say that the new version of the iPad will retain the same $499, $599, and $699 WiFi-only price points, and the LTE line will retain the current $629, $729, and $829 pricing. With no price changes or additional storage capacities, we believe that the storage options of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB will also be retained.”

As far as features, the site says that the updated tablet is going to get Apple’s new Lightning plug and global LTE support. It also opines that we could see other upgraded internals, and maybe even thinner casing thanks to the changes.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of a retooled third gen iPad either. Back in June, DigiTimes reported that Apple was working on a new version of its current tablet with better heat dissipation and new display technology.

So as crazy as all of this sounds β€” Apple refreshing a 6-month-old product β€” it looks like there’s a good chance we’re going to see Tim Cook and company hoist up a new and improved Retina iPad on stage next week. Interesting.

What do you think? Is this a good idea, or is Apple shooting itself in the foot?

  • Interesting

  • i feel bad for the current owners of the new ipad. ~.~

    • They are really happy with it.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        They really won’t be after the event.

      • It’ll be the same iPad. Just with a different connector.

      • Andrew Kinell

        I agree. Why would someone with an iPad 3 need to upgrade just for a new connector? Personally I’d rather keep the one with the older connector for the time being. It’s compatible with everything I currently have.

      • smtp25

        Because they are changing the screen and thickness and weight as well’ new screen has less backlight so better battery life too

      • my mom bought the new ipad last oct. 17″/ zzzzzz..

      • Guest

        What now Geniuses…??

  • That’s not cool.Only used my New iPad for only 2 months and they gonna update minor on it πŸ™

  • If this is true, you can be sure to find my iPad 3 on eBay shortly after the event. LOL

  • i guess the new ipad aint that new anymore !

  • I got my iPad in June. This will really upset me. If anything ill just sell my iPad 3 and get the mini.

    • ExRoot

      Upset you enough to reinvest in another new Apple product and give them exactly what they want.

      • Dan

        And buy a inferior product at that.

      • Well DUH I cannot live without an iPad

      • Blake

        I’m sorry I forgot you were dead before Apple made the first iPad.

  • I own the new iPad and I’m really happy with it, so while a refresh this early on may be a little unusual, it doesn’t make me less satisfied with my current device. Tablets are moving fast, and I don’t see any reason for Apple to hold back newer tech. This is especially true when I expect any changes will be minor, honestly.

    I’m not going to rush out and re-upgrade, because I don’t base my happiness with the device on it being the newest model. You have to do two things to stay sane in the tech industry – stop watching the price after you buy something, and stop watching the specs until you’re ready to buy again. It’s only going to get faster, better, and cheaper after you buy it.

    • Word

    • ExRoot

      Well said.

    • Dan

      I agree, and in my case that includes the iPad 2.

    • Blahfoe

      I agree 100% but that doesn’t stop the craving to have the newest thing by apple it’s like for me a crackhead seeing more crack and not being tempted to get it. Or is that only me that feels that way when apple announces a new product or refreshes one

  • iDevizes

    Don’t know if its such a good idea of Apple te retool a six months old product… I understand if people who bought the new iPad get angry about it :-S

    • smtp25

      I’m not happy about revised ipad3, save it for the 4 as its not like no one is buying the new iPad. It’s pretty shty for people have brought the 3 for them to fix the heat and weight and possibly get better battery

  • I don’t think this could be true. It’ll really disappoint iPad customers. It’s just 6 months. Apple can’t do this. Steve jobs get up from that grave and stop them!

  • The iPad 2 is still a great tablet technology moves fast although apple likes to hold it back purposely I will keep my iPad 2 you won’t get what you feel it’s worth especially when apple devalues its own product

    • ExRoot

      My iPad 2 is great. Replaced my iPad 1. Bought off Craigslist just like my iPhone 3, 3G, 4 & current 4s. I’m not gonna keep feeding that Lion.

      • in some way you do even if you buy second hand products. People who sold it to you, are likely to buy the newest idevice help of the your money.

    • Dan

      I agree.
      PS. Next time use punctuation, hard to follow your train of thought if you don’t.

      • Sorry. Dan. I forget.

      • Dan

        wasn’t trying to be an @ss, just with 3 lines of text, commas can help to understand πŸ˜‰

  • To be honest I don’t believe it. Apple never sidesteps its refresh cycle unless there is a very very good reason for it. Read a hazardous product or a major problem with the hardware. This update is minor but still significant. Especially if worldwide LTE would be added and a redesigned casing. Therefore: no this will not happen. There is no good reason to do it. iPad 3 still is top of the market and will still be top product in march. So I can’t see this happening. They will want some major update in march again. Unless this will be the new refresh schedule which doesn’t make sense. Because a year from now a slightly updated iPad 3 will be really old.

    • Howard Ellacott

      What about things like the macbook pro? that gets an update around 7-8 months after release. Maybe that’s why they made the iPad 3 ‘The New iPad’, just like they have ‘The New MacBook Pro’ every time they update.

  • bsquarewi

    Makes perfect sense and glad to see they are doing it. Apple needs to get all their i devices on to the new Lightning connector right away. Even if the ONLY change is the new connector they have to do it now. Rip the band-aid fast and quickly to make the full cut-over less painful

  • Irene N.

    I just hope there’s still an iPad 4 in the works this coming Spring. THAT’s what I’m waiting for.

    • Blahfoe

      I agree, I feel if they do refresh it’s not giving us that whole wow that’s new factor. Only the iPad4 is gonna do that. the upgrades should be across the board from screen – weight

  • Once again, I would be left behind so fast.
    I thought it would be another half year.

  • anyone who thinks apple will be release another iPad along with so call iPad mini most be on some heavy drugs, if you familiar with apple you know they want their products to sell, so why in the world if its true that they are releasing an iPad mini will they release another version of the 3rd generation we already have? what bout next year, they want to give you a reason to upgrade to new iPad next year which they will make a big deal out of it because it feature the lightning port etc.. come on fan boys yall know how that works.

  • marco1993

    What do you think apple will call the updated iPad???
    The new new iPad ???

  • Hey that’s apple for you……iPhone 4 wasn’t that old when the updated 4s came out