It’s been widely reported that Apple dropped stock YouTube and Google Maps app in iOS 6. I’m not really sure how nobody noticed this before, but it’s been reported that Apple did kill another handy feature: the ability to gift apps.

The removal of the gifting capability affects mobile App Store storefronts running on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches as users can still gift apps using desktop iTunes on a Mac or PC. Apple itself confirmed the change and it’s unknown when (or if, for that matter) the feature will return to iOS 6…

iPadInsight points us to an Apple support document confirming that the ability to gift apps in iOS 6 is currently unavailable on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The document was published on September 21, the day the iPhone 5 went on sale in the United States and eight international markets, and it reads:

Currently, app gifting is not available from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 6. However, you can gift iOS apps from the iTunes Store on a Mac or PC.

The company additionally underscored that users can continue to gift apps using their iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running iOS 5 and earlier.

If you intend to purchase an app as a gift to someone, simply go to the Apps section in the iTunes Store on your computer, navigate to a desired app, hit the drop-down menu and choose Gift This App.

There are a few things to keep in mind, most importantly that both you and the gift recipient must be on the same regional App Store.

For example, a friend on the French App Store won’t be able to accept the app I bought them on the US store.

As for this removal, not sure what to make of it.

It’d be fairly safe to assume it’s just a temporary thing, one which should be fixed with a future software (perhaps by the time a completely redesigned iTunes 11 lands later this month) or via a simple iTunes Store backend update.

Were you aware of this particular feature removal in iOS 6?

  • JerseyD

    I learned about it after a reader posted it in the comments of another article on iDB a few weeks ago.

    • Kurt

      thats where i learned it…

    • Aleksander Azizi

      was it me ? :p

      • JerseyD

        Yea. It was the article about iOS 6 adoption rate.

  • jose castro

    its not surprising

    • Guest

      really? you knew they would take out gifting apps on ios 6? haha you did, really?

  • Well this sucks

  • You can still gift apps from iOS 6. You just have to do it from within an app that has the option.

    Ex. Solar Walk > tap the share button in upper left corner > Tap Gift This App


    • cruzcontrol1001

      I though I had an app with the feature as well I think what apple is trying to do have the option within the app itself that way the user doesn’t have to go looking for the app in the app store developers just need to update their apps it is taking rather long for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support.

  • Jordan

    They also seemed to have removed the ability to share reminders lists. not cool apple

    • Kurt

      are these the 200+ changes in iOS 6 apple is flaunting??


  • They also removed the option to “slide to hide” previously purchased applications within the App Store.

    • Kurt

      really?? that was useful to hide crap apps

  • iamnotfan

    Sorry your mama cant gift it to you

    Ask her Credit Card

  • Either this has been fixed or you just dont know where to look… i’ve been gifting apps to everyone on my iphone 5 running ios 6.0.2

  • intrr

    Not only that… I can’t gift tunes in iTunes either… either nothing happens when I hit the Share button, and if it works, the popup menu simply contains no Gift button… buggy! Slowly Apple is learning from Android 😉