Google is creeping up on Apple, announcing yesterday on its Android blog that its Play Store now has 675,000 apps which have been downloaded 25 billion times. It was just recently that Google bragged about half a billion cumulative Android activations and on September 5 the search Goliath announced it was activating 70,000 tablets and 1.3 million Android devices each day.

At this rate, Google should have no trouble surpassing Apple’s platform by year’s end. By comparison, Apple’s App Store carried over 750,000 apps and the company sold a total of 425 million iOS devices, as of September 12. The iPhone maker said earlier at WWDC that customers downloaded over 30 billion apps as of June…

By the way, the App Store reached the 25 billion mark seven months before Google, in early March.

From the official Android blog:

Twenty-five billion is more than twice the distance, in miles, that the Voyager 1 spacecraft has travelled since its launch 35 years ago. It’s the amount of time, in minutes, that have passed since some of our earliest ancestors began to set foot in Europe.

Celebrating the milestone, Google is now offering notable app discounts for the next five days. The $0.25 sale includes popular apps and games from the likes of Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat and more.

The sale also includes movies, books and music.

There’s no doubt that Google is now looking to pass the App Store and will brag about the achievement.

At the rate of 1.3 million daily Android activations, Google should pass Apple in a few months time.

Quantity is important, but quality beats quantity any time.

Android people are more reluctant to pay for quality as the platform embraces the ad-supported, free-everything mantra.

Per Forrester Research,  iOS app users are typically young and what you could call wealthy, as opposed to their Android counterparts which skew older.

i guess you could say that people stick with the iOS platform because it has far better and prettier apps than those offered on Android.

Would you agree with such an assessment?

  • Kurt

    675,000 apps and no alternative to Activator.
    Asked Android users and what did I get?

    “Why would you want gestures just to launch an app?”

    Android users are proud and ignorant of their shitty OS.

    • i love android more than ios but the reason that i am still with ios is coz of the jailbreak, so much cool stuff cant even live a day without them.

    • Evostance

      Perfect point. Why would you want gestures when the whole point of a phone interface is to touch and launch an app. Gestures to launch an app is kind of awkward..

      • Kurt

        Do you even know what Activator is?

      • Evostance

        Yes. I had it on my iPad and its annoying. Maybe its great for iOS where you only have one button, but Android has soft buttons which change with the application. Theres no need for it, its a phone not a Wii controller.

      • Kurt

        It’s annoying? It’s more of a convenience! For example, you can just turn off Wi-Fi and/or 3G by sliding into the screen from the left of the lock screen! How convenient is that?

      • Evostance

        You’re on a 4″ screen and you swipe left>right to unlock. It’s easier just to press a button to disable it, however I guess you can’t do that on iOS without jailbreaking or going through lots of menus

      • Kurt

        True. There’s no need for it for people like you, but it’s a must have for me.

        What I don’t like is those rude people say that I don’t need it. Well, they don’t need customization or widgets either, do they? Customization and widgets are also wants.

      • goofygreek

        I have a very convenient way of turning on and off wifi/bluetooth/data/lots of other stuff. All i have to do is slide down my notification center, and there they are, just waiting to be touched. Its in my opinion, much better than activator. Im on a galaxy s3 btw.. Oh, and that comes stock, no jailbreak required.

      • Kurt

        I do that on my 4S too 🙂

    • MagicDrumSticks

      That’s your trump card? Activator gestures? I guess this article must have really given you a scare and that’s all you had to argue. Face it, iOS is going downhill and we both know it; no need to defend a company that doesn’t give a **** about you

      • Kurt

        Who’s defending crApple? I sure am not defending that trolling company.

        I not only asked for Activator, I asked for simple things like IntelliScreenX etc. and they’re like “use this launcher, use that launcher, you don’t need this, you don’t need that bla bla bla iDiotphone bla bla bla” and yet fail to deliver me a straight answer.

        If they can’t find it, they say that their OS doesn’t need it.
        If they do find some crappy alternative, they’ll act so smug and brag about how Android can do what iOS can do when all they did was to find a shitty alternative that is nothing close to what I was searching for.

        I actually wanted to switch to Android for a change, but certainly not now because I don’t want to have such an arrogant community that only brags and bashes people who use iOS devices.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        It’s the same on both sides. And honestly who picks a phone because of the community? You aholld pick it because of features and ease of use. Thats why I’ve used iPhone since the original but it’s no longer viable.

      • Hyr3m

        I should’ve put a © on that “crApple” ^^

      • Jl

        Ok you need 100 devices to compite with 1 iPhone.. Dumass

      • MagicDrumSticks

        i really have no idea what you just said there; learn to write correctly or I’ll just laug at your sad attempt to attack me.

      • *laugh

    • goofygreek

      So, your telling me that you use the 4 finger gestures on the iphones screen? On my ipad, sure i use them. But on a iphone, it never worked for me, as i have big hands. And as far as android goes, I LOVE it compared to ios. You get to choose how every little thing works in android, you cant do that with ios unless you jailbreak, and its still not as good as androids options. And no, my phone is not rooted.

      • Kurt

        There are not only 4 finger gestures with Activator. Little things like a single tap of the status bar can activate something.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Theres much more quick access to apps on android on than you kno. Im my galaxy alone i can quick launch 4 different apps from my lock screen stock…not just camera. Also toggles like available in sbssettings…available from drop down menu by swiping…stock. no rooting/jailbreaking required. Access to settings right from drop down notification menu. List goes on. Activator isntva deal breaker. Far from it. Maybe just you though. Thats understandable… everyone has their flavor.

      • Kurt

        Finally, someone understands 😀

  • Guest


  • Does this really matter any more? In early days there were some iOS specific apps but now almost every app is coming in both iOS and Android. And given that there are more Android phones than iPhones, the downloads from Android would obviously going to be higher soon.

    So what finally matter is the UI and performance of the app. As far as iOS, all apps have slick UI. I have seen few Android app in my friends phone, UI is similar but some of them were sluggish in performance. I think this is mainly due to fact that apps are made to fit for all Andriod phone and thus in some phones it doesn’t perform well. Since there are limited iPhone models, all apps perform well.

    • You my friend have all the reason you couldnt say it better

  • 675,000 apps with half of them crashes unexpectedly and having bugs with every uses.

    • goofygreek

      Yes, and same with appstore. Crappy apps are everywhere, not just android. I have used plenty of apps from appstore that love to crash. You should really read some reviews on the appstore more often.

  • I really never like those activation/users comparisons
    Its rather simple Apple has 5 phone models while android is running on hundreds of phone models.
    There’s just no comparison..

  • Yes, I would agree. In general there are more better designed apps for iOS, but the difference is slowly diminishing.

    • Really, i recently played fruit ninja on s3, and seriously it was ugly…:|…
      In apps deptt. iOS is still the king…

  • Obsidian71

    Google. Show me the numbers that really matter. How many apps are Android users actually “paying” for? Because your store is filled with ad-supported (infested?) cruft doesn’t make Google Play the right destination for everyone.

  • android market is without a doubt full of fake and illegal apps and yet google is so proud of numbers ..
    you get torrents app on play store.. Lol….

    • pawfyd

      What’s illegal about a torrent app? I wish iOS had those too. They are handy.

  • I agree quality is always better than quantity and yes iOS users are offen more wealthy or young

  • iOS doesn’t have free or ad apps and games. i love iOS that is jailbroken.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Your kidding right? Lol

  • So yesterday I was thinking about trading my 32 Gb wifi iPad 2 for my brother’s android ICS tablet and a 5″ android ICS phablet. That’s right folks, one apple device for 2 androids no money involved. My brother was really exited about the deal, but then I remembered that even if I got file browsing system, I would never have anything like GarageBand or iPhoto on android, cuz you know, it’s not only about the device, it’s also about the apps. Anyway. I bet that the 35% of those 675k apps, are about porn and the others are cheap copies of iOS apps

  • maurid

    We are talking about STOCK Operative Systems here. Don’t try and bring your JAILBROKEN iOS to the fight (which still, in my opinion, does not match Android).