Android marches: 480M devices, 1.3M daily activations, 70,000 tablets per day

Google chairman Eric Schmidt shared some headline-grabbing updates related to the Android platform during today’s unveiling of the refreshed Razr family by Motorola Mobility, now a Google division. Most notably, we learned that Google now counts a whopping 480 million Android devices in the wild.

That’s a cool 80 million units improvement over a total of 400 million activations announced at Google I/O on June 27-28 of this year. Yes, Android smartphones and tablets collectively outsell all iOS devices combined. Afraid? Don’t be, Google actually beat Apple on that metric back in June.

Daily activations surged from a million Android devices back in June to today’s number of 1.3 million daily activations. No matter how you look at it, that’s a very, very impressive figure, one proving there’s no shelter from the Android carpet bombing. But what about tablets?

Ah, the tablet.

Tablets is the only device category where Google trails far behind Apple. According to Schmidt, the search Goliath is activating only 70,000 Android-driven tablets each day.

We don’t have up-to-date stats for Apple apart from the updates shared during June quarter’s conference call with investors:

• 410 million iPhones, iPads and iPod touches in the wild

• 150 million iCloud users

• 650,000 apps in App Store

Here’s the full Motorola presser clip from today.

On the 70,000 Android tablets activated each day:

Apple doesn’t divulge daily activation numbers related to iPad, but if we divide the 17 million iPads reported in the June quarter with 90 days, Apple should be activating approximately 190.000 iPads each day.

That is, Apple is activating nearly three times more tablets (2.8x) than Google, which correlates to market research by IHS iSuppli indicating that Apple shipped nearly seven out of every ten tablets in the June quarter of this year.

Are you sad that Google rubbed Apple’s nose in daily activations and total number of active gadgets in the wild?

What about no-name Android cheapos from China, does these help boost Google’s numbers?

I’d love to hear your take on these metrics down in the comments, if you please.