With the recent release of iOS 6, many jailbreakers have held back on the update so they can keep enjoying their favorite tweaks. Looking at conversations on iDB and Twitter, it appears that most jailbreakers are anxious to get on iOS 6, but not at the expense of their jailbreak. Those that find themselves in this situation are now patiently waiting for a jailbreak to be released.

Though there is definitely encouraging news on the iOS 6 jailbreak front, an untethered jailbreak as yet to be released. Pouring some cold water on everybody’s hope, iOS hacker pod2g confirmed on Twitter today that he is not working on a jailbreak for iOS 6…

Podg2, who’s mostly responsible for Absinthe iOS, the 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak, says he’s currently focusing on his job, but doesn’t discard any future involvement in an iOS 6 jailbreak, especially considering that JailbreakCon is right around the corner.

Last week, iOS hacker and jailbreak developer Chpwn teased the world with a jailbroken iPhone 5. There is no indication at this time whether it is a tethered or untethered jailbreak. That’s about as much as we know so far.

For more information about this topic, please make sure to check our jailbreak news archive, or our iOS 6 jailbreak tutorial.

Cody and I will be at JailbreakCon this weekend, and we’ll make sure to let you know about any development.

  • cruzcontrol1001


  • With an iPhone 4, Jailbroken on 5.1.1 >>> iOS6

  • appstore0023

    this mean it’s bad news for me i was accidentally upgraded to iso6
    i can’t even bypass activation without original sim card

    • pegger1

      How do you accidentally upgrade your OS? It’s a pretty lengthy download.

    • WeebSurfer

      No shsh backup? Can they be pulled from cydia? Alwaays wondered how that deal works but never looked for it.

  • Todd Young

    I’ve always believed that although these guys are nice enough to do this out of kindness and a true desire to help the iOS community, they still need to eat and keep a roof over their heads.

    With that said, I believe a concerted effort to donate funds amongst the jailbreaking community, as opposed to us providing individual donations to a hacker or two, might be more impactful for them… and ultimately us.

    Perhaps something like Kickstarter.

    • Regardless of if you raise the money, that’s not a longterm fix or substitute for their career/real job (unless you literally raise millions of dollars). A career offers long term and sustainable income plus (likely) benefits like health care. If his career (and likely personal life) is suffering due to the amount of time that he puts in to developing a jailbreak, then there’s a reason to step back and re-evaluate priorities. As noble as it is for him to assist with developing a jailbreak for no cost, there’s a point where the other larger things in life become more important, and no amount of money raised can alter that.

      • Todd Young

        To be clear, I wasn’t suggesting that user donations would ever replace a full time job (that would be ridiculous). Rather, funding can help folks prioritize over other activities when there is spare time (eg. Do I watch some football games this weekend, or do I spend some time working on a iOS 6 jailbreak? Do I spend all of my vacation on XYZ, or do I set aside some time to look at iOS 6 some more?… ).

        Again, these guys need more than just our thanks to do the hard work required to make the jailbreaks a reality, and I think your comment reinforces my point: money talks, bs walks.

    • Kurt

      they make pretty good money from these jailbreaks. if i remember clearly one of them that revealed about the donations mentioned they got around $30,000 maybe this was split up with the other who helped. there is usually one major player and then a supporting cast of jailbreakers who participate with something they have trouble with

      • MuscleNerd tweeted that the redsn0w donations run into five figures. And they don’t even collect donations

      • Kurt

        wowwww amazing

  • Xavier du Coudray

    I’ve updated to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S. The only thing I really miss is IntelliScreenX. Apart from that, it’s a pretty nifty OS! 😀

    • Kok Hean

      Lovely mapping app too.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I have an iPhone 4S “Jailbroken” and love IntelliscreenX. I don’t use the Twitter, FB, or RSS Feeds for IX. I don’t even use it on lock screen I use it for the quick reply and quick compose. 

      My question is how your battery life now running iOS6 VS when you had it Jailbroken before. 

      I took my iPhone 4S off the charger at 12pm its now 6pm and I have 20% battery left. It will last most likely 1hr more totally 7 hrs. I been using it since 12pm is that a good thing. 

      • I have the same 4S and had IntelliscreenX. I must say my battery now lasts much longer since I don’t have the jailbreak and updated to iOS 6. I want to go back because I hate what they did to iTunes Match. That however is more of a personal reason.

      • Xavier du Coudray

        I had lots of issues with the battery on my jailbroken iOS5.1.1 and I had IntelliscreenX. Battery life is much better now on iOS 6, but i couldn’t tell you if it’s due to the iOS itself or if it’s related to IntelliScreenX not being on it.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Ty I might h e to try iOS 6 my battery seems funny

      • intelliscreenX was both a battery drainer and a memory hog, atleast for me. Once I removed it my iP4 could last over a day.

  • This is what I hate about Apple, they keep fu”‘”g remove the jailbreak exploits.
    Why the hell do they not make at least some things on iDevices more open. Like the ability to send mp3 files. File explorer. I mean seriously do we really need to buy android to be able to do all these things from the box?!

    • JomanJi

      Completely agreed! Apple stop kepping idevices closed! You could atleast let us install cydia -_-

      • thricestrat

        Or… provide base file explorer app, but hide system files (similiar to windows). Kind of like an extension to the DCIM folder for pictures.

      • Steve Jobs said a while ago that he didn’t want to expose the file system to users on iOS; it would just confuse most of them.

    • iOS is not made for the tech enthusiast. It is made for the average consumer. Just imagine someone who has no care in the world for technology, and they have the ability to go through the file system. You can destroy a phone easily if you delete one wrong file.

      • I would of course want a Iexplorer without the ability to go to system files(or even edit).

      • It doesn’t mean you can’t leave the ability to jailbreak open, someone who is able to jailbreak at all can probably handle it.

    • The reason why Apple keeps removing exploits, is because it’s considered a security breech. Also, when people jailbreak, they can get paid apps for free. This steals money from the devs, as well as apple, since apple gets a cut from applications. That’s the main reason why Apple frowns upon Jailbreaking. As would any company that notices that they are being robbed of money. Now if jailbreaking was simply for customization only, maybe it wouldn’t be as hard to jailbreak. Blame those that started the trend of stealing applications through Cydia, And yes I jailbreak as well, when it’s available, but any paid apps that I own, i’ve actually paid for.

      • Badboi

        Shut the fuk up u idiot

      • Strong words there fella

      • I’m completely agree with you! Me too I did jailbreak my iPhones but I pay for all my app both from App Store and Cydia. I do love and support jailbreak community and their immense expertise in the field of iDevice, thank you 🙂 Regarding the customizability of iDevices, personally I think Apple can make it In just an eye blink but it is working on other cool features such as the most criticizing Map, passbook, privacy and security improvement, … I’m disappointed with new map app too, but I believe in its founder Steve “Things will get worse before it get better.’

      • people still can get paid app for free on non jb device, just need to resign app

    • so you want apple to leave the OS vulnerable???

      • OK, I agree that I went to far but still, couldn’t apple at least learn some important things (JailB community) that we all want like IntelliScreenX, maybe live wallpaper :), exploring files(system files excluded ofcourse :p) AND (personally) most important the ability to share song with Bluetooth!…

    • If people didnt hack the appstore and in-app purchases. APPLE wouldve left cydia alone

      • That’s not really the reason, it’s because jailbreaks exploit security holes and Apple doesn’t have any control of Cydia.

  • Nooooooo

    we need a cydia for iphone 4s
    on IOS6

    • Kurt

      Android? jk…im sticking with 5.1.1 until there is a jailbreak. stock iOS is ok but not a great OS. jailbroken is a different story

  • THAT SUX! can we Donate to the cause?

  • what happen with the nano sim of jeff ?

    • jose castro

      i believed it worked from his last video he made about it. but he says its tricky

  • Ron McLaughlin

    I really miss JB tweak like IPSUM that lets you dismiss messages from the Lock screen. I like getting messages to the lock screen, but want the ability to dismiss it if it is not important….not have to log into my phone just to make it go away!

    • WeebSurfer

      I find it corny that apple has enabled this for phone calls but not SMS.

  • iPhonesRumors

    OH F**K

  • I’m rocking an iPhone 4 with 5.1.1 just like Abdo a few posts below this one. I love my jailbreak tweaks too much and iOS 6 is too gimped on an iPhone 4 too upgrade without a jailbreak.

  • Still on iOS 5 c:

  • anasiatka

    Honestly, the only tweak I miss right now on iOS 6 is LockInfo. I am lost without it honestly because it always kept me informed of my schedule at a quick glance and kept all my notifications together. I also loved the calendar that it had to avoid me having to go to the Calendar App just to view a calendar. I miss it but that is the only thing I miss because I have recently noticed that in my case, RingerPro carried over on my restore to iOS 6 so I still have custom vibration settings and options… Awesome OS I would say. The maps application is amazing too and integrates nicely throughout the entire OS, which is far above any other OS in this regard. There is notifications built-in, Lock Screen and a lot of other features that are new to the market (I believe).

  • thedarkknight80

    i have to say this is not good news . I love my jailbroken 4S and honestly , tweaks likes intelliscreenX , Zephyr and Multicleaner are a must in my personal iphone UI experience 🙁

  • Irfan Tarique

    He’s basically moving on with his life

  • himynameisBLiNK

    every year the Untethered takes longer and longer to achieve. either Apple has tightened up their security or hackers have lost interest. this is why i feel Apple is starting to win the War

  • right decission 🙂 focus to great tweaks

  • I have mixed feelings about jailbreaking my iPhone. I have been doing it now for about three years. But I am considering not doing it any more. While jailbreaking gives me a lot of neat features, I found that I really focus on a few ones that I use over and over. One of them is iFile and the other is PDANet. SBSettings is also important and the name of the wireless network and free memory in the Status bar at the top.

    Outside of those I have learned to avoid all the themes, and other sundry and weird tweaks. They don’t add much to my experience.

    BUT, and it is a BIG exception, even with a minimal jailbreak, I have seen some instability and memory leaks on the phone. My phone slows down within a couple of days and I have to reboot it to get its snapiness back. Also I noticed that the memory usage is not optimized. Frequently, the phone has only 20 MB left of free memory. That makes loading any navigation or any tools that update in real time useless.

    There is some slow and hidden memory leak when the phone is jailbroken. Until and unless that is fixed, I am not interested in jailbreaking any more.

    • Guest

      It’s probably a good time to throw away that old 3G and get something snappier like an iPhone 5. I can’t imagine too many tweaks holding back the throttle of the new A6.

  • DEAR APPLE lease let us chose between what we want to install and what not . i mean after purchasing the iphone. means that is became mine and i can even put it in the oven soooooooo seriously please we beg you to let us install aftermarket apps well apple can easily make the cydia app available via safari . so means that it would be our choice to have it or not and please have some widgets a 900 dollar unlocked iphone 5 and still not able to send mp3 files to other phones

    • AMB_07

      Instead of crying out to Apple for demands that will most definitely not be met, just go buy an android phone, it’s got you covered on every single point you just made!

      • If there’s not jailbreak, i’ll be switching for sure.

  • sault
  • the only way Apple will learn is if ppl stop buying there products and i dont see that happening anytime soon so either accept it or move on


    Bitesms is an absolute must!

    • gian testa

      This is the sole reason I jailbreak.. Other than mywi of coarse

  • IOS IS VERY boring so i have to jailbreak to keep it fun… i have tried using a non jailbroken device but only lasted 3 hours…. then got frustrated

    • Kurt

      what??? you dont think the glorified app launcher is exciting… i mean iOS is exciting??? don’t you love how the apps all most in a row from left to right. so innovative! who needs barrel!

  • I’m staying on 5.1.1 until there is a 6.0 untethered jailbreak

  • WeebSurfer

    From other blog posts and comments all over twitter and Facebook it sounds like a 6.0 update wouldn’t be released right away anyways. I’m guessing Apple will have a minor revision out soon to deal with battery issues especially. Happy waiting for a stable iOS and jailbreak. Keep yourself sane and well fed Podg2!!!

  • Other hackers are working on it

  • genXhippie

    Man does this news sucks. I hope he has a charge of in the very near future.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iOS 6 Sucks anyway, I’m happy with 5.1.1

  • without jb ios days are counted 😀

  • -.-

  • Irfan Tarique

    IOS is a beautiful operating system. Sometimes you need to make it personal which is beyond changing the wallpaper. I personally believe that in order for apple to give their Phones and edge they should incorporate Cydia into the app store, so that people have an option to customize if they want. this would also prevent any hackers from taking advantage of this situation .

  • I still didn’t update my iPhone 4s and iPad 2 to iOS 6 because the jailbreak is not yet out.
    pod2g is not working on the jail break, now I am starting to loose hopes on the iOS 6 jailbreak

  • If I could live without Zephyr and SBSettings, I would upgrade my 4S from 5.1.1
    But those two are simply impossible to do without. I also have Copic, Barrel, AppCent, Activator, Pictokeyboard. I could do without all these others but ….

  • Bieberkinz

    Pod2g deserves a break for being the man for untethered JBing iOS 5, now it’s chpwns, or Someone else’s turn.

  • ReanimationXP

    How about an article on how /you/ jailbroke /your/ iPhone 5 there, Sebastian?

  • My phone fucked for sure :((((((

  • 1) chpwn already jailbroke the iphone /iOS6
    2) “I’m not working on it ATM” is a/k/a in jailbreak land for I am but I’m taking my time and don’t want anyone bugging me and when its ready you will know; or for I am helping someone else on portions to release it under their team or name.

  • yo

    noooooooooooooooooooooo flip mr pod2g

  • trolololololololololoololololz

    i have an iPhone 4S with 6.0 and i want to jailbreak it but i cant!Any ideas?