According to co-founder and developer Dominique Leca, the Sparrow team (now part of Google’s Gmail team) is working on a minor update that will enable support for the iPhone 5 and its taller screen. “iPhone 5 support is coming soon to Sparrow”, Dominique wrote on Twitter.

Still a big fan and regular user of Sparrow on both the Mac and iOS platform, I sure am pleased that they are continuing to provide at least basic level of support to ensure the program runs smoothly on refreshed devices…

Google in July sent shockwaves throughout the tech community by announcing it would acquire Sparrow for its engineering team.

The search Goliath confirmed only maintenance releases would be worked on as the Sparrow team got integrated with Google’s Gmail team.

As a result, no new features would be developed, Google said.

Still, Google pleasantly surprised fans with a small August updated which brought support for Google’s “Open in Chrome” action, also present in the updated Gmail for iOS app.

Also, the Sparrow team released open-source components of the Sparrow mobile app, but for personal use only.

[via The Next Web]

  • JerseyD

    Top apps I’m waiting for to add iPhone 5 support


    • Whatsapp… i desperatly need Whatsapp to support iPhone 5’s new Screen Ratio.

      • JerseyD

        Agreed. That’s on my list too.

      • how about google map

    • For YouTube get Jasmine. Better than YouTube. Just try it

  • I honestly still don’t get how sparrow works. It’s a so popular mail client but don’t get it. Someone enlighten me please.

    • momerathe

      because the default Mail client doesn’t support all the features of gmail, and the official gmail client is a clunky POS.

  • Great!

  • any news regarding the push notifications? I have downloaded the gmail app which is similar but its no sparrow yet!