Poll: how do you feel about Sparrow now?

Sparrow for iPhone debuted in February of 2011 and remains to date known as a kick-ass email client for both desktop and mobile. Those that love Sparrow appreciate its best-in-class Gmail support, clean and minimalistic interface and just the right set of features.

But Sparrow got snapped up by the Internet giant Google today (looks like this is becoming somewhat of a pattern for Google). From what we know so far, the Sparrow development team will be “working on new things at Google” and they “do not plan to release new features for the Sparrow apps”.

This likely means ‘no’ to the promised iPad version and another ‘no’ to push alerts for incoming messages. It’s assumably a sad day for Sparrow die-hards, so I just put together a little poll to gauge your feelings on the subject of today’s unexpected acquisition…

Here, cast your vote.

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