Oh my! The iPhone 5 has officially gone on sale this morning at 8am in the United States and eight oversea markets and already U.S. carrier Sprint has burned through its initial allotment of devices. The company just reported it sold out of the iPhone 5 at many of its retail stores on East Coast, just hours after the device went on sale. The stores will remain “seriously constrained” until Sprint receives additional devices from Apple…

A sprint spokesperson told Ina Fried of AllThingsD:

At this time, the majority of East Coast Sprint-branded retail stores are seriously constrained or sold out of iPhone 5 inventory provided to us by Apple. Our stores will be resupplied as soon as additional devices are received from Apple.

To help with high demand, the carrier has a wait list where customers can buy a $50 gift card and secure their spot when the next batch of devices become available.

Best Buy could be next to experience a rather quick sell out.

And how about this guy stealing over $240,000 worth of iPhone 5 units on the eve of launch?

At any rate, this ain’t bad for the “boring” iPhone 5, wouldn’t you agree?

By the way, Sprint and Verizon don’t support simultaneous voice and data on LTE. Furthermore, Sprint’s implementation of HD Audio is not compatible with the iPhone 5.

According to The Next Web Australia, wideband audio support on the iPhone 5 results in a cleaner, clearer and sharper sound during voice calls.

Note that this feature requires support on your carrier’s end.

The iPhone 5 also has three microphones for better noise cancellation and an improved speaker/earpiece design.

As for Sprint, fell free to tell us in comments about iPhone 5 availability at Sprint stores in your area.

  • How did your iPhone chip that you made from the old one work?

  • Roy

    I live in Long Island,NY And All stores were sold out and had the waiting list $50 gift Card Gimmick mentioned on your site, I was lucky to get my Sprint iPHONE at a APPLE Store

  • sohail

    got screwed over by sprint… Pre-Ordered in store Friday the 14th, called customer service on Wednesday they guaranteed it would be in this Friday. I went in, they didn’t have it in stock.. now waiting “a few days for them to receive more”

    I ordered a 32 GB in black, and they received about 8 white ones..

  • I took the risk and went to the Sprint store (Which I used to work with) in the more, ummm…not nicer part of the area. I figured while everyone is across the river at all the fancy Apple store’s, I would have the advantage at the more “dangerous” locale. It paid off, as I was the first to get the iPhone 5 at that store. Good thing too, as they only had about 20-25 of the units available. Early bird gets the worm!

  • Used to work in*