Thanks to unibody design, the iPhone 5 is likely the most durable iPhone yet

By , Sep 21, 2012

Just hours after the iPhone 5 went on sale, electronics wizard have pry opened Apple’s brand spanking new phone and analyzed its innards. It’s now time for a drop test. As evident in a clip by iFixYouri, the iPhone 5 has significantly more scratch resistant front glass. Matter of fact, you could say that the iPhone 5 is one durable phone as it outperformed all other previous phones…

9to5Mac teamed up with repair experts at iFixYouri on a nice drop test for the iPhone 5.

“Supposedly it has stronger glass and is lighter, so in theory, it should hold up better”, iFixYouri writes.

It easily passed the lap test and held up well in knee-high and waste-high tests, although the frame did bend a bit from the shoulder-high drop. Its front glass would eventually shatter after a couple drops from about two meters high.

Here’s your vid (kids, don’t try this at home!).

iFixYouri summed it up nicely:

This phone is by far the most durable iPhone we have seen. The strengthened new gorilla glass, paired with the light design is definitely beneficial to the iPhone being able to survive your average drop.

Isn’t this the most durable iPhone yet?

Of note, the black iPhone 5 model could be more prone to scratches than its white counterpart due to the slate colored coating on the chamfered edges on the black model coming off more easily to reveal bare metal underneath.

I think it’d be safe to say that the first iPhone 5 drop test shows somewhat strong unibody design, don’t you think?

It certainly feels far more durable than the glass design of the iPhone 4/4S.

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  • Kok Hean

    Is that Gorilla Glass?

    • Greg Braddock

      Gorilla glass 2.

  • Ye

    pretty cool test….i like it

  • jonathanober

    around 1:40 mark…it’s waist not waste :)

  • Corey Dunmore

    i wanna see this test on “Concrete” and then show the scratches and dings

  • Pitchy

    It’s not like they would take a step backwards and make a slower, lower res, more breakable phone ;] We expect progression

  • Javier Lopez

    It hurt to watch this video. So wrong lol

  • pawfyd

    I know it’s offtopic, but since the comments on the iPhone 5 contest’s winner announcment are closed, I want to comment here. I tried to enter the contest countless of times, every time I posted a comment it said “awaiting for moderation”. It never got published. Anyway, why did you choose a person with such a boring and bad reason to get it? The entry was so short, laughable I would say. There was tons of better entries. Did you ever read them, @Sebastien Page? :S

    I’m sure this contest was a BS and that guy who won was going to win from the beginning. Sad, I expected better from such a good blog.

    • Adhithya Gokul

      I agree with you that there were far better posts out there which deserved to win. But I thought from the begining that it would be a lucky draw rather than reading each and every reason to select a winner. Even now I dont think there was any foul play but the winner was definitely not selected based on his reason as it was one of the worst. Maybe he would have won the Lucky draw which I hope is true as I have high respect for iDB

    • notewar

      Did you read that he will randomly pick a winner?

      • pawfyd

        Nope, I thought that the reason we give has an use… He also said that he will read through all the entires. So what for if not to pick the winner?

    • Asaf Biton

      They probably didn’t really go through all of the entries..
      It’d take a ridiculous amount of time to go by each and every single entry and check whether a user followed the rules (twitter share + fb like)…
      I honestly don’t think they actually went through all of them entries but w/e.
      We can’t complain since we were offered a chance to win it for free so it’s not like we lost anything…

      Congrats to the winner :)

    • Sol Estravís

      They probably picked a random number, as most people do on the internet. The “reason” thing is to make it more fun, and not so dull with just names and twitter usernames I think.

  • Javier Gore

    Aren’t vibrations and bumps easily transferable across a one solid piece? I think a multiple layer design is often more secure. I might be wrong though.

  • Chindavon

    Watching this video, I felt like people lining up and taking turns kicking my balls.

  • Sol Estravís

    Android authority made a drop test with the S III and the 5, the S III’s screen cracked, while the 5’s did not.

  • ActuallyRP

    Oh my gawd… The pain it’s going through…. Are you okay iPhone?

  • taran

    If u ever put dat on ebay lemme know…i ll not buy it…:p

  • Thorasgard

    May be it is more durable maybe it is not. Few close ups on this vid vs others. Clearly not durable enough without a case. Fail. You can make a phone thin, beautiful, powerful etc. but can you make it durable also. No manufacturer has been able to design it all.

    Call me.

  • Petri Pan

    I can’t believe that the iPhone 5 is now less scratch resident than the 4S. How can you paint Aluminum even when prior oxidized, it’s a no brainer of failure and hard to believe that Apple came up with this. I guess that’s the main reason why Apple posted all dimensions as DWG and PDF for companies to create cheap covers.
    The drop test is great, but it’s just more likely that you get scratches just having keys together with your phone in your pocket will do it.