Thanks to unibody design, the iPhone 5 is likely the most durable iPhone yet

Just hours after the iPhone 5 went on sale, electronics wizard have pry opened Apple’s brand spanking new phone and analyzed its innards. It’s now time for a drop test. As evident in a clip by iFixYouri, the iPhone 5 has significantly more scratch resistant front glass. Matter of fact, you could say that the iPhone 5 is one durable phone as it outperformed all other previous phones…

9to5Mac teamed up with repair experts at iFixYouri on a nice drop test for the iPhone 5.

“Supposedly it has stronger glass and is lighter, so in theory, it should hold up better”, iFixYouri writes.

It easily passed the lap test and held up well in knee-high and waste-high tests, although the frame did bend a bit from the shoulder-high drop. Its front glass would eventually shatter after a couple drops from about two meters high.

Here’s your vid (kids, don’t try this at home!).

iFixYouri summed it up nicely:

This phone is by far the most durable iPhone we have seen. The strengthened new gorilla glass, paired with the light design is definitely beneficial to the iPhone being able to survive your average drop.

Isn’t this the most durable iPhone yet?

Of note, the black iPhone 5 model could be more prone to scratches than its white counterpart due to the slate colored coating on the chamfered edges on the black model coming off more easily to reveal bare metal underneath.

I think it’d be safe to say that the first iPhone 5 drop test shows somewhat strong unibody design, don’t you think?

It certainly feels far more durable than the glass design of the iPhone 4/4S.